LeBron James Gets Played By Bronny After He Yells Steph Curry While Shooting Wild 3!

The Fumble

The Fumble

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    Bronny might be grounded for life after the stunt he just pulled…he shot a three pointer from the bench and then shouted out one of Lebron’s longtime rivals. Kyle Kuzma can’t stop singing Lebron’s praises though…he’s gearing up to give the lakers a successful season…speaking of which, they’re expected to take home the win in the opening night game vs the clippers.
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    1. T Certified

      Bruh y’all stupid for making this

    2. Claphn Goated

      Lebron and Stephen Curry are friends they said it they just play against each other they use to visit each other college and nba games

    3. Omg Randyy

      no taco tuesday

    4. LeGoat JaGoat

      Bronny: *steph makes an a blind full court shot* “nice” The fumble: Lebron is gonna BRUTALLY MURDER Bronny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. Juan Lima

      Lolllll lebron is not even a 3 point shooter curry is 😂 ! Maybe if bronny would’ve dunked the ball he would’ve done a lebron celebration cause that’s one of the things lebron is known for !!!!!! 😂

    6. Jonathan Hodges

      Y'all doing the most

    7. Dxrkness X

      It just sounded like Step instead of Steph

    8. Desolate

      If you don’t say Kobe while shooting, you’re weird

    9. Lil Rappah

      You guys are trying to make this controversial

    10. Alfred Amoah

      So what's the problem with that??? Come on man that's nothing to get angry over.. come on man?!?!?

    11. Marcus Villarreal

      Tha fumble is messy

    12. Owen Stallings

      I’ve done that 100’s of times and I haven’t gone Viral yet.

    13. Cameron Matthews

      Damn.... The man not that f**king Petty

    14. Mason Rotella

      Bronny is right Steph Is better

    15. Lunatic Saiyan

      Why would Lebron even bother it🤦‍♂️

    16. Sam DRHER

      This video is dumb.

    17. Cash King

      1 like if them titties took your attention😂

    18. tommi santana

      Is brony guna be better than Michael Jordan what do yaaa think cost all he do is play basketball 🤔🤔🤔 I'm not hatein

    19. tommi santana

      He being playing basketball all his life duh he has a richt father lebron James .but brony his playing berry good basketball

    20. tommi santana

      Cost steph curry is one of the best shooter in NBA history after Michael Jordan.

    21. Emperor Palpatine

      Curry is my all time favorite player also stop sleeping on the Warriors man

    22. Allen Turner

      Bronny will be his own man , relax it's basketball. Nice shot youngsta

    23. Nick Taylor

      Is the trade period over.. is trade my left nut for a night with her 😂

    24. Pop Wheelies


    25. Jayr Mojacko

      I'm pretty sure LeBron yells "Delonte for three" when he was young

    26. SilentBut Krazzy


    27. Fb C

      KALOKOHAN! 👎👎👎

    28. ThinkingDisorder

      Why is this a video

    29. Patrick MahomeBoy

      Umm whats wrong with that lol

    30. 10,000 subs with no vids

      kuzma is just happy that LeBron didn't trade him to the Pelicans

    31. LeHandsome

      My dude

    32. Tadeo Montana

      Curry and lebron Actually cool off the court they very good friends

    33. F R E E D O M

      yall really be reaching all because he said steph when he was just playing around

    34. Y u Mad lul

      y'all dumb if u think LeBron Fina get mad at tht💀💀

    35. Edward Mena

      So what??

    36. Dragzz YT

      Dang let that mans breathe, it’s like no one can play when ur a celebrity

    37. William Stallings

      He's gonna get itttt😮😮😮 this is is LeBron 😤😤😤😠😡

    38. DubBoy 29

      Curry and LeBron ain’t Rivals. Curry still has a Lebron Jersey hanging still in his Childhood Room and Lebron always went to Curry’s games in collage

    39. Mophead Ronnie

      He should’ve yelled Kobe

    40. Keirvay Thompson

      So what does this have to do with lebron?? Bronny has his own brain💯 lmao these media outlets man😂😂

    41. The Watcher

      LeBron doesn’t hate curry. He told curry he’s welcome to join him for a cigar after the finals. They’re all players in the same league and their beefs ends at the same time as the buzzer.

    42. Vince Cybrix

      he yells steph cuz steph did thesame stunt.. yuall no big deal..lamao

    43. Cory Gonzales

      Lebron still the best in the league

    44. Reese Dupuis

      Why are we talking about this every kid yells Curry.

    45. Tony Kaider

      This isn’t even news smh

    46. chas buckner

      Yall be reaching watch out

    47. every day we Lit Jones

      Lebron dont give asf his son is a basketball fan. D wade son had reach out to kd and asked for advice and watch film wit him does that mean anything? Richard jefferson said his son said lebron is his favorite player does that mean anything? Kd mom said she loves watching magic and lebron does that mean anything? Quit making everything into something that it aint. Bronny on his ig story was even laughting on how stupid yall are at this.

    48. Mr Dankan

      Like if kuzma is over rated

    49. Lil GothBoi Mike2

      I mean he could be trolling his dad plus this isn't the 90s NBA players homies now

    50. Jordan Mattingly

      I could bet you a million dollars lebron does not care smh devyn you are a fox tho

    51. msnsjxhdbdb jwhsshbebe

      lebron literally SAID “Lebron and Steph Curry, thats not a rival” c’mon the fumble

    52. TheWarHawk 27

      what does him shooting a stephen curry like shot and saying it have to do with lebron damn these kids get too much attention lmao

    53. RandyT Wilson

      The king can make that shot wit his eyes closed, he,s the goat

    54. NLE Lowkey

      Nomore taco Tuesday for him

    55. Mr. Spice Gaming


    56. Harrison Gibson

      Steph is a legend he is one of the best

    57. Chris

      Bro half the stories recently have been kinda wack. Like LeBron is not gonna care

    58. Restorance

      So y’all took the time out y’all day to make a a whole video about bronny saying STEPH

    59. Abraham Sobrino

      Again the title lol

    60. James Billingsley

      Unsubbing from this channel every single time I watch a fumble video it’s dog shit and has no meaning and makes no sense

    61. Buckwheat

      You Fumble because you reach so hard...Ba-dum Tishh

    62. DQ3.0

      ??? That’s title is stupid *unsubscribes

    63. Fred Goode

      People just want something to talk about😭🤦🏾‍♂️

    64. Hilario Brillantes

      "Steph" is the new "kobe"

    65. Finessin yo Gma

      They ain’t rivals

    66. #1 Giannisfan

      Curry and LeBron are friends

    67. J.E ballerz

      Grounded for life😂😂😂

    68. bmdizel

      It ain’t that serious 🤦🏾‍♂️

    69. SMI KING

      Really fumble? We need real news not these stretches. Y’all tried doe

    70. Kingchaching Adams

      R u serious that’s it, y’all stupid. That’s not a big deal!