LeBron James Postgame Interview - Game 6 | Heat vs Lakers | October 11, 2020 NBA Finals

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    1. Cjay 666

      I dont get why people hate on lebron. Everyone gonna be missing him years from now when he leaves the league. Just like MJ, kevin garnett, paul pierce, dwayne wade, kobe, Tmac, Vince Carter ect.

    2. Vikramaditya Parmar

      For a minute I thought he was Holyfield with that ear...😂😂

    3. jan ˙

      no homo, but this gentlemen's voice calms me

      1. Edwin Roy


    4. yEaRiGhTiSSiK

      Lebron James is gay confirm he admitted it earlier wow gay

    5. Moonroof

      Lebron Legend

    6. An thony

      Leboss james

    7. Daksh Thakur


    8. Toomy Conne

      Future GOAT

    9. Jarriet Fair

      Michael rapaport i bet he's embarrassed after he said that the Lakers would never win this championship? Don't drink the kollide if u don't know the flavor

    10. drowzii

      LeBron is smoking that Clippers pack and he didn't even eliminate them 🚬

    11. Tiger Woods

      We need to appreciate LeBron now . There won’t ever be a player like him

    12. Lil Bak

      LeBron smoking bad for u Stop it

    13. Galen fett

      Labron James the sellout racist bigoted fascist face of the racist bigoted fascist NBA that voting for the democratic party. the democratic party is officially the kkk again they are burning down black neighborhoods engaging in voter intimidation and jim crow again.they just nominated and elected Joe Biden mr. 90s crime bill mr. poor kids are as good as white kids.mr. I don't want my kids to go to a jungle gym.mr. we have to stop the the pederators referring to black people.mr. lifelong best friends of kkk member Robert byrd.harris is ms. lock up a brother and comes from one of the biggest families of slave owners and traders in Jamaica .yes the democratic party is officially the kkk and are racist fascist bigoted terrorist period

      1. Christian Ramirez

        @Galen fett Troll, people’s comments. You’re over here spouting nonsense like a crazy person.

      2. Galen fett

        @Christian Ramirez why do you troll people's comments? Is there something wrong with you that you feel the need to be a troll? Are you ok that Joe Biden destroyed millions of black people's lives and didn't get rid of his crime bill he wrote when he was vice president and even bragged about?it's like making Hitler president of Israel.the fact is labron James play identity politics instead promoting unity which is racist on its bases and only divides.i can't support a hate monger like that.and no I don't like the other party either I think they are both cults.

      3. Christian Ramirez

        How many drugs did you do before commenting?

    14. Slave of my maker

      Whats up with the exhale in the cigar.. looks so fake

    15. Zachary Mitchell

      Have a game plan. Please.

    16. Zachary Mitchell

      Make it happen. Make it work.

    17. Matthew Wilkerson

      You are a bumb

    18. daniel odias

      This was only 3 weeks ago 😂

    19. promeitheus

      Future President Lebron James

    20. Michael Duree

      The older Bron gets the more he looks like the rapper "Tha Game."

    21. Andres Echeverry

      BOSS salute

    22. Herk Jackson

      But i'm not going to lie the way he was hitting that cigar explains that even a champion after all that hard work can have a since of humor at the end of it all.

    23. Herk Jackson

      I know our peers have curtain ways of motivated us, even when it hurts our feeling sometimes. But with Mr. LeBron James just in my opinion the media takes it to far with the criticism an comparing. Put yourself in his shoes practicing hard all your life an making to the NBA first, then to have to deal with was he better than Mr. Jordan. Just to be compared is a honor. But to not hear from know that your just great an spectacular in what he dose. I believe he will always be considered as a great forever an to be the category Kobe an Jordan is a honor. If I could tell from me Herk Jackson a total stranger is your a spectacular player an you did a great job with or without the best team in the NBA.

    24. samudera lepas

      apa kabar semuanya

    25. Aa Denny

      Busaaahh anap aja

    26. Sianak Pandai


    27. Raihan Sababjb


    28. Adam Gahar


    29. Lamarcus Ellis

      Once he beat kd don't wonna here shit he the goat already 💯💪😂😂

      1. Christian Ramirez

        @Lamarcus Elliot He did, 2013 Thunder, beat 3 future mvp’s pretty good. It took KD joining a 73 win warrior team to beat Lebron

    30. Tmak Williams

      🐐 Man ✔💯

    31. jamal lewis

      Wouldn't smoking affect his Fitness?

      1. Don Tundra

        Yes but he probably doesn’t ever smoke, only when he wins chips! #17 🏆

    32. Akun ff Sultan

      Best video

    33. Mas Awan

      Lebron's drive to win >>

    34. Day Hunter


    35. Pham Vu Chánh


    36. Meiske Botutihe


    37. Kiệt nKoc_zZ


    38. Mulyana Falz


    39. Dies Cll


    40. Nguyen Thao


    41. Rahoyo Oyok


    42. M RIDUAN


    43. Yardi Hamdani


    44. adam wicaksono

      Luar biasa👍👍

    45. hoang thanh


    46. asupan hidup


    47. Tio Wijayanto


    48. eko king


    49. saya mona


    50. exco depe


    51. Aditya Muhammad


    52. Haura Hanifah

      I loke

    53. Cariuang Aja


    54. Trang Hoàng


    55. Zein Republic


    56. Jh GamerZ


    57. Matthew Thornton

      How great millionaire athletes while everyone else suffers. Must be nice to be essential

      1. Christian Ramirez

        @Matthew Thornton You do know he was homeless growing up, right?

    58. joi joni

      is the best

    59. nico robin


    60. Rozhak Argus


    61. Thảo Nguyễn

      Hay quá

    62. Yudi Yudi


    63. Quality Time

      WooW Lebron

    64. Suciani Paramita


    65. Ngân Nguyễn Mỹ


    66. Wulandari