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    Ay Man its crazy that this even happened so we had to give yall a quick Vlog bro fr!
    How It is trying to make a layup with lebron on the courtQ
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    1. RDCworld1

      Just wanna Thank You all for everything we love yall! We happy so we uploaded! hope yall like it! cant wait to tell yall the other stuff! Real Dreams Change the World

      1. Andres Majano

        I’m happy for you bro

      2. WhY NoT


      3. Taydoee Reeper

        Hood avatar part 4‼️‼️‼️

      4. Cozmoe 1000

        @KC4LWrestlingTakes me 5!!!! P2TG III III III

      5. KC4LWrestlingTakes

        I Hope you all finish Black Avengers 4 Endgame as well. Salute.

    2. Leo Garcia

      you guys are the funniest ever hands down

    3. M A

      Which video was that ?

    4. Xzander Graves

      Jesus #1 no cap all fax. The Lord will never stop ruling the earth. Verse: "You, Lord, reign forever; your throne endures from generation to generation." Lamentations 5 19 God bless Websites BibleGateWay BibleStudyTools.

    5. Ki Ng

      I would kill for lebrons reaction on nba finals

    6. Sean G

      Happy for these young brothers. Having fun, making bread doing shit they love.

    7. Wyatt Sawyer

      Who wants another meet the team?

    8. Ferocity

      Which video where they watching?

    9. Timothy Ko

      What’s the link?

    10. I play games 7X3

      You don’t need to change shit you the funniest group I’ve ever seen

    11. Khi Moore

      Lmfao love this #blackboyjoy #subbed

    12. Amir Last

      Pretty weird how I subscribe for code kids next door parody

      1. Iceman Cold


    13. Lynn London


      1. Iceman Cold


    14. Michael Adderley

      Y’all ever come out to the 808 State (Hawaii) ... hit a brotha up ... you got family out here ... great job guys and congratulations

    15. Kale Kale

      If you actually pay attention and stop hating you would see i make perfect sense had to toy with you a lil

      1. Kale Kale

        Official word and number game once again im not paying you for killing the character the character is the one who becomes one

      2. Kale Kale

        Dads game

    16. Walter walls

      AD got that nba 2k mycareer smile.

    17. DRFB

      Awesome videos I always laugh everytime I watch or rematch your videos

    18. øreo

      What’s the link for the video

    19. D Davis JR


    20. SPVCS


    21. Rodrigue Nakigane

      These guys dont dissapoint, even when they arent trying to be funny, they are!

    22. Saad N

      congrats!!! very well deserved xD im sure he's seen them all!!!! you guys rock man! keep doing you! hope you reach your goal :D!

    23. -:- Jasminee -:-

      This how you know God good I remember when they use to be in that little house & it was the main 5/6 of them in the group

    24. Txnz

      you do know yhe cops after you bazz

    25. Shmurda Dance

      i remeber when these niggas had 25k come a long way

    26. Donell Horton

      You have to do a video of Lebron’s reaction to James Harden possibly being traded to Brooklyn...you have too...lol

    27. RJ

      What was the video they watched?

    28. XVCxmpGxardXx Sampson

      Next hood Avatar

    29. Victor Oben

      Where's the link to the video lebron was watching?

    30. Anon 100

      AD is so ugly man lmao that smile 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    31. Jared

      Which video were they watching?

    32. Chance Watson

      watched this VIDEO 4 TIMES BCUZ WE LIVEEE!!!!

    33. Side Character

      Why don't anime villains laugh like this

    34. semjaavria

      thats some house damn

    35. Angelina Genus

      Why u trying to entertain me??? U already entertaining me by showing your cute face on the video 😂

    36. ayeXero

      Yall come so far as a group its amazing. Just stay honest with eachother and i know you going even further "We LIVEE" 🔥😭

    37. Kill ErryBody

      Let me help

    38. Kill ErryBody


    39. SG Flixxy

      Bro Lebron is a regular human like us bro

    40. Asianeyes007

      People talk about the moon landing being the most momentous moment of mankind.. But this, this right here is *it*

    41. Dez Parks


    42. Khord

      You know it’s funny when you gotta close your eyes and look away from it

    43. BayouVlogs

      RDC are the kings of youtube, loud, energentic, original, and just awesome content

    44. DexZo

      If you see my comment heart it

    45. Blessed Honey

      i love yall so much congrats

    46. Luke Milot

      I can’t even hate. Y’all to funny.

    47. Dark Yami

      Lebron looks like he's been doing crack since day 1 whenever he smiles/laughs.. **and i love it**

    48. K Roy


    49. Kalazad O

      That’s a big house

    50. Trashie73


    51. nujiss jiss

      Real good brothers appreciate y'all.

    52. EJ

      Mark would be the best hype man ever lmao, he got me yelling over here 😂

    53. FUSION tv kids 100


    54. FUSION tv kids 100


    55. Maruf Niloy

      congrats yall

    56. Cortez Jones

      You guys keep doing y’all , haters gonna hate . I love y’all videos

    57. Osirus Homunculi XIII

      U a youtuber with over 1 mil subscribers, everyone watches youtube before they go to sleep. Even Putin watches ur vids lol

    58. Darius Lewis

      Lebron was able to be graced by the famed RDC world. A truly wonderful moment for the player's career.

    59. Everything Halo

      Bruh this is amazing hope you guys get millions of subscribers

    60. Young Sol

      Bro imagine being successful on the internet with your best friends and making money while inspiring others wow big props to you guys💯💯

    61. Bi- Han


    62. Elias

      Hell yeeeaahhh

    63. Flash Garcia


    64. ModernDayJimiHendrix

      That Last Block was Lebron on Igoudala game 7 2016 🤣🤣

    65. Abdikhaliq Abdulahi

      We live ya,ll

    66. PotentialxHero

      You boys make me laugh every time i watch yalls shit much love

    67. Sean Cain

      you guys are amazing. everything you do makes me crack up laughing.

    68. Julian Lonzoe

      Aye, I appreciate all of you. You guys definitely entertaining - especially during this pandemic, I appreciate all your hard work. Also, wouldn’t mind a sub back lol, you know, in case I start making videos again lol

    69. Johnny Peppers

      I love you guys