Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved [PLAYED ON WATER BOTTLES!]

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider

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    Love the original song... so I thought I should play it with water bottles 😆 All Yoandri's links are below so check him out :)
    Stream / Download here: smarturl.it/khsKAC8
    oh and secret word is "water" :P
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    1. Josh Haikney

      It does not match the tone or anything to the instrument

    2. Yahya Ameen

      I like his voice

    3. Sudha Thombre

      bro the singer is good looking as hell.... i think i might just have a thing about guys with an earring!

    4. Mansi Sheth

      I love Yoandri.

    5. Lolokun

      ang weird pakinggan pag ganyan tunog lmao

    6. Miley Mystique

      Can we talk abt him.....he is crazy geniusssssssss!!!!!!!...oh my so much talent Ps-me feeling untalented in every language

    7. janica dejano


    8. raj kiran Singh

      KHS is so different I like it 😁

    9. Dhrishit Khandhar

      Water (See description)

    10. Kaenna Ezakadan

      wait i thought the waterbottles were gonna *sing* this is great though lmao

    11. XD

      this one gave me goosebumps

    12. Jessica Frank

      Experienced instrument player: I can play every single instrument Kurt: hold my hydroflasksksksksk

    13. Audge Lee

      Why is no one talking about how professional and good the singers voice is??

    14. Becca Rame

      Why does this sound sort of creepy? Lol is it just me?

    15. Laura Brandner

      He's singing so perfect

    16. Jannatul Sumaiya

      Why is Kurt so awesome and thinks outside the box? I've alwz appreciated that part of him. Yoandri is also awesome, I mean the notes and vocal runs.........man......SPEECHLESS

      1. maria bandala


    17. Tremaine Sutherland

      With out earphones it sounds so out of tune. Lol

    18. vince deryl tabudlo

      Both are talented and ill give such respect, but i think some notes are off key. Just my thought

    19. Secret_Squirrel

      oh thanks, you've made the Pachelbel's cannon in D really obvious in this piece now.

    20. Emma Just


    21. Carolina Escobedo

      Eres grande Yoandri

      1. maria bandala


    22. Putri Raras

      At the very first time I heard this song cover from sp0tify, and I thought this was "Gamelan" sound (Indonesian traditional instruments) but now I know that it came from water bottle xD I like it so much!

    23. Abhi Kanchusthambham

      Does anyone else thing the chords are a bit off

    24. Sailor Allred

      THAT GUY HAS A BEAUTIFUL VOICE!!!!!! Kurt- Good job on the water bottle vibes

      1. maria bandala

        Singer @yoandri

    25. Ellmelo

      Everything around him is an instrument 🖤

    26. Amanda P. Chau

      I would buy some water for Yoandri after that performance!

      1. maria bandala


    27. Umi Shaharah

      His voice is rly bootiifuul 😭🤧✊

      1. maria bandala


    28. UltimateJM

      This is the best cover of this song, and more people should know about it.

    29. Tasnime Soudani

      Such a great concept and a AMAZING voice 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Where can I have more covers please ?? !! 😍😍

      1. maria bandala


    30. Emma Paginton

      Bloody Amazing 🤩✨😌😍

    31. Diva Septiana Rozita

      Kek suara gamelan 🙂

    32. Aceß Gamingz

      he made me cry more than the original song made me cry but I think I laughed a bit cuz of kurt

    33. Sarika Ramanathan

      Petition to get this man a higher mic stand thing. He’s slouching a lot to get close to the mic

    34. Ranahh Ahmed


    35. Plasma Snow 2nd account

      This guy can play ANYTHING!!!!!

    36. Mamzkie bush

      Super love it

    37. az Zahra

      Singing of perfect

      1. maria bandala

        So,talented @yoandri

    38. Ethan Mulawan

      Is it just me or are they not on the same key?

    39. Marie Jade Labonté

      salesman: Sir, why would you need so many water bottles? Kurt: TO MAKE ART!!!

    40. John O'Hanlon

      this song reminds me about my deppresion and i usllay cry

    41. James

      This channel is so weird

    42. sora roxas

      2:20 damn the emotions

    43. sora roxas

      isnt this the guy that sang senorita?

      1. maria bandala

        Yes, @yoandri

      2. maria bandala

        Yes @yoandri

    44. Hansz Alan

      Hi there! Hope u have a great time at your house. 🤗


      Bro so attached to this voice, music and song

    46. Florent JULLIEN

      Waouh géniale j'adore

    47. Norsyaqinah Mustaffa

      Man : *sings beautifully Kurt : *struggles at the backgrounds banging bottle and make sure not to hit the wrong bottle *salute

    48. Mabel Diaz

      wau... hermoso!

    49. •Clém_ Gacha•

      J'dois regarder sa pour l'école O: Cro beau

    50. Yada Pipitvanitham

      Yoandri? Kurt? you are so talented. How? I Stan both

    51. gladwin benjamin

      Man.. it sounds devilish version of song!!😰

    52. Michel Jin

      Hydro flask you mean

    53. Papaya Bliss

      OMG WATER BOTTLES SOUND SO GOOD!!!! Thought I'd never comment that sentence.

    54. RJRD Music

      Imagine khs will heart you comment ♥️♥️

    55. Hussam Nu

      Kurt 😍 I hope you could listen to my cover of this song ❤❤ I wish i could make a song with you one day😌❤❤

    56. Kashish Beri

      Yoandri sang so well😍😍😍

      1. maria bandala


    57. Comic Beast

      me: *clicks video* *sees a cute guy singing* *then realizes he is wearing socks* me slapping my forehead thinking : Jesus Christ they never try to look good

    58. Rachel Sato

      1:34 that was priceless

    59. Rachel Sato

      His voice is beautiful. And Kurt is so creative! I heard this song on my bus today, but it definitely wasn’t this version. (Wish it was)

    60. Sparkoo 0206

      Too. Many. Meme. Comments.

    61. Ritigya gupta

      i love the way this guy is singing and also kurt playing the bottles

    62. Christopher Valenhaven


    63. Douglas Armstrong

      you shod do hot gely bumer

    64. Jared Mojica

      Kurt your so Talented😁😁😁

    65. Aisyah Iranti

      1:24 omg i fell in luv

    66. Blue The GachaTuber

      I was scrolling down the DE-news home page and saw this I was like Sure let’s spend my snow day listening to music played on water bottles Omg whenever I type water and see this emoji 💦 I can’t my mind won’t let me stop somebody save me

    67. Sarah Fields

      I was thinking this was gonna be somethin really stupid but after watching I discovered I should probably subscribe also Yoandri you have an incredible voice! And Kurt great on the water bottles! 😁😁

    68. Ish _ DIYs

      I feel like he could have gotten closer. Is it just me or do the bottles sound slightly out of tune. Wow I can’t believe I just said tha

    69. Terkina

      What an incredible voice and emotions. He felt that song extremely deep inside of himself. And Kurt?! You're one of the most creative persons I know. Thanks so much for this cover.

    70. BinkyBunnzie

      He is off track the water bottles don't sound to the beat try again