Lewis Capaldi - Someone You Loved [PLAYED ON WATER BOTTLES!]

Kurt Hugo Schneider

Kurt Hugo Schneider

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    Love the original song... so I thought I should play it with water bottles 😆 All Yoandri's links are below so check him out :)
    Stream / Download here: smarturl.it/khsSYL
    oh and secret word is "water" :P
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    1. Betty Johnson

      When he said *toing* I really felt that

    2. Ike Ameliast

      That sounds like angklung from indonesia. Haai im your fans from Indonesia btw, you must heard angklung traditional music from Indonesia. Love u guys 💕

    3. Whiplash Gaming

      That's amazing Iike if agree

    4. 다진369이

      Who is the singing guy??? I LOVE his voice!!

    5. •Fresh• Start•


    6. Cody Allen

      the goosies are coming!!

    7. Ella Moroney

      ***sponsored by Swell:)

    8. omaima afaarir

      He sings very well but we must talk about how creative kurt is in everytime he makes music from everything

    9. AyElPee

      🤔not in tune

    10. spirit-howl 786

      Man why u flexing bottles

    11. Jessica Mianja

      The bottles are kinda off key... but his voice is so beautiful !

    12. Fairuz Tahsin Raisa


    13. nekoverse

      HOLY SHIT HES VOICE IS 10/10 OMGGG DAMNN and he fine bro wtf : DD

    14. Maxine Miller

      This made me cry bc my dog passed a few months ago and it was very hard for me to keep my grades up 💔😭😢

    15. Um Malek

      His voicccceeee

    16. muhammad iskandar

      Hearing kurt hit something to make music instead of music instrument is so calming , just like the photograph song by ed sheeran cover , hope that kurt will produce the one without voice so that i can use it during study because i dont want to sing along during study 😂😂😂

    17. Despina Demetriou

      Real creative idea 😍i loved the guy‘s voice 😍 in which key is it though?

    18. Little Miss Dust

      Im not afraid to put this on max volume

    19. Renuka Nonis

      You guys are so TALENTED!!!!!!!!

    20. Oneily Seneviratne

      since these are metal water bottles the vsco girls are smiling.

    21. Asfia Wahab

      Kurt sure knows his singers! Perfect singers for every songs OMG!!😁🤩


      Kind of sounds a little like a kalimba but a lower tempo

    23. Albina 06

      1:18 the best part of whole videooooooo

    24. Albina 06

      Better than original . His voice and Kurt's talent makes the best song ever....

    25. X T

      All I could hear was SKSKSKS

    26. talah matar

      And i oop skskskskskksksk, Hydroflasks

    27. Abida Farooqi

      His voice is so calming I was having a bad day and now I’m so relaxed

    28. Almond Milk

      i swear i thought that was sam tsui

    29. GamerUnicorn 091

      OMG 10/10 Voice! How?!?! I’m literally like dead 💀 AHHHHHHHHHHHHH SO GOOD!!!

    30. Shreya Goyal

      NGl this gave me Goosebumps

    31. Mr.Roblox

      They put more work in the voice then the water bottle sounds

    32. Sxnflwer Petals

      i was like: No he didn’t Me now: This guy really loves music :P

    33. Gamer Penguin

      Me: walks in band class Band teacher: what instrument do you play also me: it's complicated

    34. C ong

      Both of them are extremely talented 😭💖💜✨


      Why does he kinda look like James Charles? Just me cos a lot of ppl will disagree.. 😂

    36. *christian* -minnicks-

      His voice is only good because hes using so much reverb, the bottles take away from the depth of the song making it more prominent

    37. Sophia Joy Nafziger


    38. bucin eskup

      ohf its yoandri((((':

    39. Syifa Kun

      Now it sounds like an Indonesian traditional song....

    40. motors president

      Lewis should see this ⤵️

    41. Yara Yasser

      is this copyright?

    42. 뷔.


    43. Ghost of Creativity

      Yoandri really has a soothing voice. Very mesmerizing I love it!

    44. Brem Boy

      Nice video

    45. Verdana Lopez

      Love the singer's style 😍😍 and the accompaniment is very unique 😂😂

    46. Rawiya Awad

      This is distinctive 😍😍🥵

    47. TTv.Doomzy

      The music sound creepy

    48. Jung Kookie

      He kinda looks like James Charles lol

    49. Amelia Hamill

      *sksksksomeone you loved*

    50. Sekut Marie

      This cover needs more attention y'all Hella good 🔥🔥🔥

    51. Siento

      1:20 that note was *everything*

    52. Josue Gonzalez

      You are a freaking GENIUS Kurt! Your videos always make me smile!

    53. Sping Playz

      Expections: This video Reality : Me and my friends getting in trouble for hitting water bottles

    54. Diamond Diy

      All the vsco girls: and I oop- where’s my hydroflaskskssks? Kurt: 😐

    55. Turdburglartara spencer

      Omg yes bitch I love this so much!!

    56. How To Craft

      Not gonna lie this guy's voice is better then Lewis Capaldi

    57. Dakarya

      Omg i want to marry Yoandri!

    58. Sina Ishak

      Imagine if they were all hydro flasks And I OoooppppP SkskskSkSk

    59. Rachel Yeula

      Like Kurt you are so much talented

    60. yves alexandre

      The real performance is to sing with such 'instruments' in the background. Congratulations for Yoandri. But we love you Kurt for your inventivity, no problem hahaha

    61. elli

      I got goosebumps when he started singing 💕

    62. husky lover

      His positions gayish

    63. Αλεξανδρα Καλογεροπουλου

      Wow he is so creative 😍❤️❣️

    64. Kristine Leynes

      1:20 I think it was a little off key?

    65. Ashley Ayers

      Dang thats a hard core vestco boy

    66. 星月丶DF

      第一次评论 确实好听~~~!!!

    67. Álvaro Dyogo Pereira

      You’re a genius kurt

    68. devi violita

      i think the sound of water bottles like the sound of "gamelan" (Indonesian's musical instrument)..

    69. Emily Livin x

      its a talent to make music that pleasant but specifically tuned with water bottles😂🤩

    70. ᴍɪɴ ʏᴏᴏɴɢɪ

      his voice is so good •w• ♡ i cri ;-;