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Marcus Chan

Marcus Chan

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    Sound design project for SFSU BECA class. Video was striped of audio and replaced by me. Video uploaded only for educational purposes.

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    1. TiaanYTP

      I love this short

    2. Scard4Life

      Aliens tryna rush the humans out.

    3. crazypuppet

      How area 51 started

    4. Lord Yeetus

      The pixar shorts are nostalgic asffff

    5. Dr. Pain

      Bruh he fell to his death, at least 5 stories

    6. Miss Cloud

      Is that linguini from Ratatouille?

    7. nathan morello

      0:01 *-spoopy-*

    8. Joshua Pate

      How did he not kill this man?

    9. Anna shal

      Questo cartone diventerà leggenda A no scusate lo è già 😍

    10. Brent Swartzlander

      Hmmm this one? No not that on maybe this one? aw... this one??? ARHHHHHHHHHHHHH

    11. why can't we just get along blahblah

      This reminds me of how my husband gets me out to the car after a hard night

    12. Silver Ban

      Studying for the final exam be like

    13. GodSpeed Gamer

      bruh moment

    14. 亀梨舞子

      LOL😂 I like this so much.

    15. Slinky Kitten

      That cool little alien is lifting a man on the ship. It's so funny!🤣

    16. Bloody Smiley

      I thought he would crash the space ship* few seconds later...* yup.. Now I just have to wait for the man to wake up*smiles*


      The end lol

    18. amspiffing

      nostalgia. what if aliens go to Earth to test their fire fighter tractor beams?

    19. East Zone

      Our teacher showed us this in class!

      1. East Zone

        @Marcus Chan I'm not sure if it was; it was last year we watched it!

      2. Marcus Chan

        that's awesome, my project specifically?

    20. Preston Nokes

      @ 1:50!!!!!!, this film was great! super funny!

    21. Sophia Hobbs

      1:55 Human gets thrown into wall s ASMR

      1. UppedX

        Sophia Hobbs yes

    22. Fantabulous !

      He’s a deep sleeper...

    23. LovelyPrinxcess

      That alien is adorable😍🖤

    24. Bing Bang

      Hello! do you also make fiction shortfilms ??? I have a a short film I would really like to share with you 🎬; you could look for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on DE-news or maybe send me a message to give you the link, thanks a lot 👍

    25. Ale _yay_

      I was watching this in the night one time and I tried not to laugh too loud.

    26. bamboo art

      Try to find the one called alien abduction , is very funny too. They deleted from DE-news.

    27. graysondolanismyhusband

      As a kid I used to be scared this would happen to me lmao

    28. William Brisson

      1:06 my boss

    29. Holden Demuth

      Legend says he's still sleeping, waiting to be broken out of a curse by one single kiss. Sleeping beauty.

    30. wheeledgoat

      well done sir. i watched the whole thing and had no idea it wasnt the original audio.

    31. Bo Visee


    32. Tyleriffic Studios

      1:46 When you want something in the store and mom says NO.

    33. Noelia Leon


    34. Torsten Kühl

      Top Video 👍👍👍👍👍👍

    35. Kyle Litchfield

      Oh the glory days watching this


      1:03 manyland

    37. Bisma Nugraha

      4;16 ufo crashed

    38. U Umarov

    39. haru tamada


    40. haru tamada


    41. Layla the couch potato Garcia

      I feel like the guy passed out

    42. Rebecca Michael

      He's going to be very hurt in the morning.

    43. spiddyman007

      I feel very educated *cough* *cough* description

    44. Salazar Gonzalito


    45. C4500gamer YT

      He's gonna kill us all

    46. Jaxon Saunders-Wood

      1:58 he was out wow!

    47. Christopher Smith

      Someone said that in every sci-fi or action flick, it seems that there is always a Wilhelm Scream in it at a certain place!

    48. Jori Al Jiran


    49. TV_PC

      to wyjaśnia dlaczego mnie czasami kręgosłup boli jak rano wstaję.

    50. Cello Potter

      I had a dream about this once. Me and the kids in my class were doing that test, and if we passed, we got to see Monsters University. It was weird AF 😂😂

    51. HimSide

      этот мульт в школе кидали друг другу,у меня сони эриксон был лягушка

    52. Koi NaCl

      is the opening song an iphone ring tone?

    53. Lenny face World

      My teacher played this

    54. X Y

      The alien looks cheap

    55. lowery George

      That's how mafia works 3:24

    56. RicAwesome95

      Déjà vu!!!

    57. Yuanda Liu

      Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

    58. Mirik Asachi


    59. thefallout Party

      I think i ever seen this when i Was a little Somehow is aired on Disney Channel Asia

    60. малолетни дебил

      Не моя затея была управлять этим а вы предложили.

    61. Wesley Mcspadden

      Subscribe to Pewdiepie and hiss other channel, which is called DoubleMoose to help bring culture back to DE-news, and do the same to comment on twitter and youtube's random videos.

    62. Petr Olefirenko


    63. ELverdaderoOVALAO

      2:51 that guys like “I’m not impressed”

    64. Raul Hernandez

      Who’s watching 2019?

    65. مہـحّمہوُد ألـکرديّــّ hd


    66. marcducati

      Quality has dropped on these shorts.

    67. Crissy Olivia

      Yeah right, as if aliens care when they abduct you. There's a lot more that goes on. But this put a smile on my face.

    68. Wan Mohd Fauzi

      Stuuupiddd.. Dogggggg?!!!!

    69. Owen Messenger

      0:02 Nice apple ringtone you got there