Lil Keed - Wavy [Official Video]

Lil Keed

Lil Keed

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    The official video for Lil Keed's "Wavy" - Out Now!
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    1. Lil Keed

      King Tut, I'm the real prince slime, I'm so Wavy 🌊🌊🌊

      1. Lil Ed

        Wen I blow I will work with Keed. I’m on my comeUp with 1262 subscribers for rite now

      2. Antonia Carter


      3. Ayesha Williams


      4. Vtrey 95

        Yes sirrr

      5. Solid Jay

        Slatt 🐍💚

    2. Stanley Rouse

      ⛽⛽🔥🔥🔥🔥 Based colorado plug ship to all states in motion. Got carts,coke,pills,lsd,white rhino,Afghan kush,moonrocks,Og kush,runtz,purple punch,sour diesel, Ak-47. Hmu🔥 on snap 👻 wilsonmcconnell ⛽

    3. Ak96 Officiel


    4. Junior on 60hz

      Instagram sent me

    5. ILOVEZO 222


    6. OhhhKDot

      Hey can you guys rate my Lil Keed beat and tell me how i did?

    7. Kévin Traoré

      lil gotit in back

    8. cringe vlogs and gaming

      Lil keed to 400k

    9. Eddie

      one word: Jmoney1041

    10. G R

      Like if this is better than @ meh by playboi carti

    11. GiftVader

      Dis shit so hard

    12. Fendi

      Why he ride this beat like this 😭🔥🔥

    13. Patrick Davidson

      he was in the pocket wit this one

    14. Mari Williams

      Anyone noticed the Aaliyah shirt he had on?!

    15. S. Burks

      I can just listen to the instrumental. Ayeee!

    16. Austin Bui

      Money in this pocket, this pocket, can't even walk, I'm a real penguin

    17. Kae Camp

      They kilt that dance at the end!!!

    18. Omillo Adams

      Bruh really walked all over this beat 🔥👟

    19. Omillo Adams

      Hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    20. Antonia Carter

      Cyt yuh tut t5fe95dre8 xtc 05

    21. nivea Brown


    22. Makaveli2X

      They ahead of they time tbh

    23. sergio cifuentes lopez


    24. Euan Maclean

      His search history - ‘how to sound like young thug’

      1. E&E Gaming

        Your search history is searching up successful rappers so u can hate on em

    25. oSmith262oMusic

      Free The Wave God

    26. Young Rayda

      keed 2 hard bar for bar

    27. anda sizani

      u know that when it says "Earl on the beat", a banger is coming

    28. Sauce

      Travis scott brought me here

    29. Ruben Neves


    30. ros .K

      Who's here because of Travis Scott

      1. Dicaru 007

        Was he in the snippet or something?



    32. Akinjare Olamide

      Travis brought me here

    33. Sharaf Motayne

      Travis scott got me here 🥴

    34. paco arreola

      Here from Travis IG

    35. sameer abdul

      #traviScott 🔥🔥🔥

      1. Luciano Acuña_17

        @Vitor ferreira silent bich

      2. Vitor ferreira

        fuck you bro

    36. Emai Ema

      Travis got me here

    37. 뽁쭈

      travis scott !

    38. Patriota Perturbado

      7 years later and i still listen to this .. Does that make me crazy ? :O? Well guys now haters are using _Authentic views c o m_

    39. caio lobo

      this beat makes me love living life

    40. Kid Murda

      KEED TALK TO 'EM !!

    41. Ayesha Williams

      I love this song

    42. Kid Murda


    43. Greezy Deckz

      *EXCLUSIVE LEAK* Too Many Ft. Lil Keed & Lil Gotit OUT NOW!

    44. Izazul Bantai

      Love from india bro sup

    45. Awais Ahmed

      Anyone a good songwriter

    46. Sophia Sohn

      🔥🔥🔥 slat

    47. Ov Wavez

      Almost shed a tear listening to this beautiful masterpiece 😢

    48. Charlie Phillips

      When rappers came to Chicago they had to check in with them the hoboes was the street Entrepreneurs they was all type of different gangs and family but they locked them up for bullshit the world talks like kee said u can’t trust no one they got sticky fingers

    49. Joshua L

      this shit hard lowkey doe

    50. Charlie Phillips

      Man this guy u got to love he is one of the best rappers in 2020 Lil baby lil Keed and lil gotit and gunna GOAT

    51. Eternal Daylight

      Who need a remix wit playboy cardi

    52. Aaron Abstract

      I jus hear im so worthy

    53. Trev Money

      we in the streets like hobos🐍🐍🐍

    54. High C

      3:03 lil gotit such a gay dude bruh

    55. Manuel Granada

      The routine those kids had was 🔥🔥🔥 they snapped bru, on g’s 🤧

    56. Marquis Fate

      Um he killed this 😳

    57. Mstunna 45

      They went tooo hard on the dance🔥

    58. Sheryl Hoenigke

      NADIE HA VENIDO POR ELRUBIUS??? LOOL LIKE SI SOY EL ÚNICO POR AHORA? Well guys now haters are using _Authentic views c o m_

      1. Bhadafro

        Luciano Acuña_17 facts

      2. Luciano Acuña_17

        Yo vengo por el rey Travis

    59. Ketch Up

      Cant wait for keed to be directing his own videos ayeeee thumbs this up so thug sees it ya digg?

    60. Tomar Allen

      Geeked 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    61. rahul bisht

      In India tik tok ban, now people like real talent like lil keed.

    62. Karli Diane

      🌊 🌊 🌊

    63. Tyriq Jackson

      Who else seen the kid in the white 0:32

    64. WER Promun

      The editing made me pass out who ever made it is so good

    65. Legendary Tekken

      They should be on the track on nba 2k21 this year

    66. Mario Ruffin

      How is this only at 2 mill🤦🏽

    67. Sayitaintdreteezy

      Playing the cards that was dealt me. Livin the life that was chose. My favorite line out the chrous!

    68. DVF

      Why did Lil Gotit change his name?

    69. A Jinxed Player

      I'm a real penguin 🐧

    70. Claudio Leothau

      this shit makes me dance LIVING THE LIFE THAT I CHOOSE