Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna) [Official Music Video]

Lil Mosey

Lil Mosey

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    Lil Mosey - Stuck In A Dream (ft. Gunna)
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    1. Jye Prime

      been subbed from 23k subs who else????

    2. KJ Vickers


    3. obiwan KOBE

      These girls only agreed to be there bc gunna was there

    4. eL rEalIStA


    5. Kevin Schleich

      if u dont like this comment you will wake up with aids and stds

    6. CloverYaKnow

      y’all go look up sugar how you get so fly that’s why it sounds so familiar (;

    7. Tiffany Santos

      I like your music

    8. Tiffany Santos

      I love you little Mosey

    9. Tiffany Santos

      I love you

    10. LeBeautiful


    11. Angelo Mathurin

      I like u

    12. Unknown MexicN

      0:18 beat remind me of a song but I can't remember

    13. Just Hould

      Its the best song😍🔥🔥

    14. Nevaeh Stoumile

      I love this song 2019 2014

    15. Daniel Quintanilla

      When u get into trouble for the first time

    16. SuppliedAce3HD 2

      Is lil most actually dead

      1. ヅBeeeyyydaaa

        SuppliedAce3HD 2 no

    17. Naijen Leger


    18. zen supreme shah

      Best song

    19. God's Shot

      00:31 HOT AF

    20. AutoCorrect

      System malfunction..

    21. Aidan Schultz

      I really felt it when Gunna said “imaydeowdadahuh” 😔 1:17

    22. InToXiCzOnE

      Name of girl at 0:33 ? its for Friends 😂

    23. Moua Fn


    24. Gatsu Gatsuuv


    25. Алихан Каманов


    26. wadik Zekarias

      Hell yeah

    27. Zeli Gonzalez

      This fyyee🥵😍

    28. Og Adrien

      This shit go sooo hard

    29. Rai


    30. Valohs

      Kill tek piece ?

    31. datonefatkid

      1:32 i thought he said "9/11 is a sport"

      1. datonefatkid

        @Moistrus ah ok tenks man i thought he was refering the accident

      2. Moistrus

        Well he did, but Gunna is referring to the Porsche 911.

    32. Christian X

      That goes hard bruuuuuuuuuuuu

    33. e girl Hinata

      Don't let this distract you from the fact that *THIS A LAME ASS BEAT*

    34. 9year old God

      I love this song

    35. nobody 209

      How can you not like this song

    36. Godsive


      1. Godsive

        JORGE GAMING YT oh lol 😂


        Godsive I was scrolling through everything that’s how bored I was

      3. Godsive

        JORGE GAMING YT how u find my comment


        Godsive haha

    37. Jancarlos Zapata

      You are good

    38. Future

      Hey, you found a comment thats not begging for likes. Have a nice day smile to activate :)

    39. Marcus Hayes

      i dont think the big labels even listen to the music anymore. They look at the soundclouds and DE-newss that have a high number of "views" and say, "well, i guess somebody likes this shit, go ahead and sign him."

    40. DR1G0


    41. Theflipsidekids Anderson

      I'm such a big fan of Lil mosey

    42. ryuuu ken

      This beat sounds like Yosemite travis

    43. viper s

      Sub to my y I'm tryna get to 1k

    44. Sako Demirdjian

      He's changing :(

    45. 0 subs with 0 videos challenge!

      Mosey is like the whitest black guy ever

      1. Austin Chapman

        Uh, Logic or lil skies?

      2. Skoes The Pro -_-

        Or the blackest white person

      3. Fire Highlights


    46. Kaydin Nguyen

      i go to his old middle school lol

    47. Justin Castillo

      Don't forget he woke up like da man

    48. Scrumz

      Les be honest this song is fire

    49. yungB

      Is that lil moser?

    50. Homa de nagosis

      comment section is gay af

    51. b4s1K


    52. Dagistika Konkreti

      what's the insta of this girl 0:23?

    53. Jadi

      Gunna saved this track

    54. Just Emma

      Lil Mosey: stuck in a dream me:ur so cute😍

    55. K Xxxtentation

      This song is fire 🔥 but you no what’s more fire my DE-news channel subscribe and watch videos and comment and leave a like

    56. Noura El ouakili


    57. barbara mcintyre


    58. Cameron Hulance

      hard song

    59. Horunge 44


    60. Yxng Wilz

      Who else picture the club in.GTA Vice city😂🔥

    61. Bobby Is cool

      1:12 moseys face tho

    62. XD NARUTO 69

      this is so good my favorites are kamikaze and noticed and this

    63. Krheej

      why does mosey always have ft on his fucking fire song THEN THE FUCKING FT MAKES IT FUCKING ASS

    64. Ransom 44

      Shit heat

    65. Adolf Hitler

      Latino dejen like 👇

    66. Goku Dbz

      Lil mosey straight trash

    67. Evap

      hes the man

    68. Gideon King

      1% normal comments 99% LiKe To UnDo or James Charles will kiss you

    69. nayah thomas

      gg mosey gggggggg

    70. Slaughtzzz

      Can someone give me Gunna's lyrics cuz he I dont think he said 1 word of English in this song. Mosey carried him