Lil Wayne Honors Kobe Bryant With Performance Of His 2009 Track “Kobe Bryant” | BET Awards 20



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    Lil Wayne honors the late NBA player with a performance of his track entitled “Kobe Bryant.” #BETAwards20 #LilWayne #KobeBryant #Kobe #BETAwards


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    1. David Woodward

      MIKE DROP!!

    2. Nihal Reddy

      “The game is cold but I’m frozen” - weezyF 2020

    3. lonzo woods

      Da lanes is close, but im bowling.. 💪💪

    4. Cebrina Mon’e

      Wayne gave him his flowers while he was here 😌🖤

    5. Thierno Sarr

      Thank you Wayne RIP KOBE MAMABA LIVES

    6. Ezra

      Yeah Lil Wayne! Make that Kobe death money!

    7. Mark Weaver

      Lets "go" wayne

    8. Bob Scorpion


    9. Nii Amartey

      Just when I thought it couldn't get any better,...🔥🔥🔥.black lives matters, that's a matter of fact 💥

    10. MrAac2020

      Little Wayne needs a hair cut....and directions to a men's clothing store Hope he knows his outfits look like a combo of county lockups & maturnity.

    11. Curtis B.

      I literally cried as soon as he spoke, I took me back

    12. gLiscere

      Dwayne, you cannot fit that Extra Medium.

    13. Nitta Bell

      Oohhh. Sad.

    14. Neal Cummings

      Total garbage 🗑

    15. wandering sword

      Too bad rap is talentless.

    16. Nicco Sanchez

      Rest in Power & pray for Peace!🙏🏽✌🏾💘💯

    17. Mwanzie Saffa

      Weezy F. Baby!!! "Rest in Power"? & hope for Peace! On sum'n ONLY the ORIGINALS could git wit'!

    18. Sergei Boris

      Another lesson we can learn from Kobe in times of trials was what he said when he spoke in Pilipino. He said......”Walang Iwanan!”.... which means, No One is Left Behind.

    19. Kokoette Sunday Itim

      BLACK LIVES MATTER facts, as a matter of fact. Wayne 2020

    20. JudgeJr

      🔥 🔥 🔥😭😭😭😭👍🏽 🐐

    21. Oreo Ingram

      If this version ain't on the NBA 2K21 soundtrack, I ain't buying the game. Good job Wayne! That's how you pay homage to a legend. Rest in Power #24

    22. Zay Poccets

      The game is cold but I’m frozen🔥 The lanes closed but I’m bowling 🔥

    23. Iania Staton

      Stupid tuff

    24. Tyler Lowe


    25. Christopher Parris

      Weezy is so much better when hes actually talking about something and is focused

      1. Tre Y.L.G.


    26. Jermaine Carter

      He’s free-styling the last verse if you guys know anything about Wayne

    27. TreyWay92

      Where the rest of views never thought I'll see the day the 🐐 is being slept on nobody goes this hard til this day

      1. xoobo vola

        I love him

    28. Jiamas Johnson

      Amazing, a that new verse was 🔥🔥🔥

      1. xoobo vola


    29. shanee joseph

      Yes!!! This is the lil Wayne kinda music, flow, and lyrical fire the world has been missing....

    30. Tekesha Carter


    31. Spider9131

      I miss Kobe.

    32. Colwin Moore

      Bars 💯

    33. Krissy Deleveaux

      R.I.P black Mamba Gigi & the rest who lost their life on that tragic day

    34. Khai French

      Idk why you put lil wayne in this category when hes absolutely against this shit.

    35. Alanna Good

      He can honor kobe but blm doesn't matter to him. People i grew up loving are no longer respected to me now

    36. Dennis Plesz

      Thats 1 of the best ways to make a family feel appreciated chills all over my prayers go out to Kobe's family and I truly thank you little Wayne for doing this goats got to look out for goats stay healthy peace

    37. Dom Braswell

      "Rest in power, hope for peace"...🔥

    38. Flo Avi

      Great!!! I invite you people to join us on the pan African social network via @t in order to build our community! Enjoy it, reveal yourselves, chat, and assert your dignity!!!!!!!!!

    39. Super Rhino Bros

      Rip Kobe

    40. wnnalis cioov

      Man Wayne’s still the greatest man he never fell off for a second. Legend

    41. Ansu Keita

      Too much talent

    42. afro panorama


    43. Rubenn Dean Paul Alws

      You are the man!

      1. wnnalis cioov

        would do with his opponents.

    44. Ddad Beats


    45. LIFT 504


    46. Maryah Oversrteet

      I love him

    47. mathew morris

      If u dont like weezy,make your own planet and live there......

    48. Manuel Gonzalez


    49. Elon Musk

      I’m glad I’ve never even googled info about him bc if I found out that there was anything unforgivable about Lil Wayne, I think my entire world would collapse. Just this once I’m choosing to remain blissfully ignorant

      1. Tre Y.L.G.


    50. mikeypumpumms89

      What kind of kicks is Wayne wearing? I see the huge BB.... please don’t tell me those are Big Baller Brand smh?!!!! His stylist wouldn’t do him like that right?

      1. Tre Y.L.G.


    51. Yassine Gazal

      My Guy !!!!! Yes he still Got itttttt 😔😉

    52. Sir Viver

      The 🐐 Goat

    53. Jeremy Reyna

      Lil Wayne is apart Houston Texas if yall didn't know...Lil Wayne paid homest....To my old Gs in Houston Texas especially To Dj Screw...most dont know about this...Its Houston And Louisiana Thang...Much love to Young Money and New Orleans...We love yall....Come to Houston Texas we still have Great Sites To See....We Welcome Everybody To our home

    54. Jeremy Reyna

      Love It mann Just like Fat Pat said....Lil Wayne knows what I'm talking about...Houston Texas thang

    55. Raul Vasquez

      2nd verse: watch me get it like Kobe, sick with it no covid black clouds break open, rain down black roses I smell a rose now I'm focused, the game is cold but I'm frozen the lane is closed but I'm bowling; all mamba no cobra! all around no borders, all eyes take notice recognize my importance, never die I'm immortal got the culture on my shoulders, see the vultures flying over now we marching like we soldiers, 'til we walking like we strolling 60 points in my last game my best game yeah, yerp! put 5 rings on my last name, Oscar could've been my first! on one leg, on my last leg, I want the last shot, that's work! no achilles heal I told Phil it's the last dance, now twerk! heart of gold beating down my chest and it goes ra-ta-ta-ta-ta this is black entertainment, this is black power status two fingers for the mambacita, I'm screaming black mamba matters heart goes out to Vanessa and the whole black mamba family - B.M.F. heart of gold beating down my chest and it goes ra-ta-ta-ta-ta this is black entertainment, this is black power status two fingers for the mambacita, I'm screaming black mamba matters heart goes out to Vanessa and the whole black mamba family -B.M.F.

    56. LilOmar TV

      Heart goes out to vanessa bryant love how he throw that in there! ❤️🐐

    57. Enlightened Family

      Real legends respect real legends

    58. Jaci D

      That was his best friend rip Kobe Bryant happy birthday to us well not yet

    59. babushka boi

      I liked the fact that Lil Wayne didn't act depressed, he smiled. best way to honor someone, Kobe and Lil Wayne are legends, and Lil Wayne flex his rap skills , just like Kobe would do with his opponents.

    60. Top Ramen

      "sick wit it no covid"

    61. random guy

      Damn he remove the best line on that song " pass me that damn ball i dont need a pick at all" Its kobe. He will drain that shot. RIP Mamba.

      1. Tre Y.L.G.

        Replaced the 2nd verse with the freestyle

    62. John Crowder


    63. Tobi Olowokure

      That gave me chills. AMAZING

    64. xoobo vola

      Man Wayne’s still the greatest man he never fell off for a second. Legend

    65. Rebecca Leeman

      I never knew lil wayne was a Lil gay hipster.

    66. Mrkids1st Overall

      Man other thaN starlito NO other rapper BUT WAyNe could Have done a mamBa Tribute justice

      1. xoobo vola

        Is this on Spotify? And if it is what is is called cause I can’t find it

    67. Reba Smith

      It took the greatest rapper alive, to narrate the greatest basketball player ever! What a great moment!!!!

    68. Jon Carr

      What is he wearing?

    69. B


    70. aye calvin

      Sounds like a freestyle 🔥