Live PD: Just Wanted to Stop Smelling Bad (Season 3) | A&E



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    An officer locates a robbery suspect in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Upset, she explains that she only stole some hygiene products, but after finding additional drug paraphernalia, the police arrest her in this clip from "8.24.19". #LivePD
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    1. Sabrina Hulsey

      My Christmas stuff is ruined

    2. Sabrina Hulsey

      Water here smells like sulfer

    3. Morena Reyes

      A cute kitty 🐈‍⬛ ❤️🥰😍💋😘

    4. Samuel Clearman

      I hope that girl is in a better place now.

    5. Orlando Rivas

      Beans is high on crack that’s why it wasn’t moving

    6. Malone Dih

      Beans the meth-head lol

    7. Nathan Dereje

      not with the dam crying dam evry wher you probly go to for 60 days and thats it i am 13 and i have bin to jail for 4 years so it cant be worst at lest i think the drugs too byee

    8. iGenesis_X

      i hope that kitten got taken away and given to a new family, it looks so underfed and dehydrated and unclean

    9. Sock Puppet iii

      Pathetic. I dont feel sorry for them. Want to help them? Give them food and money? Stick around to watch all your money and everything else you give them go down the drain. SO WHAT if she puts on the "im just a poor woman, feel sorry for me!" crying act. If the situations were reversed she'd take everything you had and leave. Whether you live or die is none of her concern. And the same goes for cap-boy.

    10. Sanglun Vaiphei

      "I just wanna stop smelling bad". ☝Here's a tip: Take a bath, clean yourself up. No need to shoplift.👌

    11. Sanglun Vaiphei

      I just wanna say that cops in America are not racially profiling people but they are gender profiling people. Men are arrested more often than women. Why don't they get arrested more often? They wanted equality, so, treat them like men. The law is the same for both men and women and anyone caught doing something illegal and against the law should pay the price. America.✌ 🇺🇸

    12. Chris

      Needs shock therapy!

    13. DonAntonio6

      Made it so easy to charge them

    14. Nicholas Riggles

      Poor beans

    15. InTenSe THC

      Aye the boys walked ayyy

    16. sjwilson1079

      If they confiscated the kitten could they say why you takin my beans??

    17. isaacpennerable

      Bring live PD back

    18. HXCV

      beans being like safe me from these crackheads dude I smell even worse then her.

    19. Big Dog

      They did want to give her a break.. Sad..

    20. 7munkee

      They should overlook the meth and pipe. It shouldn't be a crime to be a junkie. It is an illness...most often mental.

    21. TunnelV1sion

      He threw his old lady right under lol

    22. James Gentry

      Beans is the druggie

    23. John Kylodell

      To all of our police haters out there. Just watch what these guys have to go through every single day. Dealing with just morons!! I salute all of you guys!!

    24. Cristin Clark

      Please stop airing this. Yes she has made mistakes but I guarantee more mistakes were made TO her during her short life

    25. Vato Loco

      Is that bag for beans??...😂!! Dam! That Gato has a big Meth problem fo sho.. Lol!!!!.😂😂

    26. Danny Roybal

      Poor kitty looked hooked too

    27. Sofia Vadela

      When he said "relax" I cringed so hard

    28. Omnipotant_1

      I'll never understand why people voluntarily consent to searches....... are people that dumb ?


      If you steal like this with hair and a dress like this your are a dummy.

    30. Taxpayer Zombie

      On the up side, smelling bad in jail could help make one less "popular".

    31. hannah lynne shroyer

      5:00 the policeman was so concerned this is my favorite live pd clip rver

    32. Ahmed Hussain

      its not the beans the cat

    33. Soy RidesAway

      the victim is cat indeed and hero here is methamphetamine.

    34. makenzie hydrick

      The cat could have been a stray that they rescued. I just rescued a cat that looked like that, it took a couple weeks to get her looking healthy.

    35. Xakkil

      Charge Beans with resisting!

    36. Toho Master

      The crying defense aka the pity ploy where someone cries and hopes that the officer will feel bad for them. How pathetic.

    37. Laci Wilson

      now if i ever get a cat, i’m naming it beans.

    38. D. W.

      Yo i sweat ive met this chick somewhere

    39. Rachel Sheldon

      Bet the color she used in her hair was stolen too. Ratchet.

    40. Madelynn Warren

      The captions they put in their videos 😂😂

    41. thomas 777

      Thats bs because really it is not robbery unless the store tries to stop here..they cant say its robbery..its still just shop lifting

    42. qwerty qwerty

      methamphetamine kills. police the same. theft is an insignificant trifle. thanks for not shooting these people today.

    43. Bryan Puffinburger

      Imagine if these cats did this in the Hamptons.... it’s wild how the machine has poor folks policing poor folks while those rich folks get away with the devil.......

    44. Guitar of Destiny

      2:53 tattoo of an alien smoking a blunt

    45. Crazymelvis


    46. Michael Hughes

      Yea Red, shoplifting is only a ticket. Do society a favor and stay off the meth.

    47. louis miah

      her brother and friend didnt hesitate to sell her down the river - classy !

    48. Rick G

      They always think they are going to think of a hiding spot that LEO hasn't seen before. LOL!

    49. Say Say

      I know she does meth but dam man that sucks that she had to steal hygienic things... again that’s why you shouldn’t even try hard drugs once...

    50. Ken Godwin

      This is so sad and the Democrats want to legalize drugs.

    51. Amanda Kath

      I think that stuff really belonged to the cat....well played beans....well played

    52. Megan Landsperger

      Beans just wanted water! D: beans run! Run freeeeee

    53. bobduvar

      Ricky Fontenot ….. When you call Monsieur Fontenot you're a wine maker in Bordeaux but you're not a cop anywhere in the US….. Okay Monsieur Fontenot ???

    54. Slossage17

      Bean Dips

    55. Augustine

      Beans looks dehydrated, malnourished, and exposed to something, like meth. She can't afford hygiene products but can afford hair dye and drugs.

    56. Flack 2020

      I love ❤️ live pd episodes lol 😂

    57. kimberley Martin

      Ariana grande ain’t doing so well

    58. Moses Chavez

      She was pow key fine tho

    59. GodWith Lex

      Acting all coo rubbing little beans chilling on the car 🤣

    60. Jamie Totaly

      the only thing that is versus beans the cat is zoos the dog from live rescue. like for beans comment for zoos or do nothing.

    61. Mary Nichols

      I really like the way this officer handles himself.

    62. Michaela Kindley

      Beans may have been found as a stray

    63. Christian Garcia

      Beans the meth cat is a real G here

    64. Tristen S.

      I felt really bad for her

    65. Billy Beck

      I’m praying for Beans the cat 🙏🏻

    66. Sue Tait Porcaro

      whatever happened to the young woman? she's such a tiny thing, my heart broke, that her life is so messed up

    67. Vatsal

      If you just search beans and one space, the first result is beans the cat SHE IS FAMOUS....❤️❤️❤️❤️

    68. Rivers Zenonian

      No beans! Beans no! It’s raining! Lol

    69. Grace S

      The guy is a straight out snitch.

    70. Greg Carlson

      2:01 crocodile tears