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    An officer locates a robbery suspect in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Upset, she explains that she only stole some hygiene products, but after finding additional drug paraphernalia, the police arrest her in this clip from "8.24.19". #LivePD
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    1. A&E

      Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

      1. Or3o bella's life & vlogs Main

        A&E hi 👋

      2. Ashton Faulk

        I’m from lafayette

      3. PsychedDose

        I like dem black gloves where can I find um?

      4. Brianna Lynn Gaming


      5. Kevin Espino

        They where really nice cops

    2. oBlurzyツ

      Free beans till it’s backwards 🙏🏽

    3. Sammii Ponseti

      Beans lookin a lil rough

    4. Thayalan Sundra Rajoo

      So this is why Sam & Cat got cancelled. Stay off them streets cat,

    5. Trump Supporter

      Haha she got charged for snitching!!

    6. Jazz


    7. Conor Smith

      Jesus this dude is horrible at comforting her. "Relax relax relax. I haven't said anything, I'm not being mean. Relax relax relax relax relax relax relax."

    8. FoMoCowboy

      I also want to stop smelling bad.

    9. Aceloves

      Beans is the man😂😭

    10. A Gacha

      Can’t they do polygraph tests to see if anyone is lying

    11. Itz Dusty

      Beans the cat 🐈

    12. Ray Biscoe jr

      Sounds like she does want to cooperate


      She would know what color the bag was if that dude threw her a huge green crown royal bag full of drugs and said “hide this, the cops won’t look!” Lol. They acting like that’s some damning evidence

    14. Edward Burton

      They named their cats after their favorite foods they could afford on their meth budget. Sadly, 'Beans'' sister 'Ramen' had passed away from a similar untreated eye infection and malnutrition. RIP 'Ramen'.

    15. Edward Burton

      Steals soap. Has money for pipes, meth, and red hair dye. Throw the book at her. The sooner she learns she can't blubber her way out of trouble, the better.

    16. Nat Terrazas

      That's beans stash 😂

    17. isaac 2high

      Everybody loves cats 😂 even if u hate them when a baby kitten in front of u at least gotta pet em

    18. Princess Babyy

      She needa stop cryin cause she wasnt cryin when she was stealin tf 😂😂 if you cant do yo time or atleast get away wit it dont steal mf 😂💯

    19. Bust Down Thotiana

      She told on herself 😂

    20. The Brown RAT

      Why would you allow them to search the car if you got drugs in it

    21. La Bruja

      Surprised there was a rat in the car when there was a cat in there, but it’s understandable since the rat was at least 5”8’

    22. PIEPIE

      Beans kept a stone cold face the whole time. Not a meow was heard out of him.

    23. Full Tilt Boogie

      These comments are pure currency!!!

    24. Full Tilt Boogie

      Why is Kristen Stewart shop lifting?

    25. Cory

      Turns out in the next episode Beans was actually wanted in Florida for Burglary......

    26. Florida Crypto R

      Well here is the deal, the way the kitten looks, the kitten really looks scraggly & should get a stable home. I understand her situation as well as appearantly she seems homeless where she is shacking up with anyone and these guys are not looking out for her. The kitten would serve in my opinion as a emotional support pet for her I am sure. She is clearly putting what ever money she does get for her drugs mainly yet some for the kittens needs. I would think the money she does get is through prostitution. So yes, she should actually if she wants to get better to ask the support from the officers to file a report through the agency attached to the intake paperwork for treatment to get her life back on track. To me, she seems to be a victim of circumstance without support that led to be a criminal through the State of Louisiana statutes. Someone like her could change to be a productive member of society with the right guidance but acknowledging, accepting and admitting to the problems is her first steps then following professional counciling immediately after will lead her correctly. She is different than most living on the street I sense. Hopefully prior to intake the office sees this. If she does go into a program, she will want someone to watch over the kitten in a loving home or give it up to a loving home. I wished I known who she was to send her public assistance information where she can go get treatment.

    27. Turd Furgeson

      Women act tough af till the lies don't work then they try to cry their way out of it . 🤣🤣🤣

    28. hanna kirkpatrick

      Did beans have Down syndrome?

    29. David MacLane

      Just a stinking tweaker that got busted....pitiful

    30. Cameron Angel

      Beans ain't sniching on nobody

    31. Hoan Lee

      wait, because she can describe everything in there so "the bag just belongs to her". is that easy? Wow, nice job "detective"🤐 police officer😊

    32. Junior Balls

      She thought she was lucky for only getting the theft. How wrong she was.

    33. Kmak Milly

      If they were black they would have charged everyone and they would have taken the car. Ten years each at least.

    34. Jeff Johnson

      Cop..we got catnip Beans..its not mine..

    35. Johan Ferreira

      Was the cat okay and taken care of?

    36. Dustin Taschwer

      Good police very professional and nice.

    37. Google User

      Let me guess beans was stolen

    38. Creepy TeeBee

      2:03 *Pls i dont want to go to jail, i just wanted to stop smelling bad.* 4:22 *All of its his, the whole green bag* *Police: ok* *(Shuts the door)* ------ *then shuts herself up.*

    39. Christopher Newman

      From shoplifting to meth🤦🏽‍♂️yeah you need some time out 🤷🏾‍♂️

    40. codie kuhn

      Poor cat

    41. Len - Zeplin

      They Have Money for Drugs. They Have No Money for Soap? Ronald McDonald's Daughter is Going to the Klink.

    42. California registered sex offender

      The girl is so faking it.

    43. Car sales Ireland and uk

      *Is that all your arresting me for* 😅

    44. Donavin Carmicheal

      This was a pretty good arrest everyone was laid back even after they found the drugs, they all understand its just business

    45. Cher65p4 K

      she's really irritating to listen to!

    46. I_Am_Elijah

      Green?....GREEN!?....who said anything about Green...

    47. kylekenneth1

      Them police are well better than the police I have around my areas my areas they are well moody and strict

    48. michael russell

      You're under arrest but good news the jail has chili tonite but no beans.

    49. Maddie._.05

      Beans is my new best friend.

    50. michael russell

      Poor girl, what a waste. Why do these girls hang out with these losers? By the time she grows a brain, she will be fat and saggy with 3 kids. Find an older guy with a JOB & money that can take care of you and give you a future......Beans will thank you.

    51. John Heterick

      What a shame this is how beans the cat had to make his big screen debut this way. 5 stars

    52. A war Anwarelkrim


    53. Remington Brannon

      relax relax relax relax relax😂

    54. Rogue

      That was beans stash

    55. Kevin Richards

      Why are you crying for girl? Well you should've stayed away from drugs & crime. No one threw you under the bus except yourself.

    56. Kevin Richards

      Exodus 20:15 "Thou shalt not steal."

    57. Kleggor

      Are we gonnna ignore how far back officers sides went

    58. Randy Green

      Beans= ecstasy pills

    59. Zodiak1x

      this girl lol

    60. the Bob

      These cops violating these people’s rights is so funny 😂😂

    61. Aldo Oviedo


    62. joeli poppin

      "You think it's for beans?"

    63. WahidTrynaHeghugh

      I just wanted to stop smelling bad haaaaaaaha

    64. integr8er66

      She had the right to remain silent...she should have used it

    65. Donnie Welshimer III

      More serious criminals off the streets. Lofl.

    66. Sills71

      Congrats.... the world is much safer now that you busted a chick shoplifting deodorant

    67. Pirate Smurf

      the meth pipe belongs to mr bean aka the Cat not that girl with red hair

    68. OnWisconsin1

      5:02 only part you need to watch

    69. Charles Procell

      Even the cat looked like a crack head

    70. Bigg Squid