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    An officer locates a robbery suspect in the passenger seat of a vehicle. Upset, she explains that she only stole some hygiene products, but after finding additional drug paraphernalia, the police arrest her in this clip from "8.24.19". #LivePD
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    1. A&E

      Like Live PD? Catch Live Rescue, returning on Monday September, 23rd at 9/8c!

      1. David Nguyen

        The kitten is the real victim here. Poor thing looked scared and malnourished.This is how many people feel sorry ⬇️ for beansCop: found the pipes

      2. Chocolate Swirly

        I went from my I pad to my phone just to like this comment lol

      3. Aswan Lala


      4. Tony Nguyen

        A&E she didn’t deserve to be charged with the pot. That jackass should’ve been charged for it. She was the fall guy. She was set up.

      5. Sp1nks24

        She in court, can not be guilty. Her Miranda rights we're not fully said to her.

    2. Karla Robertson

      now you tell me coming down though at 12 I love you guys a much escarpments for

    3. Ahzar

      Her yaya was stankin

    4. U.S. Army

      If they had a little foot pursuit with bean’s the cat I would be laughing

    5. Lourdjina Occilien

      I feel bad for bean

    6. George Kazen

      I wonder if she talks like that all the time.😆😆😆😆!

    7. Michael Reynolds


    8. VolksdeutscheSS

      I really feel sorry for these people. The police officer handled this situation excellently.

    9. ArkansasGamer

      Why didn't the driver get charged? I thought if both people denied that it's theirs then both people get charged for it

    10. T

      She's crying cuz she knows about the green bag not because of hygiene stuff

    11. Hemingway

      "It's not mine."

    12. Raymond FERRETTI

      The driver knew about the drugs and used his vehicle to transport ! He saw her stash it !!

    13. ken meister

      the reason they cry is cuz they're jonesin for next hit

    14. Aly's Adventures

      I feel real bad for the kitten awww poor kitten

    15. mongolz1000

      is it weird if I'm attracted to this girl?

    16. Philoctetes 82

      That cop has a huge head. If his skull is thick (it might not be, but if it is) that would be the best weapon he has, more than a fist.

    17. memo abdisalaam

      Police is kind first but later taken you to the jail

    18. Eaglefeather21

      I feel bad for beans, I mean, I get that usually meth heads need love too, and animals are the only thing they’ve got. I understand that. But he looks so malnourished and unhealthy. I honestly hope these people got the help they needed, and I hope that Beans is nice and healthy now.

    19. Robbie D

      Want to stop smelling bad? Stop using drugs and use the money for soap and water for a shower. Simple.

    20. Phssthpok

      It's sad, I actually felt badly for this kid.

    21. Katrinka San Francisco Bay Area

      Poor Kitty

    22. Shawn Khan

      God she’s so annoying I would’ve done the same thing and taken her to jail

    23. Just NYC Corona Virus Walking around in Timbs

      So you let the guy actually go ? He was totally the one providing the meth. He also lied about their being nothing illegal in his car , therefore him being complicit. This is some amateur police work.

    24. Alphonzoe Elrich

      Why did he take the shoe at the end? 5:10

    25. Tripod Productions

      Beans got off scot free. He was the holder!

    26. Rata 4U

      Every meth addict begs for mercy.....they don't want to go through withdrawls in prison.

    27. Michael Kelly

      This cops a simp

    28. Mars

      I just wanted too stop smelling Bad

    29. Eric Sanchez

      This add asap arrested

    30. Eric Sanchez

      Your broke

    31. Eric Sanchez

      Your broke

    32. Eric Sanchez

      Your scared

    33. Eric Sanchez

      Nope you lost

    34. Eric Sanchez

      Two body's guards haha retired cause they thought ryann Kroger was telling the truth

    35. Eric Sanchez

      He had it I saw it

    36. Eric Sanchez

      Spells and enchante she's right

    37. Eric Sanchez

      Alexxx and caiiiittii

    38. Eric Sanchez

      Hello general peer teer yep

      1. Eric Sanchez

        That's a spell jar vodoo santa muata

      2. Eric Sanchez

        Two very strong brothers want the girls to cut the grass and barbw

      3. Eric Sanchez

        Actor great actor

    39. Eric Sanchez

      Yep wats and patio crew

    40. Eric Sanchez

      The commenters that's where your creator boost boost managers cxx vvaann nobles way enough evidence

    41. Eric Sanchez

      Yes the one who made this video prime

    42. Angel Pickens


    43. Eric Burton

      "so like...I thought it was only a ticket 🤦🏿‍♂️🤣she got me laughing hard asf

    44. Rossana Guarin

      Relax relax

    45. Jamie Thunder

      The officer's forehead is magnificent.

    46. Nick Shuler

      Mr. Bean needs a big box of meow mix and some warm milk...🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

    47. TriRaven

      This girl is like 12

    48. Ken Clark

      Don’t want to go to jail? Don’t steal then

    49. Justin howes

      He was one of the nicest officers Ive seen!

    50. Colene Joyce

      Ok but is no one going to talk about how sweet the officer was being to her??

    51. the badnun

      If that poor kitten could talk.


      Girl even a bathe without soap can help, don't do the crime if you don't want the time. You can afford a drug habit but not hygiene products?

    53. Jack Cherbourg

      That was so kind of her to take the rap for Beans...and if i were ever arrested, I'd want it to be this officer.

    54. Harry Stiles

      Jeffree Star should come and collect Beans .


      Same history with this junkies 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

    56. Burnie Sanders

      🙄 👙 👀

    57. Dave moskot

      I just knew it would only be minutes before Meth made an appearance. Good luck beans!

    58. isänmaan puolesta

      Cop:You are actually under arrest. Shoplifter: Can i actually ask why?.

    59. Rich Gordon

      for me fume, drugs,cigarette,night dreams, illusions,delusions,religion,magicians,ufo stories, superstitions, movies,fraud,speculation,fear, mentally ill people are all some big evil....i am not interested...those are for weak people

    60. Jonathan Jackson

      Just because some does meth does NOT make someone bad. Shes in an even worse situation being an addict and unable to afford basic hygiene stuff. I feel bad for her.

    61. Karl Ruehs

      Thieves only cry as a tactic to gain mercy. LOCK HER UP!

    62. R H

      "You think it's for Beans?" 💊💉🚔 "No Beans, Beans NO!! A little foot pursuit with Beans the Cat!!" 😼)))🚓

    63. johnny pumper

      Jesus these woman are experts in pity but know absolutely nothing about morality.

    64. johnny pumper

      I wonder how methed out her face is

    65. John Doe

      What is going on with ariana grande?

    66. jack o'lantern

      Should have said NO to the car searcg

    67. Dave Mathews

      Poor Kitty...

    68. Eduardo Suarez

      Oh no poor beans🤦🏻‍♂️.

    69. Bruno Ouellet

      I just wanted to stop smelling bad😂

    70. Billy JEAN

      I don't feel sorry for her. The cat I do.