LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie

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Movie Coverage

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    LOCKED DOWN Trailer (2021) Anne Hathaway, Chiwetel Ejiofor Movie
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    1. s s

      wait i'm seeing low budget indie wes anderson type vibes i like it :)

    2. Laughfrodisiac

      lol anyone who says Harrod's is the most glamorous store in the world has never been there

    3. Karine Moussa

      I’m kind of curious if this movie was already an idea/in production before the pandemic then the pandemic hit and they coated it with the current events? Either way looks like a fun ride 👌🏼

    4. Fawn Jones

      Don't like this story line at all

    5. ejissajk

      Make a more realistic movies for those who need to feed,jobless,homeless and suffering.

    6. Amelia Blackman

      um how is anne hathaway almost 40

    7. Tok Ken

      So Original... who could think about doing this movie during corona lockdown?

    8. Mahvish Hassan

      it was soooooo boring

    9. NoxiousBlueCloud

      This trailer has such drastic tonal shift. 1:04 Specifically

    10. Shubhangi

      Too scary to be true. Oh wait, this is my reality!

    11. Annalee Stuessy

      The learned mole rhetorically colour because couch hooghly love under a murky show. paltry, unkempt column

    12. Justin Paul

      It's the "hey how many asses you've got?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    13. Soraya Chves


    14. Jennifer Tippin

      Wow! This is literally has the be THE MOST stupidest and depressing movie EVERY!@

    15. Heidi Bird Music

      Wait. How did they make this movie so quickly???

    16. Heidi Bird Music

      Looked boring right up to the moment it turned into a heist thriller.

    17. Merve Pehlivan

      in or post-lockdown, the last thing people want is a film about lockdown.

    18. Noseque poneraqui

      im a simple person, i see Anne Hathaway and i click

    19. sabahiya

      1:58 he looks like Matt Lucas

    20. Claudia Amador

      damn, I miss the movie theater (and their overpriced food, lmao and sneaking some in) cause not everyone can afford Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, HBO, and Disney+ *sigh*

    21. Let's Scrape The Web

      lockdown? when did that happened...!

    22. Mónika Lantos

      Very promising.

    23. Christopher Scotts

      Annie sure likes stealing stuff

    24. Meg Igarashi

      wow this trailer took an unexpected turn in the best way possible :D

    25. Elif C

      All I needed was another Heist Movie.

    26. Pamela Castelini

      ally she’s going to be the main character and she deserves it, she is a great actress and from what I see in the trailer she is doing it so so good!!

    27. hanma baki

      how many movies are we gonna see about the pandemic many many

    28. corinthianscori

      Stopped watching halfway; shut up and take my money! I want to see this NOW!

    29. Katie Maz

      imagine if the department stores actually had shut down and small businesses didn't

    30. angelica ogang

      Edgar Allan Poe is an actor here in the Philippines

    31. happycat85

      really? Reminds a bit of Ocean's 8.... Anne Hathaway... Mindy Kaling.... stealing a diamond? I mean... come on...

    32. Jules Van Almerez

      they had me in the first half, ngl

    33. Anca R.


    34. Coraline Kaimana

      When they ask you to rip off the band aid real quick... 🤦🏽‍♀️

    35. dinar suksma

      Marriage story meets fun with dick and jane

    36. limouna Vuitton

      this is not a movie this a real life documentary at this point

    37. me mo

      I'ts a great movie, You should watch it..

    38. Hoperandi skräpkonto

      this looks fucking shit


      Why we can't resist Anne Hathaway? Answer please!

    40. mikepeytonmusic

      "For two weeks" Yeah... hate to break it to you buddy...

    41. yağmur iplikçi

      Anne is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen. Besides, she looks 20.

    42. Sherin Tia

      Anne is an inspiration for all to be in the lime light cos she makes it look so effortless... totally gifted... lovvve watching her...

    43. W. Al Mutairi

      Bergdorf Goodman is the most "glamorous" store in the world, not Harrods.

    44. Fejiro Ohanomah

      I feel like I saw two different movies. I'm intrigued

    45. Muhammad Ahmad Khurram


    46. Haidy

      when ur so fed up with the lockdown that you don't even want to watch a movie about it..

    47. Viola Blomsterbed

      Somehow making lockdown ok....no! Not ok!

    48. snapshootksy

      this trailer gave me whiplash. i actually can't wait to see this!

    49. 11 SZORLOK

      what is this ???!!!

    50. ZARI TOMAZ

      They had us in the first half, not gonna lie.

    51. Ade rollers

      This feels like a fanfiction

    52. Bill Lozier

      Looks like Catwoman is back to jewelry heists again. Puuurfect.

    53. Danny lin

      Omg some of us are living this movie 😳

    54. cesar castro

      Both are excellent movies stars 🌟 can’t wait to see it.God bless them.

    55. Luneta


    56. Cadbury dragon

      awkward moment when this should promote lockdown regulations but it was probably filmed so unsocially distanced

    57. foleybarbarian

      well that escalated quickly

    58. Jessamie Yule

      too soon

    59. Shining Star

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    60. ajspeakz

      They had us in the first half ngl..

    61. The Nerd Gyrl

      bruh Gus what you doing lol

    62. Alice22

      looks alright but i definitely will not be watching this any time soon. we are still in lockdown here. Isn't the whole point of watching a film escapism from reality for a bit to relax lol?

    63. Pyae Phyo Aung

      So cool ! Evertime i watch your movies, you (Ann) are better than previous one. Always improving & i love it.

    64. The Monkey Mask

      Anyone know the name of the soundtrack? ---->This trailer version, i mean.

    65. Harrison Blum

      OMG is this a movie with covid in it. Finally a covid movie. Maybe more can come so covid can leave .

    66. Christy Ann Boggs

      I want some of them mushroom pajamas

    67. Jeffin Kachappilly

      The movie does no justice to this amazing trailer😣😣

    68. Atashak Gem

      So cheezy

    69. Leena Leena

      The movie we all needed