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    Finding yourself is a risk worth taking. ❤️ Stream all episodes of Love, Victor June 17, only on Hulu.
    Set in the world of the 2018 groundbreaking film LOVE, SIMON which was inspired by Becky Albertalli’s acclaimed novel, Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, the series follows Victor, a new student at Creekwood High School on his own journey of self-discovery, facing challenges at home, adjusting to a new city and exploring his sexual orientation. When it all seems too much, he reaches out to Simon to help him navigate the ups and downs of high school.
    Original Song: “Someone to You” by BANNERS
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    1. frencesslabiba

      Genuinely underrated beautiful series

    2. Júlio Moraes

      show de bola

    3. Darnelle Ledger

      Just watch the whole season 1 love love it love the story line

    4. J Lin

      Great drama, looking forward to season 2 ❤

    5. Michael Ford

      People actually like shows like this? It looks so horrifically cheesy that I have no idea how lol

    6. Innocentface 247

      Watch 4 Benji. Stay 4 Felix.

    7. Pink puffs

      Does anyone know a way to watch this without hulu

    8. Sprinkleofwilly

      I hope there'll be a season 2 soon!

    9. Sprinkleofwilly

      Just watched this and its amazing!! Cried at the end

    10. Imomertsafon

      LISTEN WHEN I TELL YOU THE MUSIC ON THIS SHOW IS INNCREDIBLE. Let alone the whole show. Watch it! you won't regret it!

    11. Binhu

      Second season! please! urgent!!!!!

    12. evil sugar

      боже мой такой милый сериал очень жду 11 серию, когда выйдет кто-нибудь знает?

    13. Josef ñ

      they are trying to make me watch this series getting cute-sexy actors. Might work. But i hope not because i know this doesnt offer me anything else, at this point in my life.

    14. Tati Varela

      Where I can see this ?

      1. MOMO MAN #4761


    15. Gio67Gio

      The only not straight is Keiynan Lonsdale "Simon's boyfriend" . Is sad to see how difficult still for LGBTQ actor to get a main role. And this show didn't really help, they are all super straights.

    16. Zach Medrano

      he's from latest Anabelle's movie? 😱

    17. Kaio Fernadis

      I Love It♥️

    18. ChthonicRemains

      Hulu/Disney needs to make a season 2 ASAP because I ended up falling in love with the show.

    19. Stephanie Davis

      Someone to you by banners is in after by Anna Todd in Netflix! X

    20. Hugo-Aurélien-Romeo Miller

      Is this Movie by Netflix ?

    21. Eltre Bas

      Victor looks like a hispanic Isak from Skam Norway.

    22. Felix Ramos

      Can u put that movie on Netflix pls 🥺🥺

    23. an tran


    24. Michael Serrano

      This show actually exceeded my expectations! Was kind of reluctant, but ended loving it!

    25. BriBri

      I just binged watched and I really like it!! Definitely hope for a season 2 or more nice spin offs

    26. Jose Tv

      I’m sorry 😐 but every episode is so cringe 🙊😬 sorry love victors

    27. Alifa Alya004

      I need season 2 please

    28. Alifa Alya004

      I need season 2 please

    29. _boyf_riends_ :3


    30. anarchyjm


    31. Aviraj

      1:41 which song ???

    32. helen ZzZz


    33. Maria Aparecida

      Série Maravilhosa, quero Segunda Temporada! Deveria ter Dublado pro Português Brazil! ❤️

    34. ikedo

      Loved this series. Hope it comes back. So different than when I was 16 and told to leave the house. Times have changed but I know it’s hard for everyone when your kid comes out. As a parent all you still need to do is love your kid. Never to receive that love is painful.

    35. Dante Hulin

      Why must this be an exclusive and not just a released movie

    36. ThinkICanSingButNotSure

      How we see God is a direct reflection of how we see ourselves. If God brings to mind mostly fear and blame, it means there is too much fear and blame welled inside us. If we see God as full of love and compassion, so are we.

    37. Marcio vieira santos

      Amei 🇧🇷 I love Victor 😍❤️👏👏

    38. Corné Hoogeveen

      Those 2 seconds of katya were I C O N I C

    39. bee jay

      1:40 GASPS!!!! is that Katya????????

    40. Tyrese

      I’m already on episode 5 I’m hooked 😩it’s a good show !!!

    41. Peppi


    42. Miggy Parker

      Cant wait for season 2

    43. Jack Nogueira

      plz, i'm begging hulu, maybe next time give the reboot trailer!

    44. Saurabh Banik

      The moment they used Miss Benny's "rendevzous" for Benji's entrance I knew I would LOVE this show!!!

    45. Lena G.

      Is is out now? Can i Look it and where?

      1. Jacob Rodriguez

        Sis you 2 weeks late it’s been out since June 17th, and it’s exclusively on Hulu

    46. Kennedy Vinicius

      I need 2 season aaaaaaaaaaa😍

      1. Kennedy Vinicius

        Eu tentando escrever em inglês é um desastre

    47. Rean TheBean

      me: *is on the fence about watching this* me: *sees Katya* me: "mom, we need to get Hulu"

    48. Faisal Calderon

      I love this series! It was amazing :)

    49. Darth Sidious

      I am still recovering from watching all 10 episodes last week, but I really wanted to congratulate everyone who worked on this amazing series at Fox Studio and Hulu. You guys have done a fantastic job. I am very hopeful that this show will be renewed for season 2 soon!

    50. Lee Cho Nun


    51. macx arizon

      Love victor have 3 season

    52. 레비조스틴

      I hated the end 😭😭

    53. Luiz Henrique

      Soooo perfect, I loved love, Victor

    54. Marco Gutierrez

      I auditioned for this 🥺

    55. donki hello

      Me waiting for season 2

    56. BurritoSabanero

      Omg guys... Yekaterina Petrovna Zamoloschikova (my dad just calls her katya) is in the film.

    57. Emily Norris

      Was that Katya? 😂

    58. jilbert bark

      can i watch this anywhere other than hulu

    59. Gary Castellanos

      I need Victor and Benji as the actors of the book "Aristotle and Dante discovered the secrets of the Universe" in the movie.

    60. Prem Basumatary

      Love it u must need too see

    61. Prem Basumatary

      Nice movie

      1. Federico Juric


    62. Goucem souhail

      bye bye romantic movies...bye bye romantic series...bye bye romance. what next Love, Max BTW max is a dog

      1. Ron Caron

        haha Max was my dog when i was a kid.

    63. Laura G

      When i see Félix i think "SHAWN MENDES" always

    64. MZG Goggin

      After seeing the trailer I googled the amount for Hulu per month

      1. holy wayne

        @Ron Caron it's everywhere on the internet but hey, it's always good to support all the people behind the production so they got money to make another season :))

      2. Ron Caron

        he MZG,i hear that there are ways to get the show free.

    65. will kid

      0:01 does anyone know the song

      1. will kid

        @Ron Caron i know that one im just looking for the one in the beginning

      2. Ilona On

        But idk for the song at the beginning

      3. Ilona On

        @Ron Caron the song is Someone To You by BANNERS

      4. Ron Caron

        Hi Will, have you tried the "see more" tab just under the title of the video? I know that one of the songs, is "someone to me" (or something like that,) by Banners.

    66. soysaucegirl2007

      What have the viewing figures been for Love Victor? Really hope they have been good, so there will be a new season. Which has 20 episodes, not 10.

      1. soysaucegirl2007

        @Ron Caron That sucks. But the way they have been talking it up, they seem to anticipate several seasons ahead. Would they be so cruel as to raise expectations, especially considering how good the feedback has been?

      2. Ron Caron

        Hi Soy, i haven't seen the numbers and Disney/Hulu don't want us to. they are doing there best to have reasons not to have a season 2!

    67. GamerZylito

      Why isn’t there a second season

    68. jenna anderson

      do you have to watch love, simon to understand the plot of this? i don’t have any way to watch love simon😭

      1. Ron Caron

        Hi Jenna, there are lots of ways to watch for free. i see them in the comments sections. I'm totally unskilled at finding these things but they do exist. No, you don't have to watch Simon first, but it's a nice way to set the stage for Love Victor. there are no cliff hangers in Simon, that leads you into victor. It's more like love Simon, the generation" then it is a squeal.

      2. soysaucegirl2007

        No need to see Love, Simon. But episode 8 will be nice for you because the Love Simon characters return for Victor's trip to New York.

      3. BeCuz I’m Batman

        No, but it will spoil love Simon when you do watch it.

    69. Caio Leal

      Does anyone knows which song is this that plays at the beginning of the video?

      1. Ilona On

        @Ron Caron I don't think so 'cause at the beginning there is a sort of song

      2. Ron Caron

        Hi Caio Leaf, "Someone to you" , by Banners. is that the song you are looking for?

    70. Quirk Kee


      1. Ilona On

        ME TOO (but for now we don't know but they cannot just leave the show like that 😂)