Lucha House Party vs. The Club: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    Kalisto, Lince Dorado & Gran Metalik take on new United States Champion AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows in six-man tag team action.
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    1. 3majwazon

      What happened to sin cara?

    2. ツ• įţż_Mīđñįğhţ ėđįțś •

      I think lucha house party should've won they are really good just wwe can't see Talent thats the problem🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🙄

    3. Waleed Khalid

      The club is on fire ❤❤❤❤

    4. I'm a Banana

      I̶ n̶o̶w̶ h̶a̶t̶e̶ AJ styles

    5. Metallic Twister

      cmon joe, or bray, makes balor go heal and joins te club

    6. Aldrin Fabon

      1:47 when aj lifted kalista up I thought he was gonna take his mask off

    7. Fitness Lyam

      Why is Kalisto being treat like this, hes one hell of an athlete and competitor.

    8. Marsha Meloney

      I had once said, any match with Rey or Lucha House Party I'll vote for them to win and the Kalisto screamed while AJ clucthed the Calf Crusher made me feel to cry😭😭

    9. pranavan sivaguru

      I want sin cara

    10. That Meme

      LHP is more depressing than the old tag team of Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio.

    11. FBI 503

      If the Club adds Finn Balor then lucha house party should add Rey mysterio

    12. Sangam Xoul

      Sincara ?????????

    13. trademark joe

      Kalistos amazing graves such a clown

    14. Raphael Nahon

      Why tho? Just burying them.

    15. Kyle Dare

      2 things. Love the Club being together and being dirty bastards like this. Second; Kalisto is really good! O.o

    16. LK Mamaril

      Botch down goes Anderson and gallows but only gallows went down

    17. Beverly Gaines

      Is the styles club luke and karl the club aj styles

    18. Kevin Lee

      AJ Styles wants to make a statement against Ricochet.

    19. vinayak Kaushal


    20. Ankur Singer

      Aj styles ❤️

    21. βιβη Π.

      the club vs the new day will be a great match

    22. Lee Jizzle

      Club vs the street prophets. Then who will challenge AJ wwe?

    23. TravPlayz L

      club vs sheild but dean you had sale out

    24. Tanishq Bisht

      Iam missing the lucha dragon Lucha dragons vs sin cara mistico and mysterio

    25. Ben Klein

      2018 was the year of the Shield. And now, 2019 is the year of the Club.

      1. Lucan Stone


    26. V videos

      Aj styles vs Braun strowman who agree

    27. Rayj Porter

      Boot of doom my favorite tag team move

    28. Edmond Edralin

      I love AJ!

    29. I am FallenStar65

      Kalisto just did a no-hands handspring at 0:33

    30. J Compass

      Did I see a handless hand spring from Kalisto?!?! WTF

    31. Diamond

      Sin Cara should come and save his former lucha dragon teammate and finally get a push in the WWE

    32. ranbir kinng

      Calf crusher wasn't even set up 😒

    33. awesome E rocks

      I felt bad for kalisto when aj didn't let go of the leg lock

    34. Amazing Guy

      I was there on the floor seats at 2:43

    35. We R Carnage!

      lucha house got talent

    36. Farmer_Blade

      Anderson and Gallows were much more interesting to watch before they got handicapped with Aj again.

    37. Cameron L

      Imagine if baron Corbin turned heel and joined the club

    38. vajleexi

      Lucha house jobbers.

    39. Theginger1 Adam

      The shield if they were still as one vs the club

    40. Amin M

      The lucha house party has great potential to exploit. They should be given some more chances

    41. Jordan Lovett

      Kalisto vs Styles would dope for the US Title on an episode of Raw or just Styles vs anybody of the Lucha House Party.

    42. H L

      I really love to see The Club vs DX

    43. Juanita Abina

      OMG the club there win

    44. Daniel Eusebio


    45. Babbal Dhaliwal

      losr aj kutta

    46. Ali Hassan

      I hate you now aj

    47. Mordecai Smith

      Plz get Finn on this team

    48. Dan Pie

      I’m sorry but they should be using balor as leader of the club not styles

    49. Michael L. Rayner

      I'm done with the Luchas at this point. The Club using them to get themselves over.

    50. Dan Pie

      Kallisto was tipped to be the next rey mysterio now he’s a jobber

    51. Charismatic RDA

      I want to see The Club vs The Shield...

    52. The Jedi Master

      The good brothers for the Raw tag team championship. Book it ... Heyman !!!!

    53. corey walker

      So I wonder if they are really building up the club or is this just a tease?.

    54. Abdul Rahman Badwan

      Heel Finn Balor should join The Club and feud against FireFly Fun house (Bray, Black, Braun)

    55. NHL FUN


    56. Omar Xx163

      When is balor going to join

    57. r iki

      these 3 guys that i want to beat the hell out of New Day

    58. nightflayrr king

      is it me or does it look all superstars are now struggling to get in the ring


      Ese es mi mayuyero Styles :)

    60. Mohd Mujeeb

      Ñ BC zbbn

    61. Kumar Kc

      Aj u are guy

    62. City Fan

      Why are people complaining Lucha House party got buried? If y’all can’t tell they actually had a match where they put in a lot of offense

    63. Saad Amir

      0:05 LOL Corey

    64. BJK 13

      This was a good match

    65. Uncle Jessie

      Why they couldn't do shield vs club before Mox left

    66. Krish Chawla

      Shield vs club would be great but ambrose isn’ here 😕

    67. K4 Josiah

      Club vs new day is imminent

    68. Ghost Rider

      Now this club deserves a Raw tag team championship match in Summerslam.. And we can see a great match between The new day vs Bullet Club..

    69. Lo I

      THE CLUB.

    70. Chrisi Groves

      Sin Cara should come back and join the Lucha house party