Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]



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    Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"
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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records

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    1. Also You

      Amazing f%$king song

    2. Also You

      As always just coming back

    3. Hanna-Mari Hartikainen

      i just cant stop listening this song

    4. i Mr go hard

      This what happens to your career when u beef with eminem

    5. Ze Legion

      He s better in this style than in rap

    6. John Wayne


    7. under88Me

      Are they Donald and Melania Trump?

    8. TheGtoXed

      nomnomnom she looks top notch in those pantyhose

    9. Den Leonardi Mtb

      Am about to be listening to this wonderful song while I'm starting, hopefully, something special with a girl!

    10. Ster Lo

      Megan fox got one move

    11. Brandon Lee Wright

      I Do Make Any song

    12. Brandon Lee Wright


    13. Brandon Lee Wright


    14. Brandon Lee Wright

      Like back to the future

    15. Tez74g

      Lol wtf

    16. Lenor Dolker

      MGK can do ANYTHING. ANYTHING. ANYTHING! Renegade!

    17. Lenor Dolker


    18. Lucifer MorningStar

      Wtf is this hahah

    19. Ruby Sewell

      these two are like my two personalities

    20. Ahmed Ovais

      I wish she would my gf

    21. bbO_op

      Es Megan fox??? Confirmen

      1. E•R


    22. JC WARRIOR

      Total crap go back to the rap game who cares about the beef u still got bars

      1. Montravius Daniel

        I love pop punk better

    23. alastar beta


    24. bad videos

      thank you

    25. Fugazy

      I prefer this over his rapping I think it suits him

    26. vd dv


    27. meshi schindler

      your'e the best

    28. Noah Kilburn


    29. Darling Ramirez


    30. Samuel Jackson

      There is no denying that this song is good..

    31. Mr. Positive

      When did he stop rapping and transition to this?

      1. Klaus Kiedis

        He's pretty good at post punk though 😂

    32. Icey bear

      Omggg i love this ♡︎♡︎♡︎

    33. vince ramirez


    34. Classic WWE 2k Matches

      This the music he should’ve been doing in the first place instead of trying to be hood

    35. Beth Walsh


    36. Hadu Ken

      This genre for MJK!!!!!! TY EMINEM WE FOUND THIS GEM TO MJK

    37. rushisnottheband

      She fucking killed him!

    38. Im Bored

      Hiphop singer could neverrr- 👁👄👁

    39. a b


    40. Evan Ho

      Lmao. I’m back in 2008

      1. sweetblue 2001.

        yes 😭

    41. L dawgg Swizzle

      Flash warning 2:30-2:46

    42. Juanito Moraga

      Im old so im late jajaja good rock

    43. Veronica Nuñez


    44. franko riquelme


    45. Robert Re

      Man, coped my TTMD cd today. Damn, it’s been a while since I bought a CD but had to do it y’all. Popped it in the car CD player and heard it from track 1-18 w/ my 4 yr old daughter. Honestly, did not know what the fuck you were doing in Wrigley back in 2018 when you opened for Fallout Boy, however, I see now!!

    46. Eneko Parakalo


    47. Joe Lien

      Look Megan Rain.... I mean Fox

    48. Rydan Stapleton

      this song an ex`s best friend are realy good

    49. odvedokikrema

      identity politics and liberal correctness got black and latino music overrepresented. it began with inclusion, which is fine, but ended up in almost every non-rap song having a featuring rapper. from striving for diversity, you got the opposite. working/middle class white kids trying to be gangsta with all the posturing mostly results in cringe. simply put, white kids and their tastes need to dominate the mainstream, because that's majority population. otherwise, you'll be getting backlash in the form of another reactionary politician. people need to step back and reconsider, which is why pandemic is so instrumental in the process, it's a reset in all walks of life. MGK couldn't be more natural and on point with this career move. full support.

      1. Conservative LatinaUSA

        Latina here. Agree 100% l was a teen in the 00's and we pretty much had music like this. Nobody cared if u were blk, wht lat if u enjoyed the music its all that mattered

    50. Angel Sanchez

      I like how they're both in their 30's but look like they're in their 20's

    51. Bee Gee

      Seen him live, he sucked.

    52. Anthony Ramos

      Let’s be honest if Megan fox wasn’t in this video it would have half the views, she still all of our crush haha

    53. The Roach Baby


      1. Montravius Daniel

        That’s what you are! This is real music! 👍🏽

    54. Ash Kirk


    55. Heather McWilliams


    56. Sam Metcalf

      This kind of music sounds way better then his rap

    57. Amber Couture

      I think he's not that good

    58. Amber Couture

      I think he's not that y

      1. Amber Couture


    59. Benjamin Uchiyama

      Somehow the electrocution scene reminded me of the movie “mikey” still undeniably good song tho.

    60. Meiky Way

      Someone from THPS 1+2?

    61. GL1TCH

      The power of music... transformed me from a "why are you dissing eminem" to a "MGK you are really good and i keep coming back to your tunes."

    62. Yedne Atkins

      He should do country next lol

    63. Marvin Merchants

      Hahahaha what a load of shite 🤣🤣🤣🤣

      1. shapneel shahaj

        he's great. this isnt his best song check some other great ones

    64. Susan Wright


    65. Danger L

      Machine gun Kelly is everything.

    66. Ful Den

      Sucks song, video and two dumb person

      1. Ful Den

        @Montravius Daniel Hey, dude! I don't hate him. This video is not just for my taste. It looks like teen songs from the 2000s. The video clip is not very aesthetic, despite the beautiful megan fox. I think it's a visionless job

      2. Montravius Daniel

        That’s not very nice, hater! This is a great song, video, and two smart people

    67. Samantha Jones

      If a younge bloke from Cleveland can make it 😊

    68. advu

      no clue what this music video is im just watching it to pass time

    69. миша вихарев


    70. Krashium

      Say what you want about MGK, this is a purely good song.