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    Levi unveils the strange and magical objects he keeps around his apartment.

    About Key & Peele:
    Key & Peele showcases the fearless wit of stars Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele as the duo takes on everything from "Gremlins 2" to systemic racism. With an array of sketches as wide-reaching as they are cringingly accurate, the pair has created a bevy of classic characters, including Wendell, the players of the East/West Bowl and President Obama's Anger Translator.

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    Am Vor 6 Monate


    1. Jean Vieira

      But that app though 😂

    2. Hector G

      But that app tho 😂😂

    3. 9rEmpire

      “The classic lightning in a bottle gag”

    4. Donald Johnson

      I'm glad he didn't have "the straw that broke the camel's back."

    5. ethan hunt

      Only few understands this script.. Peele is higher, when we are high.

    6. Mister Guy

      Dude. The censorship beeps. No.

    7. Xerclipse

      And thats the straw that broke the camel’s back. “How did you know about Joe’s condition? I keep this straw as a souvenir.”

    8. Nathan Mazza

      Average people be like " You found the ark of the covenant what the fuck how did you do that? Wtf!??? Programmers be like " But that app doe."

    9. Rafael Lopez

      Lol high horsepower 😂

    10. Nate Burnside

      Shit for brains Goddamn it

    11. Side Account

      When you get too much mathalamual perthalamual

    12. Ernest Fry

      What gets me is the people that act THIS ignorent in REAL LIFE...! What is WRONG with people...?! But, seriously: ( no pun intended, get it, "seriously?") funny clip

    13. YCCCm7

      That's a White Chinese Goose. If the lightning and the goose came from the chinese man (or a different chinese dude), then we can assume the horse did, too... But what about the cat's pajamas?

    14. Pet Goose George & CraZBob1

      Honkers is one really laid back Chinese goose( I think he inhaled too much )...You need to meet George !!!

    15. Linzi Chenault

      But dat app doe! “No!”

    16. Jones Family

      They ain’t right.

    17. average dude 21

      Honkers lol

    18. ObamaBarack

      "Yo what you tryna smoke?" "See there's this *bottle* I got...."

    19. MockingConundrum

      I like how he just has that behind his couch

    20. Chino The Poet

      Bro I would love 2 have a real ass convo with these 2 N see what they open up my mind 2

    21. Allan Ali

      My favorite episode yo!!!! 2020

    22. Thomas dcc Lee

      Levi graduated from Hogwarts and took some shit with him when he left 🤣🤣🤣

    23. Shades Dash

      1:06 "but seriously man, would it be like an app that reminds you when your favorite television shows are on?" "NO! We gotta address this crazy ass bottle that you got!" "What bottle?..." "Nigga what bottle?!" "The bottle... With the lightning in it!" "You still on that?.." 😂😂😂😂 BRUH IM DEAD!

    24. Ben Masica

      “...It’s relevant”

    25. Richard Quinto

      Halo1 Plasma grenade sounds

    26. Jean Carlo Rodrigues Piccardi

      I love when Key has those reactions like 2:13

    27. umme saima


    28. Robert Gonzales

      These mofo’s right here

    29. Chris L

      Dude sounds like Jar Jar the second time the lighting shoots out.

    30. #Petty Podcast Show

      Horse was high af 😂😂😂😂 #Pettypodcastshow

    31. ice bear

      Key :thought you had an idea?😅 Peele:I do.... Key:😒

    32. Gabriel Manasseh

      Lightning in a bottle. Blip. Iconic

    33. R A




    35. Chris P

      ..."feline sleepwear" 😆

    36. The Original Chefboyoboy


    37. Danes Stang

      No need to use Gods name in vein. Repent

    38. Lord Lingard

      Wtf is this title?? It's actually called lightning in a bottle.

    39. strykerist

      Omg!😂😂😂I’m dying.

    40. nickgavis0305

      Hahaha I need to start watching Comedy Central more

    41. Emma Barnes

      Is there a sequel to this? I need to see more of Levi's stuff

    42. muP8085

      He got everything.

    43. dylan bellerose

      Scientist are turning fiction into reality. I mean we could very well create a laser jar that looks like that there's lightning in a bottle and we could genetically modify a goose so It can lay yellow eggs aka the golden egg.

    44. lbryanyangl

      This is one of the best episodes of all time.

    45. Lenny Johnson

      "But that app tho." 😂😂😂

    46. 무무Nettylove

      The fact that he got all these magical things and only focusing on an app really has me weakkkk lmaoo

    47. ludovic S

      Toss a coin to your Witcher...

    48. A.J. Steinman

      That's a jar, not a bottle. ...Are jars a subset of bottles?

    49. Ben Duer

      This skit perfectly summarizes the entire Key & Peele show.

    50. I stay getting hoed

      Lighting in a bottle

    51. Ck Kurniawan


    52. diggavell tha don

      Bru I'mma need for you guys to build upon these characters....there should be a movie about these guys. Or a movie about me Darby

    53. just some guy with an evil mustache


    54. Talon Benton

      the head bob on cats pajamas

    55. Monolithic1m

      "But that app tho"

    56. Oscar 420

      Feline sleep wear lmao

    57. srzar

      I think this is my favorite one!

    58. Victor Perez

      Why do they keep renaming these and reposting lol.

    59. Thomas L

      If Elon musk was black 😂

      1. Thomas L

        African Logic what? 😂

      2. African Logic

        pigskin if they didn't burn in the sun

    60. Gerry Hernandez

      That was a trippy one. That app would b awesome man.

    61. dundermawkcann

      It feels like I’ve seen this 5 years ago but it was just 5 months ago

    62. Jason

      Can we just appreciate the name honkers

    63. Bonny Bonny

      This skit is so underrated. It should have more views.

    64. Justin Lehman

      So stupid lmao

    65. 2 WheelsForever

      Watching this stoned..lolol..fuckin genius!

    66. Squid Vicious

      I like the frantic jar jar noises he makes when the lightnings flying around the room

    67. Eñigo Uy

      “If you got an idea keep it to yourself” *sneezes* “My bad thought you had an idea” “I do” “*shit*”

    68. Mr NoFilter

      But that app tho😂

    69. Brandon Nodine

      Thank you I just spit my beer out from laughing so hard!

    70. TaHmee Lah!

      Im friggen peeed on myself laughin..hilarious!