Making my 30 year old engine pieces look BRAND NEW.. (I've never heard of this technique!))

Jimmy Oakes

Jimmy Oakes

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    1. Corey K

      So crazy.. Makes me want to buy some stock Honda engines. Strip them down and send them out to have this done!

    2. Peurala

      That guy Alex looks just like Patrick Wilson, and his sarcasm is at the same f%$£^~# level. Its hilarious.

    3. Lucas Brandon

      Anyone know what that gasket removal piece are called or where I can buy one

    4. bell_E30

      been vapour blasting?honing for a few years, make sure you wash all the media out! let the pieces dry and then air line the hell out of them! glass bead has no squash and will write cams and cranks off if it gets into your oil galleries etc. otherwise its a brilliant finish, we mainly use it for classic bike and car stuff. wd40 or ap90 are good for sealing the parts and stop rust on fitted steel pieces. just thought i'd stick my 2 cents in.

    5. Slideways Media

      "IvE NeVEr sEeN SpOoGgeBOB"

    6. Vendetta UK.

      we use vapourmatt on the wheels before we powder coat them where I work its awesome

    7. Phoenix Rising

      Please tell me they sell a cabinet big enough for a 44 year old to crawl inside and smile as years of dirt and grime are stripped away before your very eyes.....

    8. Darren Belizaire

      I wanna do my whole car engine bay like this

    9. forever an Aiden

      you should buy 5% tint for the shop doors so people dont see all your cars

    10. Barry O' Neill

      @6:20 Alex does the Jimmy Oakes grunt 🤣🤣

    11. Barry O' Neill

      Ther hours tho 😋 11-8 😍 sumone likes a sleep in or hates traffic 🤣

    12. Tyler landry

      Feel you mike haha, that class kinda sucked

    13. Skidd Mystic

      I love this ka love lol hopefully it doesn't make the price go up lol there a super good engine they are strong can't wait for more

    14. BeardedManCrafts

      RIP never seen spongebob holy you livin under a rock like patrick??? x.x Looks sick dude!!!

    15. M&R Tuning

      “ *Future* “

    16. Marquise Thomas

      "We'll let ya meatloaf...keep in touch with yourself"

    17. Marquise Thomas

      These guys are hilarious & my 90s side is tight that he didnt watch spongebob as a kid !

    18. Cade Brown

      Great value oven cleaner is the best for engine blocks lol

    19. Joshua Fisher

      I see the pain with spongebob. They arent trustworthy friends

    20. Darren Williamson

      Its mad mate am from the uk Scotland and this is why I love watching your videos because from the UK you never get the love and respect use do as an subject from a car and this is so hard for me to post this just because or my dyslexia and it’s only took me 30 mins to write this from google auto correct and self confidence 😔 but

    21. brian scofield

      7:45 ...that's what she said

    22. Jon Follows

      I wondered what Christian Slater was up too nowadays. Is that the other household favourite Christian? Christian Columbus in the background looking over that cool e36?

    23. CLD _life

      I thou4i was trippin when i saw jimbo walking back and forth during the time laps

    24. David Kelm

      that was a blast ! 💥💨

    25. Glados

      Hey, as silly as it sounds .. why don't you fit a wiper motor & blade to that machine's screen, I bet you've got loads that you've removed from cars.

    26. LateNight Rituals

      Meanwhile in Cali; 80° while i was tryna get an E34 steering shaft for my E36. Cali weather weird

    27. Jay420 DuBay

      That machine needs a windshield wiper on the inside

    28. thisisemchii

      jimmy is pulling in serious amount of views for the amount of subs

    29. Benjamin Franklin

      Maaaaaaan. I'm finna do this to my intake manifold on my j series.

    30. Mitchel M

      In the future everything is chrome!

    31. Andreas Messerli

      I always use oven cleaning spray ;-) Let it soak in for a day. Works really good for me and most of the time it's even env friendly stuff unlike other degreaser stuff. For real hard cases I use grease cutter stuff from cooking supplies... But there you need to wear gloves and eye protection, it melts away your skin but it is the real thing :-)

    32. Damon

      You know how you can get the same result on the aluminium real easy and real cheap? Rub the parts with aluminium foil. I'm not joking. It will shine like it's chrome and it stays that way. Did this on an old Honda bike, INSANE results.

    33. DBgetsblocks

      What's the name of the song for the outro

    34. Kevin Franklin

      At 18:46 that's my car up on the lift. I guess I'm famous now

    35. thebensho

      Deadass tried to thumb up this video multiple times. First when you cleaned up the block hella fresh, second when Alex made that moan hahahaha

    36. Dalton Harrington

      Alex is fuckin hilarious asf!

    37. Frank Sarfino

      Wow that is impressive and the process didn't tear up the plastic either

    38. Brook 82

      😂😂😂 keep in touch with yourself!!!

    39. nick garcia

      I can’t trust them if the don’t watch spongebob..

    40. MikeOrkid

      Busch's aluminum wash. Best thing you can use on oxidized aluminum and steel. Eats through grease and corrosion.

    41. Szaa

      Aww man, the juiceboxforyou boys were first 😌 I've never heard of that technic before but I'm glad that all the pieces are coming together

    42. ಠ_ಠ

      No vids with the e30 lately😢

    43. John R1

      I need that equipment! Shit turned out hella

    44. Josh Stane

      Yoo! That is so clean!! When you were comparing the the upper and lower intake plenum it was night and day difference!

    45. Tom Seiferheld

      Does anybody know whats the outro song?

    46. p m

      Alex is f*ckin hilarious

    47. Tom Seiferheld

      The blasting guys are funny af

    48. Black Viper

      Don't ever use those rubber wirewheel looking pads on any gasket surface, theyre coated with aluminum filings or something and I know they can cause premature wearing out of water pumps if that dust gets into the coolant passages.

    49. 406 nova

      clear coat that shit

    50. Don Wayne

      Lmao that dude is hilarious

    51. Jesse Entriken

      Juicebox vapour blasted their engine like 3 days ago 😂

    52. Kira Aurora

      After that day, jimmy was never the same.

    53. Cory Jackson

      Get the aluminum parts clear anodized it won’t change the finish and it won’t oxidize

    54. Kira Aurora

      KA has pepsa pig shaped waterpump... The more i know...

    55. luiss2000 ramirez

      Just subscribe after 5 videos 🥳

    56. Zero to hero

      Is this just another name for vapour blasting?

    57. Quinn Bishop

      pure disappointment after not getting the spongebob reference

    58. Alex

      Jimmy making the fucking water sand blaster sound way more complicated than it is, litterally just a sand blaster that uses water instead lol

    59. Alex

      Will never understand why people paint motors

    60. 02fighter

      Use oven cleaner it works way better

    61. Jamie Huarns

      Jimmy has 4 disgusting engines strip them wet blast them Jimmy now has 4 new engines 😉😉

    62. johannes aviles

      Grind like it's sema and take it to final bout

    63. lil pook

      Have you considered using Aluminum Brightener?

    64. Logan Sheppard

      We use those yellow pads at the shop to clean off wheel hubs before remounting the wheel to the vehicle to ensure proper torque👌🏻

    65. IG: couldnt

      i use my dad's ultrasonic cleaner to clean small parts up they look brand new afterwards

    66. Zeb Sauber

      It's a finger wheel!!

    67. Mike Allchin

      Jimmy it looks amazing ✌🏻

    68. jerry jo

      for all you idiots cadnium plating is gold zinc plating is shiny silver. your rail turned back raw because you blasted off the actual coating

    69. Father Hate

      Bro... With the room you have AND the assets you have. Buy a water honing set up and do that shit in hause! Keep it up!

    70. Gary Buder

      Depending on what the engine came out of it was built in Auguascalientes Mexico or Yokohama Japan