Marvel’s Avengers | Reassemble

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Marvel Entertainment

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    We've reassembled & are working to finish out mission. New gameplay 6/24 in our Marvel's Avengers WAR TABLE stream.
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Ankit Kumar

      I dont know a nothing I just want back my Tony stark

    2. SYNEED

      i dont like the look of Thor

    3. Maleick Fleming

      Can’t wait !!!!

    4. ImDrippyIOS Fortnite

      Imma be mad if Hawkeye is not in here

    5. aman

      Marvel: see so many are reassembling Me: don't remember anyone accept the 6 main protagonist

    6. Total Music

      We want iron Man back😡

    7. Sujatha Sujatha

      I think dislikes r the dc fans 🙄😂

    8. Daksh Vats

      You gave me hope you idiot!

    9. Comics Galaxy


    10. just help

      Please launch avenger alliance game in fb plzzz we need this

    11. Joshua Cramer

      I have a great idea.... let's confine one of the greatest superhero teams ever into a liner based game, i.e. where flying heroes have to smash through and object to progress instead of flying over....bravo. I, literally, have lost all hope for the future of superhero games.

      1. Mehmet Jinadu

        Do you see the Avengers roaming around New York City for fun?

    12. Deep Parmar


    13. gaming Technology world

      Marvel avengers nevar assemble any time :Because my best hero iron man is lost

    14. S Gamer

      Don't give me hope😢😢

    15. Alonso Guzman

      It NEEDS to be renamed to Avengers' Assignment **CHANGE MY MIND**.

    16. Dr Drame

      When teacher ask the class to turn on there camera’s: 0:48

    17. tuscuanilly barticus

      Someone call Safe space, im feeling attacked

    18. Sambit saswat

      We don't Need Gameplay We Need Actual Movie ...

      1. Argument baiter

        Probably, not for awhile.

    19. Abdullah The Common Nintendo Fanboy

      Marvel: AVENGERS REASSEMBLE!!! Me: YES A NEW AVENGERS MOVIE Marvel: Avengers The Game Me: Screw it up I’m just gonna watch Disney+ Marvel: Get The Game! Me: No U Son Of A B... Cap: LANGUAGE

    20. Instagram king edits

      Please this game has to be awesome!

    21. Artist SK R

      Please come back🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 iron man

    22. Indrani Ghoshal

      0:21 Is that hulk ragnarok ? This just got a whole lot more interesting....

    23. Lou Kaz

      Cool be friends

    24. Rahul Rajesh

      Can i see avengers assembled again 😭😭😭😭😭

    25. Saiyad Sufiyan

      Please coming Tony stark

    26. A r n o l d

      °~° ♡

    27. Tanima Das

      God, I really miss Tony Stark and Cap.

    28. hunter lomberto

      When’s the beta

      1. Mehmet Jinadu

        July 22nd

    29. P&G&M everything

      Pls tell me just one thing that tony Stark would be there or not plsss

      1. Mehmet Jinadu

        He's one of the main characters in the game

    30. Mostagame 6

      2 months more

    31. Yogesh Bhau


    32. AKIL monkey

      You don’t understand how big my smile was when I realized what they were doing

    33. Harry Gill

      Please rework on captain America s costume thors face and iron man armor face ...

    34. Mathieu Castro

      Eh, we'll see what they show us. Until then.

    35. Bali Eblal

      I cannot get the avengers game in english in hong kong its only chinese and korean version wtf am i going to do with korean and chinese version just casually nod along?

    36. Jacob Groom

      This is really good! Unlike LEGO Star Wars the Skywalker Saga, this game has an ACTUAL MARKETING STRATEGY.

    37. ShangramKhan

      This is a game?! 😂 I was hoping for a movie. Wrong channel...

    38. vi Mu

      I'm not gamer person but i loveeeee Avengers and I think this stuff will make me into one. 😅 So excited for this! And Tom Hiddleston's performance for Coriolanus!

    39. Nicholas Marquess

      Does anybody know what one time online access means. It's in the game for singleplayer.

    40. AE Alteza

      Most of the time, i dreamed to be part of this assemble... to be part of it,not just to watch the movie.

    41. Teerth Upadhyay

      OMG I see Hulk in various suits full on power

    42. Carlos Banks

      Scarlet witch pls

    43. Natesh M Bhat

      Enough talk. Show me the Gameplay.

    44. Raghu Sharma

      I honestly just hope this game will be good. I’m not very confident with what I have seen at all from this game but here’s to hoping I’m really wrong

    45. Dinesh Kumari

      We want iron man back rdj rdj

      1. Argument baiter

        Stop. He is dead. He won't come back.

    46. Mister Misfit

      Stop it.

    47. siddhant kumar

      Snowflake and safespace is much better than marvel Superheroes

    48. siddhant kumar

      Riri Williams is much smarter than Tony Stark

    49. siddhant kumar

      Mrs Marvel is better than selfish Captain America

    50. siddhant kumar

      Snowflake, safespace , Riri Williams and Mrs Marvel is much better, smarter and stronger than any superheroes in marvel universe

    51. D'Sims Family

      Give we back Cap Tony and Natasha!!

      1. Argument baiter

        This isn't MCU.

    52. Roni Dui

      Why do they always pretend as if they are going to save the world?

    53. Mercury

      Imagine End Game was supposed to come out this year and because of Covid we r still waiting...

    54. jusicMO 123

      Holl upp

    55. Shenanigans

      I hope it will be on next-generation

    56. Kenil Sheth

      If Rockstar made this Graphics would be lot better

    57. Fun Gamer

      Loved it 😍🔥

    58. Kunal Dev Singh

      We want next avengers movie

    59. Aryan kumar

      Dear marvel creators please iron man ko wapas le aao koi illogical tareeke se hi le aana film mein par bass wapas la aao

    60. Pranshul Gupta

      From Ps 4 to The Universe!

    61. Rajani Shetty


    62. karthic raj

      Tamil viewers like podunga.

    63. Irfaan Faki

      Lol still looks like a mobile game

      1. Argument baiter

        Clearly, you don't know what a mobile game looks like.

      2. Mehmet Jinadu


    64. Tony Stark

      I am Ironman.

    65. 4 subscribers

      I thought this was a movie :(

    66. Soseiki Haragatatsu

      Justice league assemble

    67. Woody Dust

      Will there be an open world or not?

      1. Mehmet Jinadu


    68. remie carreon

      I thought it was MAA (MARVEL AVENGERS ALLIANCE) 😂😂

    69. Azar Malik

      You should ve add game platforms