Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame | “Honor” TV Spot

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Marvel Entertainment

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    Today we have a chance to take it all back. Whatever it takes. Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame is in theaters April 26.
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    Am Vor 4 Monate


    1. streaming full movie HD 2019

      How lucky is Doctor Strange. He saw endgame when we were watching infinity war.

    2. streaming full movie HD 2019

      Trailer 1: "Part of the Journey is the end" Trailer 2: "Some people move on, but not us" Trailer 3: "Whatever it takes" Trailer 4: "Today we have a chance to take it all back"

    3. Bruce Wayne

      Some people Move on But not us Not us

    4. Fauzan Adli

      watching this on my Honor device.

    5. Tariq Az


    6. Leooo X8

      ENDGAME is The best movie on The history

    7. Nithin Prasad

      Am I the only one here who watches all the tv spots again and again because of how much I miss them...

    8. Marvel Stopmotion Universe

      Whatever it takes

    9. tronic47

      is this song on soundtrack i didnt hear it there

    10. Best of Luck!

      Imagine giving a speech like this before ur gonna go out to war in the military and the song in the back playing.

    11. sam chow

      Who is still watching this trailer after watching Endgame🙌

    12. The Avengers: The Chronicles Of Narnia


    13. Yardanos Mesfen

      Is it me or in the title they spelt 'honor' wrong?

      1. Yardanos Mesfen

        Thank you for letting me know that. I understand it now 😊

      2. sudha bhatt

        If you follow Uk english then it is honour If US then honor

    14. tysoon363636

      Greatest movie ever made! The only movie leaves many men in tears.

      1. Seb Marvel


    15. Donte Booth

      This Was A Good Movie

    16. Mike Erghhh

      I'am Iron-Man

    17. Abdullah Zafar

      Really like the music

    18. the comik beek conosaur

      Even though I've seen endgame 3 times, this still makes me cry

    19. Asaki Uchiha

      Tony, Steve and Clint are the ones who said Whatever it takes

    20. HYDRA BYTE

      I watched endgame And *WHERE THE HELL IS THANOSCOPTER?* i want my money back

      1. Slap shot Studio2006

        HYDRA BYTE I think it’s in the re release

    21. Richard Yang

      can't help crying watching this

    22. Rizky Arifin

      Taylor Swift HAS gone because of THANOS. 😂

    23. Jaiden georges

      I watched Endgame already and I still watch this trailer. Still gives me chills. My favorite number is 3,000 by the way❤❤❤❤

    24. Michael Profit

      Whatever It Takes

    25. Tyler Harding

      this trailer music tho

    26. YBN Samoa

      *SPOILDERS* I wish that the clip of Thor holding his hammer while thunder was striking was in the film

      1. Slap shot Studio2006

        Hamza Liaqat he did

      2. Hamza Liaqat

        Even better: We have Viking Thor holding both Mjolnir and Stormbreaker! With thunder striking!

    27. Marilyn Inzunza

      "Today we have a chance to take it all back." "We will. "Whatever it takes."

    28. MB

      This is NOT spoiler. I've watched the movie today. I'll tell you this, Captain America and Tony are the G.O.A.T.S. When you watch the movie, you'll know why.

    29. Mr Smol bean

      I think I know why they only show the colour red in some parts of this ad. My theory is that iron man dies, this is because iron man was red, with a little bit of gold. And the name for the ad is "honor" implying that they are honoring a fallen superhero, Aka; Iron man. But there isn't many other main Avengers that has the colour red symbolising them. Idk, it's just a theory

      1. Thanos the Destroyer

        It way right

    30. Nick bagnulo

      Tony sacrifices him self Cap uses,the time stone He grows old

    31. WXJBANKS 19

      Here in the uk we get to watch it on the 25th!

    32. Syed Saffi Hussain

      We Will whatever it takes

    33. Herlita Elisabeth

      I've watched it this morning!!!! Awesome! 😍😍

    34. Clo grx

      Just came back from the theatre... (already out in France) guys you ain’t ready

    35. Critic Mishra

      The background score is so emotional... already feeling all the tension... do not know what will happen in the theater.... Roller Coaster of Emotions- Coming Soon

    36. Mason Brand

      3 days

    37. Richard Tellez

      Marvel really said f Scarlett witch lmao


      No one: Marvel studios: Avengers: Endgame “Hulk farts” TV Spot

    39. MAT7OPS

      Notice the clock ticking.... TIME TRAVEL

    40. Nantha kumar

      We want old iron man voice in Tamil

    41. Meadow Skye

      2 DAYS

    42. DesiMonster


    43. Sarita Lina

      5 days lefttt

    44. Vincent Murphy

      Idk why this trailer hits harder then the others

      1. Mr Smol bean

        I think it's because Iron man may die, why do I think this ? Well the name for this ad is "Honor" and in most scenes the only colour you see is red. Implying that iron man dies, and that they are honoring a lost hero. idk it's just a my theory on it.

    45. Meadow Skye

      3 DAYS

    46. Alston Bora

      So lucky people of UAE 🇦🇪🇦🇪get to see the movie on 24th

    47. Mason Brand

      5 days

    48. Amani Kinywa

      Hellu, Im commenting on every trailer and I'd like to say that Banner may have some beef with Hawkeye 👩🐤😉 😠😠😠💚💚💚💚

    49. JOHAN YARD

      I want a longer version of this soundtrack. It's beautiful, I just needed 30 sec to cry

    50. Nicolas Ribeiro

      Whatever is takes

    51. Ana Paula Tovar Serna

      Solo 1 semana💫💫💫

    52. GAME OVER

      0:26 i am exitant

    53. Baby Stark

      this soundtrack is a masterpiece😍 i need to listen to it so bad to prepare for this movie

    54. Mason Brand

      1 week

    55. Roberto Martinez

      Will our fallen heroes return.

    56. Tresvonni Elliott

      Probably the most emotional of the Endgame TV spots

    57. Erick Ramirez

      Have you notice black widows hair???

    58. Grandmaster

      This is my favourite trailer or tv spot maybe it’s the music maybe it’s caps speech or maybe it’s because it has to gaurdians I don’t know i just love it

    59. Oscar Becerra

      Road to the end

    60. amita jatia

      Defeating Thanos is nothing getting first day tickets is the fight of our lives

    61. Xpóvoc Chronos Keeper Time

      For Stan The Man (December 28, 1922 - November 12, 2018)

    62. Dwight Flippo

      I want this music bad!!!!

    63. harrydeep1

      Quite possibly my favorite TV spot so far from the marketing, the music exhibits such an emotional yet important mood, with the surviving Avengers doing whatever it takes to finish the mission. Can’t wait for April 26th.

    64. Roberto Luis Urban

      We lost, all of us We lost friends We lost heroes Today we have chance to see them all back We will WHATEVER IT TAKES WHATEVER IT TAKES whatever it takes 4D suits

    65. josiah 04

      Who else got chills.

    66. Rohit Chowdhary

      This speech is so inspiration for me.

    67. Gavin Rak

      0:21 oh really Steve? So are you gonna drop the "No trading lives!" act?

    68. akhilaman akhilaman

      Like here those who think that endgame will beat avatar💪💪👍

    69. Bhavya Prashant


    70. Rudy Bobiles

      Who you think gonna win? Avengers=Like Thanos=Comment

      1. zackay GG