Marvel Studios' Avengers: Endgame - Official Trailer

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    Whatever it takes. Watch the brand-new trailer for Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Endgame. In theaters April 26.
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    Am Vor 10 Tage


    1. Megs Smart Thinking

      To everyone that’s saying Endgame will pass Avatar, here’s what it has to beat- Gone with the wind- 3.44 billion Avatar- 2.788 billion Titanic- 2.187 billion Star Wars the force awakens- 2.068 billion Avengers Infinity war- 2.048 billion

    2. El Mike :v

      como que esto solo tiene dos millones de likes deberia tener 200 millones de likes

    3. Kim Jensen

      When i see this movie iam gonna lose it

    4. JarmanGaming02

      Drax is standing still I presume

    5. Julia Wolska

      Goddammit... Tony is gonna die, isn't he?

    6. tanssiva ananas

      Some people are dc fans But not as Not as

    7. m10man fortnite

      iam grouth

    8. Sagar Sharma

      Some gonna watch this movie once .... But not us Not us

    9. Eric Newton

      Captain Marvel lookin good in last scene. Where does one who can fly keep an extra change of clothes, though? Things that make you go... hmmm...

    10. Legend 101219

      Is spiderman in this movie?

    11. anjana khandelwal

      Why is natasha still playing with guns😂

    12. infinity rocket

      Whatever it takes

    13. SA210

      Thank you starlord for giving the avengers another movie.

    14. trapostar

      The ant drummer from ant man will defeat Thanos

    15. lemon king

      Some of us are are gonna watch this trailer once... But not us. Not us

    16. Armando Colon

      Man how I wish Wolverine and some of the other X-Men would have been in this movie!! 😞

    17. COCO

      Man they need deadpool

    18. Rosun


    19. Mc Muffin

      Who is still commenting? me

    20. OneForAll X

      100milion views ... Everyone

    21. Rahul Sehrawat

      1:57 fake Tony As in infinity war trailer fake hulk.

    22. Jonathan Cole

      Everybody did u know that an explosion happened behind antman y u think u saw fire behind him at 1:34

    23. Drizzle Studios

      Some of us are are gonna watch this movie once... But not us. *_Not us_*

    24. sudeb Debbarma

      Thor used strombreaker inside captain marvel when everyone was busy fighting thanos.

      1. sudeb Debbarma

        That is why he summons strombreaker

    25. Mifune D Ace

      Was that punisher in the missing ad?

    26. Om Paul

      44K dislikes, DC fans???

    27. shohag 1m

      with out thanos.what is this

    28. Arachknight Trggrd

      Me too Thor me too 😂 captain marvel and avengers together 🔥

    29. havoc cipher

      Black widow : holds Hawkeyes hand Banner : WTF (turns into hulk) and that’s how hulk comes back

    30. Cpt plasma

      I have never cam so hard

    31. Sean Roseman

      Chills...... Cant wait,, to see thanos go down

    32. Tom Servo

      Ugh, another comic book movie -- can't wait for this trend to end

    33. Jacob Vue

      In the flashbacks with the grey screen, theres no color except for red. You can see it in every scene.

    34. ohNEByet

      Now imagine captain marvel beating Thanos while saying some cheesy social justice lines.

    35. Toad

      Hunger games looks great.

    36. Jorge Zurita

      I can’t wait to see Ant-man step inside that purple butthole and end with that Grimace Wannabe’s entire career...

    37. Whomidity

      I haven't read the infinity wars comics, but i watched a video, and apparently Thanos was getting revived by Mistress Death, my theory (i have no evidence) is that they kill Mistress Death then Thanos

    38. Sarika Mouraiyya

      1:29 looks like someone tried to shoot him

    39. Kerem Elmacı

      How doesn't this already have 100 million views?

    40. Brycetv Govender

      FINALLY ITS HERE I AM SO HAPPY 😃 !!!!!!!!!!

    41. Sam Macker

      People who disliked are DC fans because what's wrong with the trailer

    42. Avinandan Mukherjee

      In the infinity war trailer before the logo there was an epic scene of all of them running...but it was not inthe movie. Here also before the logo there is an epic scene of all the avengers assembled ready to defeat thanos..... According to me...thia scene will not be in the movie

    43. Whomidity

      I swear to god if Captain America dies I will literally walk out the theatre

    44. The City 30

      Avengers Endgame seems like the movie that has a chance at surpassing Star Wars TFA’s 900+ million domestic record and Avatar’s 2.7+ billion worldwide record. Whatever it takes.

    45. AA GaMeRz

      When Will It Release In Pakistan....plz tell

    46. TheAmu008

      Nothing will be the same anymore after this movie.

    47. Cемён Ефремов


    48. Sulekha Jadhav

      Bring back Loki !!! 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    49. Suha Atahan Üstünel

      İşte bu!

    50. Isaac Costa


    51. Thor The god of thunder

      This time I am aiming for the head

    52. Manoj Kumar Kavumthara

      I wish that stan was in this movie.

      1. B R

        He is in the movie. He filmed his last cameos before he passed away. His very last cameo is gonna be in Spider-Man : Far from Home.

    53. lol xd

      The mame it is not avengers endgame the real mame it is "avengers whatever it takes"

    54. Hiraghm

      This trailer is nothing like what I hoped to see. I hoped to see the "Avengers" stand before Thanos, he turns, and looks startled as a small man dressed in a brown robe tied with a rope, feet clad in sandals, carrying a book approaches him. The small man kneels, opens the book, and begins reciting The Lord's Prayer. First Captain America, then, one-by-one, Iron Man, War Machine, Spiderman, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, Hawkeye and Antman also kneel and recite the prayer with him, repeating. Thanos stares at the infinity gauntlet... as he dissolves. Then Captain Marvelous comes running up, "Am I too late?" At which point she's hit by a bolt of lightning; and when the smoke clears, she's also kneeling on the ground... sobbing, as she realizes... she's just Brie Larson, and not God, after all.

    55. Film genie

      When they say whatever it takes thats a hint that some of them will sacrifice themselves to win and the lasts words they will say is 'whatever it takes '

    56. a person


    57. Viaeqi

      Excuse me where is Thanos?

    58. Hell-walker666

      Wish stan was here to see this

    59. Нвер Баласян

      Есть кто из Русскиx?

    60. Cocoy Fernandez

      1:42 seriously ?she's still practicing her gun skills for Thanos,don't make sense to me, no offense but she's better off turn into ashes than the black witch😕😩

    61. Raymond Jones

      Why didn't they are Spider-Man

    62. miimii hey

      Is this a Nike just do it commercial?

    63. 4pminusmom

      Njjjjju Papp Plalalllaaaoa

    64. Iron Ninja

      I hope this doesn't suck like captain marvel did

    65. DarrylGraidy Playz

      thank you stan lee

    66. Vincent !

      Captain America has been surprisingly talkative in this Trailer more than anyone else

    67. chris alvarez

      Can we keep this in 2020 and 2021

    68. Adrian Yolo gamer

      Marvel por favor no mates a ningún súper héroe en especial a iron man no mates a ninguno te lo suplico soy su fan #1 forever

    69. Spookay! !

      Mr.stark...Avenger series will end soon... *I don’t feel so good*

    70. נועם ריינר ריינר

      what ever it takes

    71. TGM Clan

      what’s DC ? i forgot

    72. Shubham Revadekar

      Avengers travelled back in time. The trailer has some of the scenes which clear it up. The scene of Thor looking at his lightning Axe, he have the second chance to say 'bring me thanoss'. Past scenes of every hero, tell us that everything is going to start once again. It is just to start over.

    73. game rebel

      Are they fighting thanos

      1. Yatess 19

        game rebel obviously

    74. ItzSqueaky

      Not going to lie this is probably my 100th time watching this trailer

    75. Katya

      SOY BOY

    76. Ded

      We should all thank star lord for giving us another avengers movie

    77. Harshith P

      I have been kept coming to this trailer over and over again, why ?

    78. Andrew Jabez Ramanujam


      1. Andrew Ramanujam




    80. TheKumanes

      Rowdy Baby video song made 100 million views in just 2 days... Still the trailer is soo good can't wait to catch it at the cinemas !!

    81. steve stark

      Rip avatar

    82. The KAP Games

      Ok, give your daily attendance here !! 😁

    83. The Golden God

      Who thinks cap , thor or tony Might die in this movie

    84. IAN아옌

      Wait wait who a last movie? Marvel? Marvel? Really! Really! Omg!! I'm so excited!!!

    85. Laygaming

      Rocket looks sick and depressed

    86. Defect Leon

      1:10 Some do, bananas!

    87. pramanshu singh

      Trailer 1 was better

    88. Pheak PalMaThor

      32 days to go

    89. Daltira

      You just had to go waste your time playing tag didn’t you.

    90. Blue Radish

      Avengers: Into the Butthole

    91. Multiple Muffins

      This needs to become the highest earning movie ever IN MEMORY OF STAN LEE!

      1. Brandon Moore

        @Muitiple Muffins Avengers Endgame will surpass Avatar for the moviebox office record that I promise you Whatever it takes!

    92. Arman Atef

      Why has no one mentioned that Nebula appears TWICE during the end walk scene? Makes me question if Tony is really even there

    93. Rupesh Dhongade

      Whatever it takes 😠😠

    94. Daner Kurdi

      I can’t believe right after this movie the X-men and fantastic four and deadpool and Wolverine are coming to this same universe 😆😆😆

    95. Asiatiko

      Remember how we were so hyped about transformers 5 and it turned out to be trash? Let’s hope this isn’t like that

    96. N SaneCrashFan

      The trailers lying to us this won't happen

    97. CoDx

      44 thousand D.C have left the chat.

    98. Jijo Mathew

      will surely watch this movie first day first show

    99. william madruga

      What’s the music? Epic af

    100. 1000 subscribers with useless content Challenge

      Black widow will be defeating thanos with a pistol 1:40