Carmen and Corey

Carmen and Corey

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    This was a fun experience, I think we should do part 2. Comment and let me know what you think?
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    1. Olivia M

      Omg I love when Carmen speaks Spanish Latina gang wya

      1. Dillon Roberson

        Carmen dine

      2. Culo malo Maki

        I’m from Nigeria

      3. Princess Maymay


      4. Olivia M

        @Lifewithahtavious B wtf

      5. Olivia M

        @Vaughnie Sellers yay

    2. Shaquil Joseph

      where is the kids

    3. Michael McCray

      Yes do part two

    4. Ashley Clay

      Carmen and Corey

    5. Karen Guzman


    6. Marissa Davis

      Where did u get your top from carmen. I love pink?


      This videos teach me a lot thanks Carmen for the video

    8. VjCClass

      Yo next time you'll do a challenge like this when you get to the window ask the person to translate to Corey like if Carmen picked him up hitch hiking and see if people don't look at Carmen like she crazy got a guy in her car and don't even know what he saying. And then Cory say some stupid shit like ask the cashier to ask Carmen if she know where to get some weed...funny already. I DARE YOU'LL!

      1. VjCClass

        Wow just looked at the date, I'm mad late to the game. SMH. I still dare you'll if you'll didn't already do part 2.

      2. VjCClass

        Hell if you going to do it all the way Corey dress like a homeless dude and see don't somebody tell Carmen to get that dude out her car. ROTF! I DARE YOU'LL!!!!!!!!!!!

      3. VjCClass

        Oh and you'll can do this in part 2 just in case they do have someone to translate...and Carmen have the baby in the back! SSSHHHhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiitttttttt I'm calling the police...LMAO!


      You are so funny carmen

    10. Kelsey Joshua

      PART 2

    11. Maquita Davis

      Carmen speaks Spanish so good

    12. Lakenya Mitchell

      Why is Cory’s ears so tiny😂

    13. Amor Russell

      Y’all lit for real

    14. Taiwan Sanders

      Carmen speaks spanish very well.

    15. Blah Blah

      1:27 when im sleep in class and my teacher ask me a problem

    16. Shaunte Harris

      Out of no where when they no how to speak Spanish she should start speaking English

    17. tiffici shivers

      😂😂😂😂 I’m dieing

    18. Keturahhh hhh

      This one had me rolling. I think this is my fav one

    19. Los Pranks

      You got a good ruka brotha n she mexican you hit jackpot lol

    20. Mariah Berry

      Part 2

    21. TheLifeOfKimaK

      Part 2

    22. Ava Garcia

      I just love y'all together big happy family ❤️💙❤️

    23. Candi Lease

      Wow they got you!!! It's cool that most places had someone that spoke Spanish! I wish I could speak fluent Spanish! That's one of my goals for sure!!

    24. Dejahnay Nicholson

      The only intro I reply just to sing with the song😂❤️

    25. Dejahnay Nicholson

      They have the BEST intro out of all couple DE-newsrs❤️💯💯

    26. Demaryl Etienne

      This vidoe was funny💙💙

    27. Tarah Armstrong

      Carmen putting her seatbelt on during the car wash 😂😂😂

    28. Fortnite Baby yea yea ight


    29. Alexsis Plank


    30. Detroit Muscle

      What the fuck he say bout my mommy lol

    31. Kaychianna Perryman

      This was too funny 😂 Cory need a show love y’all 🥰🥰 Carmen Spanish so cute

    32. Issa Princess

      Never get tired of this intro 😍😍😍 Im tryna be like em but adding my daughter in it with the right man

    33. Fun kid princess Gang

      I love 💗 when Carmen speaks smanash 💗💗💙💙

    34. GMERGIRL

      Perro caliente= hot dog

    35. Melvin Lee


    36. Steven Tucker

      Part 2

    37. Katlyn Cannady

      Y’all should do a part 2 plzzzzzz

    38. Loyal To Dragon Forever

      Bro why Carmen talk to black like dang she sound like she straight from the projects

      1. Manuel Perez

        Loyal To Dragon Forever cuh corey

    39. Jacqueline Marie

      For people correcting her spanish not all the spanish speaking countries speak the same puerto rican and dominican have slang and its not always proper spanish its just how we understand it💯 Part 2 plzzz

    40. Jacqueline Marie

      De donde es la latinas 👀 dominicana y puerto rican gang💙❤

    41. Kimea Jordan

      I love you Corey

    42. Kimea Jordan

      I love you boy friend

    43. Kimea Jordan

      I love you


      I need a Hispanic woman in my life. Southern Cali, contact me.

    45. Winnteer X

      Part 2 in the hood

    46. Mxtt & Jade

      Make more spanish videossss

    47. Niya queen squad

      I follow you on Instagram my name is that_one_babyniya/jjbabyniya_slay

    48. angel Saturday

      I am going to the DR so i think i can learn Spanish

    49. angel Saturday

      Omgg i love you hair

    50. Jaelyn Vigil

      Y’all should’ve went to Chick-fil-A lmao

    51. Blanca Toledano


    52. Queen Tiffany

      Carmen ✨😍

    53. Kimberly Smith

      Y'all I just love y'all

    54. Yah Know The Lewiss

      Corey: What's a huck dug I neva heard ah no huck dug bahahahaha

    55. arieli tv

      Eres dominicana o Chilena

    56. Essence Nicole

      te quiero carmen 😂 part 2 🔥

    57. JL Baketball

      Y Tu y carmen estan jn bonita culture

    58. JL Baketball

      Carmen yo Estan Morron y yo Abrar en espanol la espanol culture esta differentiate y muy bien la culture de Mexico esta me favorita um me number esta janiyah sutton yo satan 10 anos

    59. Shaila Soils

      Ooo get it girl ❤️❤️

    60. Gabriella Marius


    61. dwaynice bravo

      isn't hot dog pero caliente?

    62. Maria Sixtos

      Bacon in Spanish is Tocino 🥓 not bacon 9:08

    63. Madison Bell

      I was week when Corey had said huduc I was killing my self laughing 😂😂🤣🤣😅😅😄😄😁

    64. Dasia Calloway

      Carmen you so cute and is you hispanic

    65. Taleia’s Life

      Part two u guys are the best keep going with ur channel it’s amaizing

    66. angelia moore

      Part 2

    67. Bustdown _babiez

      Bacon in Spanish means Tocino🤣🤣and hotdog in spanish means Pancho🤣

    68. Daneka Simmons

      Yes part 2!!!!!

    69. Linzira Lin

      Me amd carmen got the same steering wheel cover and seatbelt covers 😂💖

    70. Bryshun Jordan