Carmen and Corey

Carmen and Corey

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    This was a fun experience, I think we should do part 2. Comment and let me know what you think?
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    1. Olivia M

      Omg I love when Carmen speaks Spanish Latina gang wya

      1. albert massaquoi

        I am sure there are spanish speakers in these restaurants in the hood

      2. Queens S and A


      3. Rebecca Odinmah

        @Baby Mari I'm Nigerian too which language? I’m Igbo

      4. Fedelia Abedi

        I'm African but can understand es spanyol

      5. power puff girls lmvu

        @Olivia M lm Puerto Rican too

    2. Happy Feet

      I love carmenssss Spanish I even love the way she talks

    3. Michael Fowler

      Y’all crazy I love watching y’all 💯💪🏾

    4. shut up sonic

      Carmen and Corey yeah do part 2

    5. Jada

      Corey already be sounding Spanish 🤣🥴

    6. Keeanna Johnson


    7. laquinta myles



      Carmen look way too creepy in this thumbnail 😭💀

    9. Chaz Kirk

      When the cd dropping corey and record Carmen on a track

    10. Addiosn Fitzgerald

      I like how Cory just be eating food the in almost every video 😂

    11. 4th avenue pebble beach

      Cory bro yo girl 🔥🔥🔥

    12. Makiya Morgan

      Yes do part two

    13. Ayanna Copeland

      Carmen speak good Spanish

    14. Miracle Bingham

      yeah part two

    15. Iyana Rodriguez

      I so love latinas they so crazy 😂😂😂😂love you guys

    16. Shelsse Herrera

      She sounds Salvadorian or hondorian what is she 😩😩

    17. yktv.itz.Maddie Heyy

      Carmen is mad ugly why do you date her she so ugly

    18. Princess Young

      Yasss part 2

    19. Marissa Villarreal

      Yk why it’s because y’all live in Texas

    20. Kyla &Kori Lewis

      Yeah u née to learn Spanish

    21. myla master tea oof

      raicst, they were saying blak and white and stuff .

    22. Montay Walker

      Boi u a Lucky man😍💖💎💯🤩

    23. E'Nique Parker

      Did all of it

    24. Pamala Johnson

      If you just noticed that the didn’t go to McDonald’s hit this ⬇️

    25. Pamala Johnson

      “I hurt my ears 👂 “

    26. Khyara Ferguson

      Hold up how did they not know that this is carmen and Corey? 🤦‍♀️

    27. Juju Gay

      I’m Latino

    28. Asharie Lane

      Carmen look so cute no homo

    29. mariah lewis

      Where's part 2

    30. Ellamae Wisham

      U in America speak some English

    31. Ellamae Wisham

      It hurt my ears to like can ya stop dang

    32. Kimberly Robinson

      This vid is so cool

    33. Dewayne Bryant

      Carmen 😍😘

    34. Akira Holloway

      i flow yall on tik tok!!! # akiras

    35. Junior vlogs

      Beacon in Spanish is tosino

    36. queen katelynn

      Just like cj so cool

    37. Onyx Fxte

      If you like brushing your teeth Then make the like button blue

      1. Onyx Fxte

        Anna Hill yea dirty people

      2. Anna Hill

        Onyx Fxte I guess no one like brushing their teeth 😂😂😂

    38. Darcie Cray

      Hot dog is perrito not hock doh

    39. Darcie Cray

      Hot dog is perrito not hock doh

    40. Fefa Figueroa

      Corey is so funny when he said hot dogs 😂

    41. Autumn Life

      Yes part2

    42. Maria Dennys

      YES PART 2

    43. STUPID BOI

      When Corey said fries in Spanish in sounded like popeyes

    44. meleddy irizarry

      Love when she speaks spanish i am Puerto Rican like her ❤️ love watching you guys videos

    45. fatema harbi

      Is Carmen spanish x

    46. LayLaygang_609 609

      That’s not how u say hot dog in Spanish I looked it up

    47. Brenna Smith

      11:38 “ugly as hell” I died 😭😂

    48. Jackie Leaann

      She has a Mexican accent I thought she was Puerto Rican

    49. Rebel_

      I follow u

    50. Kenzi S.

      How Corey know so much about car washes but don’t wash his car threw washes

    51. Kenzi S.

      Damn Corey you know Spanish.......

    52. Breah__Breah dance

      what she should had done was when she was a sonic after knowing they spoke spanish she should started talking english at the window lmaoo than the girl that went to go get the spanish girl would of been like "wtf, so I went to go get someone that spoke spanish and this girl speaks english..."

    53. Breah__Breah dance

      3:32 Carmen: roigrtuihe? 😏 (haha) Worker: dirjfe eorijr eir 😁 (thought) Carmen: damn 😑

    54. Kitana Cantu

      Why does she try to change her accent like she knows damn well don't talk like that

    55. Kitana Cantu

      Her Spanish needs work lol

    56. Oswaldo Saldana

      Corey had me dead😂😂😂😂

    57. Oswaldo Saldana

      Carmen’s voice 🥵❤️

    58. Chloe Abbott

      Omg 😱 like y’all so much 💕💕

    59. the Basketball

      Me gusto mucho este video en español

    60. Quantae Kilgo

      Carmen and Corey May I get a shout out

    61. Destiny Mendez

      We had the hot dog and try to speak Spanish I cnat I love y’all so much y’all make my day 😂💕💕

    62. Kaitlyn Pantano

      Luv you Carmon

    63. Jaya Constantino

      Y’all should have went to Popeyes

    64. Kennedi Thompson

      Period carmen

    65. The World Of_ NYLA

      Should’ve went to Popeyes on the hood side💀😭😂

      1. XxXBlue_SkyezXxX

        @Gxcha_ Tay girl almost every popeyes us ghetto in some way 💀

      2. Gxcha_ Tay

        Nyla Wenzy in Richmond tho

    66. Life with Janyla

      Roses are red violets are blue carmen can speak Spanish and I can too ...

    67. Camila Chavez

      Not everyone speaks English & you got to respect that

    68. Camila Holguin

      I love this video I’m Spanish to

    69. Mookie Moo

      Hola Carmen

    70. MiKayla JAY

      Y’all should have went to Popeyes 😂