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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Xll

      beat i iconic due ever change my mind

    2. Leslieandme

      What’s the game called ?

    3. koko klutch

      Imagine this is VR

    4. Cha rles

      That first scare got me good

    5. Mario the Hedgehog

      7:45 it just remind me of the episode of Scooby-Doo where are you

    6. jeonprincefries

      Cory's "BADA BING BADA BONG/BOM" reminds me of BLACKPINK. lmao

    7. Vaishakhi Kat

      aye that flashlight kinda luk like diugh

    8. Midnight Box

      Who else notice dashie broke the monsters ankles😂

    9. Cool Mashups2020

      LOL 14:17

    10. Liv Moody


    11. Steven Aparicio

      Is it just me or is dashie losing his thickness

    12. Alinkras Plays

      Yeo at 3:44 I can hear dashie’s voice through Cory’s headset 😂😂

    13. Cloey Morgan

      0:06. Lol

    14. gcb gaming

      Yo it got 50k likes

    15. Jacques Richardson-Johnson

      DASHIE!!! DASHIE!!! DASHIE!!! BRING BACK LIVE HORROR GAMES PLZZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    16. Melissa Cornes

      25:02 is so relatable

    17. SupthisRoman heyy

      Bro they make like the best vids together!🤗😂

    18. Crazy

      Bro imagine dashie in 5 years 👁👄👁 💪👕🤙 🦵🦵

    19. Master SkullKid

      now we all know to sacrifice dashie first lol dashie be backstabbing people lol

    20. That’s so Nyema

      It’s the “I just saw a rat” for me😭😭💀

    21. Robbie Mercado

      Corey reminds me of schoolboy Q

    22. Love The Beast Within

      two gangsters watching eachothers back,,,,, what can go wrong

    23. Enu

      This shit is soooo funny lmfaoo

    24. Niko2wavy -

      Calab of the year🙃

    25. Isaiah Marrero

      I think this the first time I've seen someone scream more that dashie in a video

    26. impeirion42

      dachie dachie play control on ps4

    27. Brandon Xx

      They should make more videos together

    28. MissChica

      Them together, hahahah love this😍😍🥳🎉✨

    29. Freeman Stevens

      What the ##

    30. PSETU 4

      Dashie smiling yeah I'm doing work 😉

    31. Malissa Mae

      I’m cryinnn y’all got me in tears y’all funny as hell😭

    32. Nick Lopez

      Both of you one

    33. Nick Lopez

      If you guys didn’t play the game already you guys should play stay close that would be fun

    34. Nick Lopez

      4:50 I could just imagine you idiots dancing in the elevator to the music and everyone just be looking at you like what the fuck is wrong with you

    35. Xsinteenthion

      U little over 50k likes so part two soon😭 everybody should just spam part two 😭

    36. XVance Gang

      1:25 What's that song

    37. Cosmoflips

      please play scary games with the homie shadow

    38. Damone Walker

      Dashiell Got a pretty smile

    39. Christian Mohead

      4:47 history is being made❤️

    40. Eat fake crash Eat fake crash

      Play this again with the squad please

    41. Jose A Lavalle

      ¨What are the instructions now!¨😂😂

    42. Xiao Yun

      8:06 The way Dashie said that 😂😭

    43. ThatYoungWoman 91

      The way you guys just watch the monster for a second then realise and scream at 8:41 killed me!

    44. TFormer Collector

      His mic sounds so good in his own video but In Cory’s his mic sound like someone pissed in it 🤣

    45. AlexiaRay

      10:17 “you know what happens when we separate, we both minorities” Dashie:”fax” 😂

    46. My Name is Jefff

      11:05 that random scream 😂😂😂 There was nothing

    47. Leeann Contreras

      Can dashie design his own horror game

    48. Jorge Torres

      You should do more games with your friends Dashie! 🙂

    49. Huracan Amaro

      They should play Fall Guys together!

    50. DigitalRedux

      You gotta love Cory's reaction to dashies jokes

    51. AwesomePandadon

      There are 50k likes dashie bring your friends to play

    52. Manuel Alvarez

      A new update has been released you should go and check it out

    53. JovasR


    54. CC Nugget


    55. afoxy20

      What else was that stock music in? Was it that fast food game?

    56. Essyyy A

      They’re just as frantic as each other 🤣🤣🤣

    57. Daniel W

      17:30 they both didn’t wanna say “you stay I’ll go” they was waiting

    58. Maxine Rivera

      8:42 They both screamed in sync and dipped 😂😂😂

    59. Wombo

      This game puts so much on your shoulders when you have to save your teammates

    60. Brandon Bass

      Remember their other video when Dashie threw the grenade😂

    61. Super Light

      The scream at 11:05 had me laughing

    62. Miya J

      LOL dashie so scary he was hiding in the elevator

    63. THE E MAN 4000

      Keep up the awesome work bro 👍

    64. Itz_zuri.2


    65. Quishaan McNeal

      Why don’t y’all do more collabs together y’all so funny I can’t even eat my snacks cuz I’m laughing too hard🤣🤣

    66. itz Migz

      You should get JD in this dashie

    67. Mr Minecraft Guy

      of this game

    68. Mr Minecraft Guy

      guys keep liking this video, iI really want him to make another video

    69. Baron Berrat

      They were so powerful they instantly broke the game

    70. EASTT

      Boy those horror games are different son