Meek Mill - Going Bad feat. Drake (Official Video)

Meek Mill

Meek Mill

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    Directed by: Kid Art
    Video Commissioner: Joseph Boyd
    Executive Producers: Cartier Brown and Andrew Goor
    Executive Producers: Gary Bryman and Sarah Park
    Video Producer: Zachary Wright
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    1. Meek Mill

      THE MOTIVATION TOUR starts in less than 2 weeks:

      1. GAMING Android_81


      2. Natasha Davidson


      3. ImNixoNix __

        @JaylaNasir Cross 🖕

    2. ArmorInPlace

      What's good what's bad? What's right what's wrong? We live in a world and there's only ONE that's strong. We know who side each and every one of us is on. King James version Revelation chapter 4 last verse. God created all things for his pleasure. Not to rebelled against Himim but for His pleasure. May God bless you with this statement. 🤔👍🙏

    3. enmanul terrero

      good rap

    4. Bruno Aburi

      Bravo! bravo!

    5. Thucc ducc Mucc succ wucc zucc

      Why is That Xxl guy who sang in this music video

    6. Danielle Anderson

      I got mad 💖 for Meek, went to Bali & my driver said he was a Drake fan I asked him if he knew Meek & played his music & my driver stated I need more of this. I'll ALWAYS rep Philly 💖😍🤩

    7. King Goliath

      Meek and Nicki break up = Meek and Drake friends again Drake and Rihanna done = Drake and Chris can be friends again

    8. Alz’

      This is so cool yeyy

    9. Blobhit

      Hey, this is a rapper from India. Tryna grow large. Here's the link to my video. Give it a thumbs up if you like it. #peace

    10. Drex Dionisio


    11. renee s

      All these men in suits like 😛🤑

    12. M A R K Z M A R K Z

      This song is the shit!

    13. Quantez Smith

      Rip Nip

    14. nasra abdullahi

      Drake’s versee goesss hard🔥🔥

    15. lol lol

      Hi. (sorry for bad english)

    16. Денис Соколов

      Тимати охуенен

    17. Linda Lal


    18. Waynetertainment

      1:53 aaaaghhhh them nice rolls royces

    19. Hannibal Chua

      Cool: Dawg Not Cool: Crashing Rollies (It's like I don't see any airbags)

    20. Sway Baby


    21. Nova

      Anyting drake says becomes a banger🔥🔥🔥🔥

    22. Narykuya Nazaku

      Cool trailer, when is the movie coming out?

    23. Jdor D

      May God help meek bring light to the injustices of many ....Yeshua (Jesus Christ) is the way!

    24. Louis De Brabander

      1:08 r.i.p my guy nipsey

    25. Delayed ._. Clan

      did yall see pnb rock

    26. Vlad Savinov

      Я единственный русский в этом чате ?

    27. Muda Pax

      Are those cars real🙆🏿‍♂️

    28. Heavenlybeautyy

      Awwww look at NIP 💜

    29. Rangerovervofuo Zaxo

      Style 🔱

    30. Kav Alston

      I’m the sexyest young og yrn drake meek nice

    31. T_Queue

      2019 belongs to Meek Mill.. Don’t argue with me, I’m out of data

      1. BENGDE

        T_Queue lol

    32. Costas Georgiou

      Song is got a nice beat still don't make drake fake ass real. Attack me I could give a fuck less.

    33. Goerge Mathew

      Except nipsey and ti lot of fakes



    35. Eugenia Sutil


    36. R0wv1n -iwnl-

      I was waiting for woah part of meek mill but Now I realized there is no in this video :(

    37. Fredy Ac


    38. Ded Kek

      I can’t think why he thinks he’s better than The Beatles. The Beatles wrote their own song, he gets people to write for him.

    39. Toya Thompson youll replay promise

    40. Alfie Detroit

      1:04 RIP Brother

    41. Dylan Schaeffner

      Yeah it s cool🎹🎶🎹🎼🎹🎵🎹💣💪👊❤🔥👍

    42. K3YBoi ]

      My guy Nipsey Tho

    43. Jeffrey Coleman

      I like this joint

    44. Al Harvey

      Fine line between highlighting versus promoting dark evil forces.

    45. SmileShadow_2k19

      Deutsche🇩🇪 hier❓

    46. Gia A.

      Glad to see Meek & Drizzy friends again 💪

    47. Ryan Akwar

      Meek Mill: I got Lori Harvey on my Wish List P. Diddy: Sorry, already bought her Steve Harvey: *extreme death stare*

    48. Ryan Akwar

      RIP NIP 1:04 1:16 1:27 2:38 2:42 Also, other cameos by T.I., DJ Mustard, PNB Rock, YK Osiris, Swizz Beats, & more!!!!

      1. Maelthas Divine

        stop it.....

    49. Mary Page

      Happy Belated Birthday King Nip 🙏🏿.

    50. STONEDay

      Drake, why you smoking legal? Real Canadian's smokers know illegal where the real 🔥🔥🔥 at!!

    51. Mr V

      Meek mill looks like a low key hater

    52. Jonas Pell

      I'd like to pull a drive by on all these pukes

    53. J. Las VEVO

      Ya Osiris here too?

    54. J. Las VEVO


    55. Mr. Choudhry

      1:09 lmao his laugh he has it in every vid

    56. the bot m3llv1n

      wheezy is a madman

    57. sweat the details

      Saw you last night but did it broad day... With him being linked to the situation with xxx. That part don’t sit right with me maybe it’s jest me... 🤷🏽‍♀️

    58. Corrupt Edits

      R.I.P Nipsey Hussle

    59. Làszló Otsós

      heat yheeeeeeeee

    60. Gypsy Thomas

      Meek on 🔥 everyday "Dr. Jail Brain" 🧠

    61. SunsetsAndWaterFalls

      Happy Belated 🎂 🎁🍰💙❤️💙🥳🥳🥳Birthday To King Nip*aka*GodWillRise💙Bka❤️Ermias Joseph Asghedom💎💎💎Meek Mill please do not forget to say your prayers every night that everyone involved in his assassination be brought to justice. Rock that justice for Nip t- shirts.

    62. T H


    63. Gina Milner

      This is lit is shit as fuck

    64. Salvador Sahagun

      Wow Drake can make rap grunt sounds and its still a hit

    65. Victor Das

      wtf no comments

    66. Jerry Granville Jr.


    67. Ravi Aulakh

      Is this a song or a advertisement for Richard Mille watches? Lol Great either way I'll admit

      1. Jonas Pell

        It's typical stupid , materialistic garbage aimed at cRap fans, the lowest of the lows!

    68. Eni Demirazi

      Anyone notice nipsey?????

    69. dalph begger

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      1. Joe Toner

        dalph begger nice one dopey bastid