Meet Galarian Ponyta in Pokémon Shield! 🛡️

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    Meet Galarian Ponyta, the Unique Horn Pokémon! Galarian Ponyta have been found in a certain forest of the Galar region since ancient times.
    Leave a ⚔️🛡️ below if you’re ready learn more about this Pokémon!
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    1. The derpy Nub

      :0 unicorn

    2. Spongy Gray


    3. Bandana Waddle Dee

      Me when i first saw Galarian Ponyta: I NEED IT!!!!

    4. Jermaine Speid

      You can get ponyta in shield not sword

    5. LillySkyFroggy

      Lovley Ponyta

    6. MonkeySi

      *I NEED IT*

    7. Ember

      Teaser of My Little Pony reboot anyone ?

    8. Jeroms

      Wtf why was this in a eurobeat playlist?

    9. ꨄJenny._. Sylviixꨄ

      Alolan ninetales and Galarian Ponyta are my fave pokemons now 💜💙 UwU

    10. Sunflower Moon

      O CUTEEEEEE :3

    11. Shiny Mimikyu

      So cute

    12. Jer Chest

      Galarian Bronyta tm

    13. Epic Scout & Friends

      normal person: what a cute pony me: MY LITTLE PONY!!!

    14. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

      GameFreak: sums up in 26 seconds the reveal of a Regional Variant that they built up for *24 Hours.*

    15. Mandi Willett

      And this is the one poke'mon that made me so freaking wanting the game...I love my Galarian Ponyta!

    16. GhostTrueCapitalist

      Weeb thing for me to do but named Galarian Ponyta - Diana and Mudbray - Akko. No regrets.

    17. Kai The Azure Thylacine

      Let's all hope Ash catches one of these and not Go.

    18. Elias Sorrells

      Ponytails is sooo cute

    19. Sunny Dew

      I can't believe bede has a garlarian ponyta

    20. Gaile Oxstain

      Now all we need is a two-horned variant and evolution with a Dark typing and we'll have a unicorn AND a bicorn (Look it up).

    21. Leila Kinzom Lohani

      This is now my favourite pokemon

    22. Glorpgus The Dracovish

      who will win? An Evolution that the fans wanted for years? (Sirfetched) Or a sparkly gal? (Galarian Ponyta)

    23. Kyle Stubbs

      Just caught one of these adorable creatures. Named it Celestia.

    24. Blue fire 22

      My little pony G5 is looking great.

    25. Little boomer

      Me: ah what a nice walk I. The cave Bede: I choose you Me: FoReAl You GoNnA mAkE mE FiGHt My fAvORiTe PoKEmON

    26. TheGreatOrochi sweg

      WTF guys I think I just predicted the future! So couple years back I made some fakemons and one of them was called "Ponyta" and the Ponyta looks so much like the real one, especially the horns and the tail! It was even a psycic type! I have predicted so many things like sun and moon when I made concept art for it back in 2012!

    27. Sir Moody Cheese

      me: oh cool a new form of - *ITS A GOD DAMN UNICORN*

    28. Mares Fillies

      I had no idea the next Pokemon game had the Everfree forest from My Little Pony Friendship is Magic in it! Consider this Brony sold, Nintendo. :D

    29. Ankit Malviya

      Girafarig needs an evolution, giraffe is a cool animal but it was left behind. A Pokemon based on peacock would be so beautiful plzzz and no Pokemon based on kangaroo yet. Kangaskhan was good but a kangaroo fighting Pokemon would be awesome.

    30. Tokima


    31. Dave Meadows

      how do you download Pokemon??

    32. Star

      Bad horse

    33. Valerie Eslick

      I am in love with this Pokemon

    34. suiko

      Super duper disappointment as to how you find it, and that it wont spawn in the open world :@ I was really exited for this and got shield for its exclusive and was looking forward to seeing the ponyta in the open world. ts ts ts ts -.-

    35. Backwoods Garage

      Gamefreak put me on the payroll and let’s make a Pokemon game that will rival Warcraft i mean honestly what are y’all doing because it’s sure not listening to your fans we don’t want this crap!

    36. Veron

      A good game

    37. Min Liang Chi

      My little pony

    38. FireSonicYT

      ok, who threw MLP into pokemon?

    39. galaxyofavegangirl


    40. CameraMan

      Wait only in Pokemon shield? I can't even catch this cutie. I bought Pokemon sword.

    41. Josival Souza


    42. Letícia Yara

      Its a magical pony fly In the sky! adsmovie meme

    43. Leo


    44. Helal Fatath

      Hi I wil giv you liked 1555

    45. salt

      I wasted 24h of my life just to see this

      1. salt

        Btw I did not watch the live stream

    46. kacie warren

      dOEs anYOnE reMEmbeR tHe poNYTa wiTHOut a tAIl? jUSt mE ...oK Edit: I thought I spelled ponyta wrong XD

      1. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

        I guess that was just a model error after all. I guess since they figured the two of them in the Livestream were both pretty fluffy and close together, no one would notice...

    47. Ahsocool F

      I am still getting Pokémon Sword

    48. Mabra


    49. Ashie

      I am dying

    50. max hachenberg

      Hey all, i catched the galar ponyta in my sword edition? Is it a Bug? Was anybody else able to catch IT in Sword

    51. Simple Man

      This video screams UNICORN

    52. Teddy Riggs

      Aw that's cute Internet: LET'S MAKE PORN OF IT!!!

    53. Homer Thompson

      Now I have the my little pony theme song stuck in my head....

    54. abrahamnextel


    55. The Dragon Legault

      Starlight glimmer broke time again and created a new timeline where they’re Pokémon now

      1. Kredens Of luv

        Nope i dont do this

    56. Princess Espeon AMVS

      OMG its soooooooo cute!!!! I LOVE THE COLOR CHOICE!!!

    57. Luxor- Gman

      You should have make it a fairy type it deserves to be a fairy because if the look

      1. Samaya Allen

        it's not fairy type because unicorns typically are immune to poison so it makes sense.

      2. FireSonicYT

        it gains the fairy type on evolution.

    58. Anna L

      Is this real?

    59. LunaThePurpleDragon

      She's/he's so beautiful!

    60. Dima Kabbout

      I love how they made it a little game before where we would all try to figure out what pokemon was hiding in the bushes!

    61. Chocobirdy


    62. Moon Heroz

      I'm picking sword and nothing is going to change my mind Game Freak!

      1. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

        Fair enough. If you really need a Galarian Ponyta, you can always randomly get one from Surprise Trade...

    63. Moon Heroz

      Looks like it's hair is made of cotton candy. Plus it looks more like a Fairy type than a psychic type.

      1. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

        Well, it does adopt the Fairy Type as a Rapidash.

    64. Mike Val

      Sword players: I have sirfetch Shield players: well we have a ponytail.

      1. Blackheartzero, the Underground Song Critic

        Shield: at least our exclusive doesn't need three Critical Hits in one battle to Evolve! ... No seriously, that's how Galarian Farfetch'd evolves. I am not making this up. Arceus help you if you get one from a trade without a Leek...

    65. Eva Novotny

      This is one reason I want to get shield

    66. Grennoc

      I'm team Sword, Its okay I have friends who are getting Shield. They can trade me the Ponyta ❤

    67. Gacha NickyG

      Anyone wanna trade? I'm getting pokemon sword but I really want this pokemon

    68. 100,000 subs with no vids

      Who else can feel the my little pony fanart forming?

    69. Virus the Glitch

      I wish this could be my starter Pokémon

    70. Sheeta

      I was going to buy Sword because of that cool sword dog,but my Brony side is now forcing me to buy shield because of this.