Megan Thee Stallion - Girls in the Hood [Lyric Video]

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion

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    The official lyric video for Megan Thee Stallion's “Girls in the Hood” - Out Now!
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    1. m k

      So some of y’all bashing her because she sampled a beat? Y’all salty because of the new generation? Y’all bashing the new generation because y’all think it’s our fault that things change? Aren’t you all adults, the ones that are supposed to be mature?

    2. Wordgirlplaysroblox Hi

      I like this song I listen to it all day and night good job

    3. Daniel Louis

      This young lady fuccc up classic ☹☹☹

    4. izrelgamez

      My girl.... Go Megan....💯💯💯♥️♥️♥️🦵🦵🦵

    5. Daphne Goodman

      Love you so much

    6. DizzleGM

      Ice Cube and Dre better get to the buy station

    7. Maribel Abundiz

      good lyric video

    8. jwill2k22

      knowing nuthin in life but this song is shi

    9. cyb3rspic3

      the fact she said Sasuke omfg I love this woman

    10. Shoyo Hinata

      This song is for the weebs👀❤️

    11. Ella Habibi

      Eazy E always gonna be the King of Rap 🙌

    12. Andria Javakhidze

      We need music video!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!

    13. Mariam Fadhil

      idc if you came from tictok or if ur just a real OG because meg deserves all the views and love periodTT

    14. amenaa


    15. h0ney

      Eazy-E's was better smh

    16. CRYPTIC


    17. Bott jadxn ww

      You copied boys in the hood

    18. Pxhycho YT

      Easy e on god

    19. Roger That!

      Well...I like The beat its great

    20. Doggo

      Og still go harder

    21. Amaya

      *when you realize the beat isn’t hers, and it’s from a different song*

    22. Bigbank Kayla

      pov ur here after she betrayed da barbz

      1. degenerate male

        I mean lemme just chill cause it's not like you said anything bad 😹

      2. degenerate male

        She didn't betray anyone 🗿 she's a grown woman that doesn't need to pick sides, a grown woman that can do whatever she wants. Nicki and her are probably still cool rn anyways chile

    23. Bookie._. Slay

      I typed “Boyz in the Hood” and this hit popped up smh it’s still a good song tho it’s just it kinda disgust me🤷🏽‍♀️

    24. Keith Thomas

      Eazy still better

    25. Rahma ABdi

      “Teeth like gold and my skin like diamonds” wow

    26. Rahma ABdi

      She absolutely ate this omg 🔥🤩👑🥰ًyess

    27. Lapzul Music

      Megan: you aint gonna catch me callin these niggas daddy... ...... Tory: i got somebodys daughter calling me daddy... ...........................

    28. Joe Winters

      Do a house tour

      1. Bigbank Kayla

        can u plz sdhu in da comments 💀💀💀

    29. Joe Winters

      But god can see you and you can go to hell for that

    30. Joe Winters

      Because my mommy is rick

    31. Joe Winters


    32. Joe Winters

      Ok i get it meg

    33. Lucas Souza

      Bro Megan watches anime, nice

    34. Joe Winters


    35. Joe Winters

      You neednto stop doing this

    36. Rachel Glover

      This song is so good

    37. Marcy Mccullough

      This is an anime from Naruto my kid aways watchs it

    38. louhii

      this whole song cap lmfao got shot in the foot and crying hard asf

      1. degenerate male

        I would cry too if I got shot?

    39. elias yanakiev

      Ha wow. wow !

    40. Viber Mythical

      She used the same beat as Eazy E

      1. Bigbank Kayla

        its called a sample...

    41. Mildred Jordan

      I am a hot girl

    42. Kat C

      the fact that she watches anime is iconic.

    43. VIcktoria Avseeva

      Где рашн???

    44. FireBall97

      She just copied eazy-e song

      1. FireBall97

        @Bigbank Kayla I TOTALLY didn't know that

      2. Bigbank Kayla

        its called a sample....

      3. Aries

        No just the same beat

    45. The Muffin Man


    46. chicken nuggets

      i love the fact that i m the shy girl of the class but this song is my whole mood...

    47. Viann Grace


    48. Leah Playz

      Why is nobody talking about how PRETTY she was back in the day (she still is)


      This song is a disappoinment to the beat

    50. Pixelated Pizza

      She rhymed women with women

    51. Forever Hussey

      its annoying uwu

    52. Forever Hussey

      This is just Curse words

    53. Forever Hussey


    54. Dorito Chips

      Why would you ruin a song bro why

    55. eddibetty10

      Eazy rolling over in his grave.

    56. Breahbae Liddell

      Am I the only one who can hear big ole freak in the background

    57. Finesse

      GTA 6 better put this on the radio...

    58. Cooper 2k

      She Deadass ruined the song

    59. Ahmari Sparks

      I come here to Tina Snow/Hot Girl to clear my mind I wanna help my mom she’s a single parent trying to provide for us to show your support CashApp $AhmariSparks💔🥺❗️

    60. Jj John

      Imagine coping boys in the hood

    61. Mildred Jordan

      I Am A BIG Fan MEGAN

    62. 6Goddiala

      He’s really slept on

    63. •Black Rose•

      Sasuke you say😏

    64. Your Friendly neighborhood Poop Dealer

      Can we not do Eazy like this? Jesus Christ

    65. Joshua Hagen

      she aint goin to the hood no more after gettin shot by tory lanez

    66. Victoria Johnson

      she needs to find her own beats lmao

    67. Cayleigh H

      She did Eazy E dirty 😭😭

    68. T. Harris

      This shit go hard..but that old school beat.... is EVERYTHING! Megan did her thing...haters gonna hate!! 💥💥

    69. Freselam Youhanns

      Like your your here for the naruto reference