Mick Foley debuts the 24/7 Championship: Raw, May 20, 2019



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    WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley’s announcement of the 24/7 Championship quickly leads to two new champions.
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    1. Rowan

      Tf is that thing?

    2. Prettyboy Ashtun

      We can all agree on something tho it’s better than half the championships we have today

    3. René Astorga Terre

      And they said the Spinner Belt was ugly, this makes the Spiner Belt look like the Winged Eagle Title

    4. Thomas H H


    5. roberto martinez

      People use to hate this tittle now. They love it

    6. Tyson Gilbert

      This has been interesting to the In home fan, to the Old Germany fan though THEY NEED TO QUIT FIGHTING ALL OVER ABD BUY A GOD HOUSE, one with no guest list.

    7. Imaleena B


    8. IamCornholio69

      Whenever wwe has a horrible title design to reveal... Micks their guy

    9. Marc Denniel Ferrer

      Here comes the 24/7 champion attackers 😂😂😂😂

    10. Jacob CPPS

      Please mic foley, don’t ever present a title again 😭 I.e. universal championship, 24/7 championship, hardcore championship (I don’t like how it looks aesthetically)

    11. [G4L] Viper

      These comments certainly didn't age well

    12. Stacey Guy


    13. Identity Withheld

      That looks beautiful.

    14. Christian Gutierrez

      Honestly they should of just brought back the Hardcore title. It looks waaaay cooler.

    15. Chris Eccles

      This was a ridiculous idea anyone else agree

    16. Carlos Parga

      So is anyone watching All Out on the 31st of this month. Because all I have to say is AEW is so much better.

    17. Il bestemmiatore

      24/7 suck

    18. Nun Yuh

      They already did this before...did they not?

    19. Nacion Lucha Libre

      Now 24/7 title is better than universal title R truth makes it gold

    20. CyberChamp

      Here we are. We started with booing and now we have the greatest thing to happen in recent history of WWE.

    21. JohnEnigma

      Here we are three months and it's one of the most over things on the show.

    22. sports fan80

      Thanks mick your a genius make him gm again wwe !

    23. Rahim

      3:34 Corey Graves: Cut it in half 😂 😂 😂

    24. Zachary Rachel

      Anyone notice Micks Walmart brand shoes? Must not be getting paid well

    25. Faker Raging Fanboy

      Pretty funny in retrospective, cuz the only reason I watch Raw now is the 24/7 Championship.

    26. 아기 부

      Ouch!! What an ugly belt..miss all the title belts in AE time..great design..now wwe belts just like made at toys'r us..

    27. RealLasty

      The number 24/7 came from a youtuber

    28. Louie De Palma

      And it quickly became the best part of every Raw

    29. Louie De Palma

      By god Mick looks amazing since starting doing DDP Yoga

    30. Diego Borja

      Ugly title, but a lot of fun

    31. Fernando sosa

      thanks Foley

    32. WWE Jackson Parker

      And now a pregnant woman holds it

    33. Davarius Woodard

      I need mojo on my football team oh wait hes grown Edit:were number 1 in the league tho 😁🤷

    34. Kyudo Kun

      This title belt is a perfect example of an out of season April fool's joke.

    35. Peter Goettler


    36. Hard bass Guy

      WWE soft core champion

    37. Jonathan Chuta

      24/7 reveal: Ugh WWE why are you guys doing? This title is dumb! Months after: The 24/7 champion is now more interesting along with the Fiend (Bray Wyatt)

    38. Wisconsin & Lake Michigan Railroad

      So many people hated it and didn’t realize what it would become

    39. Silver fox Wolfs

      I hate this championship it’s so bad I hate this thing that they made

    40. Terrell Cole

      Not going all the way back to the Attitude Era to only to phase out the Hardcore title.

    41. Abood 1

      After three months this title the best now

      1. Tom Motha Fucken Cable

        Abood 1 I love it now

    42. Emerson Palacios

      The championship I have made it not cannon tho The cosmic championship- it like universal championship except it blue and the little strike black thing the color of it is white The Christmas championship- it a title that can only be won in December if it the end of December and December ended the current champion for that title has to wait for next December to defend the title Saints Patrick championship-it the same as the Christmas title except it has to be saint Patrick month and then they can defend Halloween championship- same as the other except they have to defend in October Easter championship- same as the other except they have to defend it in Easter month Birthday championship- whenever it some one birthday they get the title but when it some one else’s birthday they have to defend it France championship- same as USA title Italy championship- same as USA title Germany championship- same as USA title Spain championship- same as USA title England championship-same as USA title China championship - same as USA title Japan championship-same as USA title Mexico championship- same as USA title Jobber championship- it a title that only jobber can defend and win Rookie championship- it a title that only rookie can defend and win And that all have a great day everyone and ima kid so I get my hope high so yeah pls no hate

      1. Emerson Palacios

        And the Promo championship- a title which you need to say the truth or you have control of the promo or your voice is speaking out loud Gaming championship- they play a game which they 1v1 in the game like 2k19 Ok now that my list Wait.. The money championship- it the one that the money man has ted Now that all in my list

      2. Emerson Palacios

        And if I was a manager in wwe I would take the championship from Danny Bryan when he lost and turn it into the eco championship

      3. Emerson Palacios

        I also will add Brazil championship- same as USA title And I think there a uk championship in nxt but this one is in raw or smack down United Kingdom championship- same as USA title

    43. Going Off Topic

      The fact in 2 months this disgusting looking belt is more compelling than the biggest title on the show is a real bad sign, r-truth for 100 times champ

    44. Krishna Thapa


    45. Gabriel Beck.


    46. Lee Andrada

      I said it first 2 months ago that a diva will win the 24/7 title and that happened 7/22/19.

      1. Kenneth Monfil

        idk, but I highly doubt that what u'r saying is true.

    47. arin bajaj

      R truth's baby

    48. Will Shaw

      Crazy how this is the best thing going in in wwe now

    49. rocky morane

      Most interesting belt in wwe history??

    50. Dbzdude 548

      As WWE2k18 Corey graves once said, great idea by him, too bad it was awfully executed

    51. Silvana Saez Diaz

      It became the most anticipated by the fans, generating more views and helping to push Maverick and Truth's careers.

    52. Triple A Triple a

      Come on wwe 🤢🤮🤮🤮. Ecw and tna impact had better looking titles than this bs.. This title looks like a damn Egyptian title

      1. Wizard Ninja

        Still looks better than the universal championship and the only good thing about wwe right now

    53. Orioles Fanatic

      Is the 24/7 title also available for the fans from around the world?

      1. Blessed

        Lol no

    54. Natsu Dragneel

      I came back to this video to see if the dislike to like ratio was still so bad, and now it's quite the opposite lol

    55. arm pongsakorn

      Booo hahaha

    56. Devil stew

      Its pretty much the 24/7 hardcore title, u can attack people with weapons before pinning them lol

    57. THEDARKNESS 9916

      They Should Made Extreme Championship It Will Be Like Hardcore Championship

    58. Roy Mustang Ackerman

      Brock Lesnar

    59. KR Rathore

      *Though it was completely scripted... It's so entertaining...!*

    60. V Apocalypz

      Karl anderson first champion VAR please.

    61. V Apocalypz

      2:09 answer is... no just the jobbers

    62. Sucoman 05

      Que puta mierda de titulo

    63. moxely fan

      One day I am wwe 24-7 champion

    64. Stevie Grant

      Hardcore title i think of mick foley 24/7 i think of crash holly

    65. Nunchaku 8

      You Suck for gettin every superstars attention with that stupid 24/7 title

    66. George PRIVATE

      This crowd is awful!

    67. Swapnil Chavan

      Meanwhile the 24/7 title champion . . . . . Aao aur marke jao😂

    68. Michael ali


    69. bert fromarketin

      Mick got a full set of meth teeth

    70. AllenElite

      Imagine if anyone from the crowd jumped through the barricades to grab the title 😂