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Mick Foley on the unpredictability of the 24/7 Title: Raw Exclusive, May 20, 2019



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    With the new 24/7 Championship, you never quite know what to expect. WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discusses what it was like to introduce the spiritual successor to the Hardcore Championship.
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    1. Dallas Rexrode

      This belt better be in Wwe 2k20 that would be funny 😂

    2. anitha msangi

      come back sasha becuse wwe is losing fans

    3. Anderson Alezano

      Hardcore Championship

    4. Boomer Sooner619

      he totally botch

    5. Edgar Flores

      the next is fin balor

    6. Alan Jagroop

      Vince u know what would make good tv is defending the 24/7 title in the champions own home/house. That would be entertaining like how back in the attitude era where triple h went to randy ortons house and beat him up.

    7. Alan Jagroop

      The 24/7 champion should enter a aew arena and the wwe wrestlers should follow him to win the title in another company arena studio

    8. Thanos

      Just bring back the Hardcore Championship back,instead of this kiddie edition belt

    9. Real King K

      Even though it looks terrible the concept is fun and not too serious back when WWE was like that

    10. Marine Admiral Jeronimo

      He evens knows the crowd was dissappointed

    11. DGotTheJuice

      title just looks like something you can make with little effort on WWE 2K19


      Mick Is A Great Driver 0:01

    13. Arthur Callahan

      You can slowly see how the WWE stories are deteriorating because of Vince.

    14. Pejay Oum

      I would of thought something like a Television title or something. Need to bring that back to WWE. Television title was a coveted title as well during WCW.

    15. Chris051

      Lets give Hogan the title!

    16. TobisaruJC

      Should’ve just brought back the hardcore title and literally nothing would’ve changed besides the crowd reaction

    17. Throwback Channel

      This 24/7 title thing kinda reminds me of the movie Tag.

    18. vaanan navin

      So he cant walk now

    19. Zik Gamer

      Mick Foley return WWE =))

    20. ハイイロギツネ


    21. V

      The Mini Mart World Championship.

    22. loriparker666

      The “please don’t leave us for AEW” championship... lol

    23. Samuel Johnson

      We wanted the hardcore title back

    24. Vidya Devi

      Ladies and gentlemen Behold for the 24/7 title Vince's creativity A 2 year old could come up with a better championship gimmick than that

    25. ramesh prajapati


    26. Shaggster 258

      I miss mick Foley's old hair

    27. T Boss

      At least the title had a new design, Kudos to that!

    28. Donna1175

      Shouldn't it be called the 3 hr belt? I mean the refs and cameras can't follow the title holder 24/7.

    29. Joseph Galligar

      If I’m being honest it doesn’t seem too bad. It gives all that nobody’s on the roster 10 seconds of fame. I think it would be funny if strowman won and ppl were too afraid to get it. Would make a funny storyline

    30. Chad Kirk

      Look just Smash the title to pieces and tape it up. I'll be less pissed off if you did that.

    31. Legendary Angel

      In 2019 this belt makes no sense. A belt has no value when it changes hands 3x in one night or 9x a month. I could understand this being a comedy belt given to losers on the roster who draw crickets...but giving them something to do. As Vince likes the comedy element. Well his comedy element is this belt / skits is probably considered P0rn for Vince.

      1. Danimal1177

        And how is it that a title that is to be defended 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, will ONLY be defended during the 3rd hour of Raw? A more accurate name would be the one-hour free-for-all championship.

    32. Sean Prentice

      Why can't WWE bring back the Hardcore title and replace the Universal Championship with the World Heavyweight title? In the "New" Era it's just bad writing and ideas are dull. Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era for life!!! Better writing and brilliant creativity

    33. Marcus Pulido

      Mick tells us how you REALLY feel PLEASE?

    34. Shivanshu Roy

      Awesome title would be fun

    35. Kaden WWE

      unpopular opinion: i literally agree with everything mick foley said in this video.

    36. bazookatooth92

      I'd like to hear Mick's honest opinion when he's not in front of wwe cameras.

      1. Danimal1177

        I think it was written all over his face.

    37. kimbasland

      But it looks like a ladies watch. Not cool.

    38. Yoojin

      Crappy belt name and design but concept is good

    39. lucas barbosa

      this is one of the best ideas in wwe this month, like it

    40. Brandon Brown


    41. zachary benn theFAM

      I was more upset . It wasn’t a woman title . There way more men titles . It time to get more for the women division. Come on WWE . Step up ! You claim your for the women revolution. Get more titles for the women. Come out with a women united state . Or women’s globe to globe something . 3 is not enough . When there like 6 different titles for the men . Only 3 for the women . Women are part of it to. Step your game up . WWE . 24/7 should have been for the women . Just saying . The men division has to many like it is .

    42. Andres Garcia

      I like it, better than no new belt at all,u funs are soo choosy, im sure there going to change the design at some point,thanks wwe for doing something new/oldschool

    43. My Entire Team Sucks

      CALLING IT: Becky Lynch become both woman's and 24/7 champion to remain "Becky Two-Belts".

    44. Corey Barton

      Everyone says they hate the title but I love it and it's one of my favourites ever. And I can't wait to get a toy title of this (hopefully)

    45. Dirt Skemmerz

      Can we just acknowledge the fact that Mick Foley is playing with a golf cart xD

    46. Phycotic Lass

      Can women win this aswell ?

    47. Judy Chen

      0:12 0:13

    48. MAFIAMAN

      am i the only one excited to see the hardcore championship return even if its ugly meanwhile every other comment "aew is better" or "cm punk was right" your all going to keep watching wwe even when aew comes out so shut up

    49. Hasan Alnassar

      0:51 i see you Cathy

    50. Sk8tchy

      Do you guys see Mick Foley's ear?

    51. ellibod1

      At least mick acknowledged the flaw of it not being the hardcore title. He acknowledged the flaw, which is more than what can be said for Vince

    52. Mr Shayen 984

      Remember THE hardcore

    53. GamingWithSilvertail

      Etxept this isnt a hardcore title :(

    54. Paul Escalona

      Mick wanted to get out ASAP

    55. Hars Hal

      Title for Jobber - Thank you Vince

    56. corey walker

      I wanna see what kind of flavor this title will bring to the table.

    57. face708time

      247 title 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😂😂😂🤮🤮🤮

    58. grayproductions19

      This was actually one of my favourite segments when the hardcore title was around so i think people should stop complianing and enjoy a change for once

    59. wayneswirl

      Poop emoji

    60. Yves Jan Atienza

      Much respect to Mick Foley!

    61. Predator

      All Jobbler can become champions now

    62. Promise Vega

      Nobody was disappointed because you didn't present a hardcore title lol it was the ugly title and the dumb lower mid card talent pushing for it. Let R-truth keep the title and make a real title to show you really care about your talent and company as a whole.

    63. vohlsen

      Poor Foley. Debuting the Universal and 24/7 championships to boos.

      1. chrharmar

        Yeah, having a Universal Championship and 24/7 championship that look so PG and something that a little kid would wear. And to have it presented by legend from the Attitude Era doesn't look right. It looks really sad.

    64. ShiftingGear OTP

      It’s barely been a day and I already see the same stale comments over and over about it being the “Jobbers Title”. Say what you want but the Hardcore title is back. That’s what we wanted. Did you really expect them to role out the same title from years ago? It was obviously thrown together quickly considering AEW just got their TNT deal, which is just around the corner. I personally find myself interested in seeing the conclusion of R Truth taking his new “European Title” to smackdown. 😂 I do hope they change the look of the title eventually but I could care less, I just want to be entertained and so far i have been.

    65. quymoto

      Who would like Mick Foley to win the 24/7 Title?

    66. Betto Ortega

      NEW WWE 24/7 Championsip 🏆 Winner Cathy Kelley??

    67. Wilbert Martin

      Is it open to the women's division too

    68. Ryan Savard

      What is with the belt leather being different colours? Is the green supposed to be a mix of the red and blue brand? Those coloured belts are ugly as f#^& and need to be the big front gold and black leather like before

    69. Mr. Pool

      I have been a fan of the WWE for more than fifteen years and it is unfortunate to see how they no longer have ideas, the fanatics did not care about the championship that 24/7, gave the title to Bayley and gave another chance the bulk of Lesnar. They don't know what to do anymore, the ideas are running out. I hope that AEW is a good company and so you are afraid to see if so, achieve better because the truth is that they are already lazy.

    70. Coolsister Ts

      The reaction of the everyone is dead like idk if anyone really likes this but I don’t like it I don’t hate it I just think it’s wild Am I the only one asking my self why is mick Foley in an golf cart

    71. Devin Evrard

      The idea behind the title is great, qnd its a good fun way to spice up the lower card guys. Its funny that the hardcore title, the belt that basically the old early to mid 90s winged eagle belt thats been broken, spray painted, and duct taped is a thousand times better looking than this weird ugly green and gold belt we have today thats called the 24/7 champion.

    72. Dave Roberson

      I'm hoping they will include segments not on Raw or Smackdown but on social media where we might all of a sudden see the title change hands in real time. If they did that it would kind of feel like the show never really ends which I kind of like.

    73. Captain Subpar

      Just what the WWE needed... an 18th active title. JFC.

    74. Jordan

      Mick sounds weird now. no one liked the belt and no reaction from people lol.

    75. Trump killed Han Solo

      Why the hell is Foley steering the wheel

    76. Rodney White

      I heckled the idea a lot but I admit I was wrong to do that. I think WWE may have something with this Championship. It’s gonna boost the level of competition which will in turn boost the morale and make WWE more successful as an entire company for the future to come. Well done. This is actually a really smart play.

    77. Wrestling CITY!!

      This title is the biggest joke from WWE.


      In other words...dont lose the Mattel money

    79. Nelson CEP

      The 24/7 belt that is only competed for during 1 hour of Raw....

      1. Danimal1177

        I was wondering the same thing: how is it that a title that supposedly is to be defended 24 hour a day, 7 days a week, will *only* be defended during one hour on Monday nights?

    80. dekaranja

      Wonder if the ladies have a shot at this title? That would make the title somewhat cool

    81. Sid Damnnn

      What is wrong with his right ear ?

      1. Seth Walker

        He had his ear ripped off in Germany during a WCW european tour. The accident took place in a match with Vader when he was wrestling under his Cactus Jack persona after ring staff had tightened the ropes unduly, following earlier complaints that they were too loose. He was attempting to perform a move called the hangman, in which a wrestler’s head gets caught between the ropes. Mick struggled to break free from the extremely tight ropes a situation that can result in cerebral anoxia, brain damage and even death. In the ultimately successful struggle to free himself (largely thanks to the referee’s assistance), Foley ripped off most of his ear and needed to undergo surgery to get it reattached.

    82. -

      Why is he in a golf cart lol

    83. renzo guevara moreyra

      Es una basura ese titulo

    84. The Undertaker n8 Kane

      i dont know if anyone else feels bad baout this but every time I see mick I feel bad about him he lost his right ear his teeth for what he never got real respect from wwe and didnt earn enough fame.Lost all of his HIAC matches cmon wwe give him some respect

    85. toomadtoplay

      I appreciate his honesty, and although it was like getting the wrong Nintendo game for Christmas, doesn't mean it's not going to be fun

    86. Lamar AC West

      So the Universal Championship & the 24/7 Championship is pretty much the WWE Championship & Intercontinental Championship of the millenium.

    87. BrandoSciandra

      Would’ve rather seen a television championship that has to be defended every week so we can actually see championship matches on Raw/SD again

    88. SizDevil

      Us Hardcore fans were the most disappointed.

    89. Fede_Rico_95

      He was clearly embarassed in front of the crowd's reaction, I felt sorry for him

    90. Imran Becks

      This title is just so lame. 24/7 seriously? What's wrong with just calling it the Hardcore title? And that design...... Good grief.

      1. ShiftingGear OTP

        Imran Becks it’s called sponsorship. Wwe is a pg brand, their sponsors will not get behind a title called the hardcore Title. So far it’s literally the same as the Hardcore Title so why are you bitching? Oh that’s right your a Toxic fan that wants something from WWE, then when you get it you bash it into the ground for it not being exactly what you wanted.

    91. Trayxxxx

      I love the idea, it gives the lower midcard something to fight for, plus that means we get to see superstars from all of the brands trying to get it. What you my opinion, gives some good exposure. And most of all, if it's even close to the antics the legendary Crash Holly went through, this is going to be a hell of a fun ride.

    92. Gabriel Tenchev

      The idea is great but belt not!! 50/50 for me

    93. SRL

      The 'we haven't got anything for you to do so here you go' Championship

    94. #1 ON TRENDING

      I'm Probably The Only One That's Going to Enjoy This Title!

      1. Armon Judah

        I'm with you

    95. Salman Utim

      The ideal holder of this title should be Brock Lesnar so that he can defend it at any time 😂😂😂

    96. Kiran Riar

      Exciting to watch

    97. Life of Sir Jonny English

      So even the females can get it

    98. Arthur Kay

      Will this finally move wwe out of the TERRIBLE PG era!?

    99. Wallayebilaye

      I know I always criticize WWE, but this title is for me a great idea. It'll be fun af.

    100. Patrick Irvine

      I’m guessing they didn’t make it a hardcore title because it won’t be hardcore