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    Hey guys, I’m here with Millie Bobby Brown, and today we’re putting our friendship to the test! Thanks to everyone who gave us questions for the game!
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    I’m Noah! When I’m not acting in stuff or in the upside down, I make videos about the fun stuff I do and the places I go! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and don’t forget to subscribe!
    Millie Bobby Brown BFF challenge! | Noah Schnapp
    Noah Schnapp

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    1. Noah Schnapp

      thank u guys so much for giving me so much support on this channel. It's been so fun making these videos. Just make sure to keep leaving suggestions cuz i'm always open to anything!

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        Hide and seek tag

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        Sorry this comment is literally just for no reason other than because I wanted it to have 500

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        You are so cool

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      Hi and oiiiiiiiii

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      Alexa tell 11 she is actually 14

    4. Senofs

      5:07 the confusion in his face lmao

    5. RedSoulz

      this is a good friendship

    6. isi ???

      Soy la única que abla español

    7. Snowwflakes

      Will and el

    8. Ely Loskowitz

      bro why you bully me,noah

    9. LKWD Modeling Agency

      She had the perfect opportunity to say dungeons and dragons

    10. FAn skitsamma

      A lot of people here is just stranger things fans who took the show a bit too far and got affected by it a bit too much. Those people aren’t really happy with their own life’s and therefore they watch others as an escape, much like a defense mechanism. I’m one of those people.

    11. Evie Blevins

      the way millie was so concerned when he drew on his face like NOOOAAah is priceless

    12. FAn skitsamma

      I just feel worthless watching this tbh. They seem to be so happy and in such good positions in their life’s while I’m here depressed as fuck and having nothing to live for atm. I just wanna be as happy as them.

    13. Tania Rodrigues

      I love you and milie Nooah

    14. MAc BaBy

      I really like her but she is still pretty annoying. I mean what us this noah noah noah 😂its like she could be my annoying cringey bff

    15. tomas gamer 367

      Haha 😂😂😂😂I LOVE

    16. Shanaya BALI

      omg my birthday is 4 days before hers

    17. XxXDEVELS_Hollow XxX

      OMG SO LUCKY FYI I SAW ALL THE SRNGER THINGS aho else loves strnger things season 4 comes out April 3 2020

    18. Lucia Maria Rios Miranda

      aaaaaaaaaalgueeeeeeeeeeem brasileiro por favor kkkkkk

    19. Happy Redq

      He is no longer stuck in the upside down. he is stuck in that room

    20. Chris Farrell

      I like when you are played in stranger things I can't wait for season 4

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      Ya cojan

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      Tô estudando inglês

    25. mr yeety

      you s o bad

    26. Johnson

      Millie: What is my favorite Water brand? WATER IS WATER

    27. FryptoloGaming

      3:31 close your eyes

    28. Crazy Spud

      When is season 4 out

    29. Ki M

      2020 anyone

    30. Ainhoa Diaz

      Happy birday millie

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    32. Asa Akar

      OMG MY NAME IS ASA. At the end I was like hold wtf

    33. Xx_TiaW_xX

      I think they recorded this video on my birthday aug 14th

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      Love Noah millie

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      my birthday is in 11 february

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      My Alexa kept gong off🙄

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      Wait, I was born on 19 February too lol Happy birthday Millie

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      Alguien habla español ??

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      Gooo 4 temporada

    40. nane perez

      Goloso 4 temporad

    41. nane perez

      Goooo temporada

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      3:53 noah:milieee😂😂😂❤️❤️

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      Millie Bobby Brown she cute ❤️❤️

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      I love Millie Bobby Brown ❤❤

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      Sou do brasil

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    47. Araceli Mendez

      You are gay

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      Mennnnnnnn, When Will I See Stranger Things 4 Mennnnnnnn, I Would Like to See Hopper Talking Russian Lmao

    49. Re9inaCass Anidem

      A love

    50. Jhois Chambilla Toro

      i like your videos noah,really

    51. Sharon Muñoz

      Los odio son los peores del mundo

    52. zaira Paez mililo

      que linda pareja

    53. Samuka Gomes

      Não tô entendendo nada, só tô aqui pq sou fã de stranger things e dos atores 😂

    54. GalaxyGrill UwU

      Everyone has a birth mark. *iT’s YoUr EyEs*

    55. Raquel Sousa

      I love you noah

    56. grn_ vannos

      The way he said “back to the DE-news video”😂😂

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      Noah and Millie please add me back on Snapchat!!

    59. Xime Lol

      I Love u, u are the best DE-newsr

    60. Eric Welch

      Two questions why do They have earn and second of all was there any ashes in it before

    61. Aimee Rodriguez

      Hello millie y noha

    62. João Miguel

      They're so cute I'm brazilian '-'

    63. x x

      5:19 why'd she make that face?

    64. Summer Riza

      lmao i have the same beauty spot in the same place as noah, summer mckeen and like 7 other celebrities

    65. Jailton Silva Santos

      Noah,Millie Sou do Brasil e amo vcssssss

    66. Cunnilingus Messiah

      Chris Hansen is right behind you!

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      In loviou

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      i love millie serius am must married with hier

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