Millie Bobby Brown best friend challenge! | Noah Schnapp

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Noah Schnapp

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    Hey guys, I’m here with Millie Bobby Brown, and today we’re putting our friendship to the test! Thanks to everyone who gave us questions for the game!
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    I’m Noah! When I’m not acting in stuff or in the upside down, I make videos about the fun stuff I do and the places I go! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think, and don’t forget to subscribe!
    Millie Bobby Brown BFF challenge! | Noah Schnapp
    Noah Schnapp

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    1. Noah Schnapp

      thank u guys so much for giving me so much support on this channel. It's been so fun making these videos. Just make sure to keep leaving suggestions cuz i'm always open to anything!

      1. feleol gemer

        A única coisa que eu não entendi foi nada sério mesmo thau

      2. Sh Algassab

        Do these kind of challenges with maybe finn or gaten or the other ur co-actors Love u💚💚💚💚

      3. Denise Helgert

        I come of Germany 😂 i Love you and Stranger Things IT was beautyful 💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💕💗💗💗💗

      4. G7T Vitu

        Noah Schnapp brasileiros ??

      5. Elia Colucci

        I love u guys I’m trying to meet u guys in December I love u Noah ❤️❤️

    2. Kaiden Bader

      OMG I love you guys and I what to be in Stranger Things so bad (crossing my fingers) hope you guys do more collabs😁

    3. Patricia Hernández rincon

      I love u noah

    4. Blaze Sparks

      hi noah

    5. Val Tou

      😂🤣 come on you to cool guys

    6. Maria Clara Lima

      Love stranger thingns

    7. Adriana Soares

      Millie 💭 Noah= ❤💑❤

    8. Chase Johnson

      MY BIRTHDAY IS ON FEBRUARY 19. I have the same birthday as Millie Bobby Brown. Omg

    9. CAMBO spider

      Noah schnapp and Millie Bobby Brown's ship name Milan sorry finn you and millie are over😥

    10. XxDante 33

      Chapeee!!!! Chapeeeee!!!!

    11. Tiffanyae 123

      Millie is literally one month and two days older than me

    12. Miguel Vianna

      Hello noah

    13. Monica Ludlow

      I am a big fan !!! Of mile bran

    14. Margaret Timpson

      This was so cute


      Hey noah I am a big fan of you let's be bros

    16. Sabrina e sua família {amoroso}

      Y love you Noah Schnapp e Millie Bobby Brown❤️❤️❤️

    17. Valen Oliv

      No entiendo ingles pero eso no es de Mj amigos para mi vista ahre estaban muy juntos pero igual hacen re linda pareja 😍😍😍

    18. JeongI.N'sNetfelixAccount

      The winner should have been able to post something embarrassing on Millie's Tik Tok

    19. JeongI.N'sNetfelixAccount

      I've literally been crushing on Noah ever since I started watching Stranger Things and now I'm also crushing on Millie lmao

    20. Aubrey and Ryleigh A

      I was supposed to be born on the 19 of February but I was born on the 17 of feb

    21. Courtney Oakes

      me having a $4 bowl and noah having a $100 vase

    22. chuy pro

      They're both very cute

    23. Alexandra !

      I don’t know if Noah will ever see this but it’s worth a try, soo ever since my younger sister saw you act on ST she’s been wanting to act, and it would mean a lot if you can send tips here orrr u can come to Texas and surprise her? Hehe ^like this plz, I want to help my sister out^

    24. Guadalupe Martinez

      Hello noch

    25. Ana Quiñones

      OMG I didn't know that Noah had a YT channel! 😁

    26. Molly Blackford

      The amount of times she said "NOAH!!!!!!!!!" and he said "MILLAYYY!!" XD

    27. Angie Flores Guillen

      Hello Mille

    28. Agrynoor

      Noah Schnapp the name sounds like german

    29. Guillermo Irazábal

      hello noah my neme is Martina

    30. allyson honda

      I’m dyslexic to

    31. Karla Galaviz

      My birthday is frebrari 19 😍😍

    32. Karla Galaviz

      I love you millie Bobby Brown

    33. Matías Covarrubias Lotero

      Nadi me entiende

    34. Michelle Bryson

      ThE SchNaPp ThAT SmILEs BaCK NOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHh! 3:30 3:49 Also When Millie Said," Here's The Problem Noah, That's A Sharpie." I swear she said Schnappie

    35. Brisa catarino

      this is what happened after el and the byers moved away

    36. Je t adore

    37. Ritchie Fitzpatrick

      I whatch you on stranger things

    38. kota Hudson

      Did Noah wear a wig or was it real hair

    39. Brunela Fernández

      I LOVE YOU😍😍😍

    40. Mara Miller

      4:38 Now Millie is right 😂 ( I am sry for being so mean)

    41. Dark NightYT

      Millie is my crush 7w7 I love you MILLIE

    42. Nia kharatishvili

      Millie was right , His grandma passed away 2 days ago💔

    43. ddd ddd

      MILLE Faine dimples in her cheeks and looks good with her hair undone

    44. Bayan Al hello

      Can u tell mille that flipping love her plzzzzzz

    45. sacha mennesson

      Millie la plus belle

    46. mama mo

      did she just said david dobre?

    47. Inés SA

      Guess mills got his number of grandparents right after all. Rip grammie schnapp. We love u Noah, lots of love in these hard times

    48. Roci gacha gacha

      When will your concert be in chile

    49. Roci gacha gacha

      I love you very much are my idols i admire you very much please answer me i'm from chile

    50. Виктория Айрапетян

      Кто из России?

    51. Ivan D'souza

      Millie needs to go to school

    52. João Pedro Bagatin

      Where does Millie Bobby Brown live?

    53. Simona Pacello


    54. Bell Beauty

      At 0:38 Noah goes away akwardly because Milllie was going near to him

    55. Julia Menafuent

      Hola Noah!!! I’m from Spain!!🙈💕🥳I like stranger things... Millie os very funny🤪🤪Kiss from you

      1. Julia Menafuent

        Noah!!! I💛USA! WTF💕

    56. The ShaDow Gamer

      Me:Alexei play despacito Alexei: Am I a joke to you

    57. Bianca Dias

      I'm in love with this video 🤧❤️

    58. Juste Mimi

      NOAH omg 😂 MILLIE 🤣

    59. Ema Gaming

      R.I.P Hope you feel better soon

    60. Elsa clei

      I'm French and i love you 😊

    61. Candice Baudry

      I love strangers things immobilier freinsh je vous adore

      1. Candice Baudry

        Excuse my strangers things 😍

    62. Raed Zidan Vlogs

      Those are not dislikes, they are likes from the upside down

      1. iiKxrlinq

        Raed Zidan Vlogs lmao

    63. miss emcy


    64. Hrishikesh Deka

      Please reply big fannnn What is your age??? Please visit India u have a big fannnn following here please reply 😭😭😭😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏please

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    68. FREE FIRE 24 HS


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      Sou fã do brasill

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      American guy and British Girl. 😍😍