Mind BLOWN by Kid's Magic Kit - Ten Minute Power Hour

The Grumps

The Grumps

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    Arin and Dan opens the doors of reality and find lots of balls.
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    1. Prosnype

      For those who believe the dice trick was an edit, let me explain how he did it. If you don't want to read it and spoil the trick, then stop reading now. Ok, so basically the container for the dice allows each dice to rotate vertically when it is shaked once, meaning that the top face would be replaced by the side face behind it. I would recommend looking at a physical dice to help picture this. So, in order to pull off the trick, Arin arranged the dice so that, despite all the dice having 1 on the top face, they were placed in different orientations so that the face that would be shown at the top after rotating would be different. The faces on the sides of the dice which could show after 1 shake would be 2, 3, 4 and 5, since 6 was at the bottom of the dice (since 6 is opposite to 1, which is at the top face of the dice). So, Arin memorised the number pattern on the set of dice before rotating them to 1, so that after 1 rotation, each specific number would show. Hence, since he was the one who set up the orientation (or the horizontal rotation) of each dice, he already knew what would show on the top faces of the dice, meaning that he can easily say what numbers were going to appear on the dice before he did the trick. Now, the second part of the trick is even more simple. As I said earlier, the bottom face of each dice was 6 originally, since the top face was initially 1. This means that the six would move to the top face after 2 shakes or rotations (1 rotation to bring it to the side, and 1 more to bring it to the top). So, once Arin did the first part of the trick, he would simply have to shake it one more time to make all the dice have 6 on the top face. Hence, Arin already knew that they would all be 6, since there is no other number on the bottom of each dice originally. I hope this is understandable, just try visually picturing this in your head. The amount of people who thought this was edited is actually insane.

    2. Jonathan Pinkney

      Dan's unbroken eye contact as he places his balls on the table...

    3. Madeline Voelkel

      i want to understand the dice trick

    4. Madeline Voelkel

      i just really enjoy Dan's shirt

    5. Shinkai Atusya

      6:40 Is it just me or did Arin momentarily turn into Dr. Seuss.

    6. I’m B

      aw don’t cry dan

    7. Ziddy

      I want to say that the dice was just camera tricks, but their reaction seemed so genuine I actually cant tell if it was legit or not.

    8. Vito's Vids

      Eveybody talking about Arins tricks, yet no one talks about your magic 8 ball guy perfoming this little gem, 11:07

    9. BeyondHawkeye

      What is Arin’s shirt based off of though?

    10. Elite Otaku

      know i know why they didnt get a letter to hogwarts

    11. Shay Iyer

      thumb tip thumb tip tip thumb tip trick

    12. Jacob Nemyer

      0:23 Dan looks like an uncle that just had eye surgery

    13. Jayce Marshall

      So this is why their so good at magic the gathering

    14. blinkfilms1

      arin is so fucking cute this episode wow edit: dan too im

    15. D’artagnan Vega

      i’ve missed theses guys fr !! it’s been a long time

    16. RaikaSTi

      i wonder how the dice trick work?

    17. MilesStyles360

      That intro confused me

    18. Joe Bloker

      After @11:18 I think I am pregnant with Dan’s baby

    19. Jesse

      9:50 begins Arin's incredibly wholesome dice trick :')

    20. Almond Water

      not ten minutes

    21. Miguel Chacon

      I love the genuine bro moment that was had. Going for the fist bump and all. It was great to see. You love to see it

    22. Kayla Edgerton

      I took a test to see which career would be best for me and I got magician and then right under it was plumber so I'm gonna be a magicianal plumber

    23. TheSlime Assassin32

      I know the dice trick was edited but i legit thought that it was first a legit move

    24. Chimken Nuggets

      Dan: everyone is someones dad My stupid ass 2 seconds later: *what if someones a girl dad*

    25. Cole Sun

      Arin's laughing face looks like Mike Myer's smiling face from Wayne's World

    26. Kevin Little

      Dan: *Pulls balls out of shirt seductively

    27. Coco Freeze

      Can I hire Dan for my birthday?

    28. Landon Letterman

      I really wish they had used an old broken laptop for the table clearing gag, just so (as a final cap to the joke) he just one handed slammed it onto the floor, off to the side, once he was done.

    29. Whoa There!

      Of course it’s the 3 of clubs.

    30. Daniel Merino

      7:13 pog moment

    31. bloodrunsclear

      ‘Is this your card? No? Damn.’ -Joel Robinson

    32. Bush Crafty

      problem is dan has the wack job magician look.

    33. Patrick Batemans Waifu


    34. emu

      Arin being so happy makes me happy

    35. Vimo

      magic grumps

    36. Kanash' Ibara

      Arin....sometimes.... you're disturbing... but you're awesome XD

    37. DabDoesGaming

      Dan literally just said the beginning of onward at like 12:05

    38. Volkamar

      7:11 PogChamp

    39. WhiteBurdie

      wait can someone tell me if the dice trick was genuinely real, I thought it was a bit

    40. why do I exist

      4:09 is that rope strands in dan's hair?

    41. Andrew Scardino

      Dan still had the face paint in his hair

    42. Bored Currently

      Dan still has paint in his hair

    43. Lord MuffinTop

      Dan AviDAD

    44. That dude Dakota

      My dad do be dead but im glad i got u two as my dads🙂

    45. Martin Sutton

      I am notmkidding after I watched this I just grabbed my cards in my random junk drawer, shuffled it, shaked it so a crad would slip down, grabbed the card that was about to fall out and looked at it, it was a 3 of clubs.

    46. Nick Holcomb

      The way Dan said “Get out of here...” fucking killed me

    47. Otaku Person

      Whats that shirt Arin is wearing? I'd really like to know.

    48. appo1224 bc

      man those balls really multiplied

    49. H Nickel

      There needs to be a cheap porno named “Multiple Balls”

    50. Gwenith Palstra

      Dan is such a great magican!

    51. Robb Mitchell

      I want to see dan wear the fake thumb. Lol

    52. Karitia

      I know the card trick really well and it’s so funny to see arin do it by shaking it out of the deck

    53. Gina Sonicstar

      "Everybody is somebody's dad." Moms: *Am I a joke to you?*

    54. KaKo

      Arin poggers

    55. Roadtrip Warrior

      There are two kinds of people. People who put in effort to learn new skills: drawing, animating, voice work, impromptu comedy, acting, singing, managing a business/video game production, and magic tricks. Then there is Dan

    56. Slenderkale

      The first thing I saw In the tittle was “blown by kids” son I had to click

    57. The Noteless

      Arin almost every episode:"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

    58. Casey Combs

      You're already 20 thousand times better than my actual dad. If you don't mind having a disabled daughter then meet me at the courthouse to sign the adoption papers

    59. f i zz_s0da

      This whole video I've been laughing because Arin actually *does* look like a dad.

    60. Xavier Ticas

      I don't think Dan took this challenge seriously.

    61. Donnie Skaggs

      *"Look at all this mana!!"*

    62. Frebo the great

      Hi dad

    63. Zelolman The What

      Arin's dice trick was actually legitimately impressive.

    64. LightStone1603

      I love the David Blaine’s street magic reference Dan threw in there, lmao.11:16-11:30

    65. Alejandro Tenorio

      Dani is the greatest magician ever and by the end of the video he proved this fact with the multiplying balls

    66. msmgma 79727003JD

      7:14 when sexy me time

    67. Jess Koch

      8:23 Arin is genuinely SO proud of himself.

    68. 「Ocean Man」

      Today I learned Dan is really bad at magic

    69. Hugsforall

      6:18 Fear his primal scream, he is Arin, he is fierce, and he is deadly.

    70. Luis-kun

      when Dan did the rope trick, i laughed so hard you have no idea