Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Horse...



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    Minecraft, But My Friend Is A Horse...
    I turned my friend into a Minecraft horse! He had to be by my side and help me fend off mobs attacking me but he could not break or place blocks. This was crazy fun...
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    This is a new Minecraft but, 1.14/1.15 challenge that we have decided to try.
    Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin

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      Make dream your mincraft fox i figured out that you can tame a fox but if not try makeing hime into a hmmmmmm......hmmmm OH i think there is a mod for doing dragons please do a seris of dream being your dragon from egg to adult go on many adventures i now this from how to train your dragon mincraft please do this for me i just subscribed to your channle he can choose what dragon he can be OMG be the nether dragon its the best dragon ever he can be in lava it doesnt have to be with him dyeing and the vidoe ends he dies he can respind i know its gonna be boring but you can actually just make jokes to make it more fun also if your gonna put me in your vidoe please blure out my name cuase its kinda personal ill find a way to change it thank you for hearong me out please do this i wright a long sentence explaining something i want to see for your content and i hope you have fun! (Iv become a huge fan now 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣)

    2. forthwife

      Can I say something, George is 23 and Dream is 21, and yet Dream still flirts with George

    3. Shacarl Medley

      Or is that dum

    4. Shacarl Medley

      Can you make dream in a dolphin??

    5. Protato7

      in the nether portal thing there was golden horse armour and I’m sad the mod didn’t let them use it

    6. IAmPie

      0:00 video starts here youre welcome

    7. sayMEmati

      Did u wear this glasses?

    8. Game Glitcher69

      wheres the wheat EAT george got some bArs

    9. Arzeneth Dy

      Does george even read these?

    10. type games

      Dream does parkhor as a horse me who can't make a 3 block jump

    11. Narancs109

      Its like dream videós mhhh sus

    12. The Undead Assassin

      9:28 Insane

    13. 06 ณรดิษฐ์ มาเอดะ

      Dream:"oh look its my brother" Horse:"hi step bro~"

    14. John the Gamer dude

      Minecraft but my friend is a creeper

    15. Someone RANDOM

      I finally got the youtooz♥️♥️

    16. Domdomdomino

      He seems just so overjoyed to be living the horse life

    17. Shadow 2.0

      That laugh...i'm dead XD

    18. Cript0 COD M

      baaaad ending

    19. win shwe

      I read title Minecraft but my friend is a hoe and got really worry.

    20. John Kenneth Cales

      George i wish you will not be colorblind

    21. HappyPotato 14

      Hey to the 1% that will read this please check out my tweet on Twitter it’s an Among us love story and it’s based on a true story just search @HPotato14


      Can you guys pleeeeaaaase do a "Minecraft but my friend is an Iron Golem"?

    23. Busken DK


    24. Bred God

      When will George get found

    25. Savv

      ah yes, _chlorise the horse_

    26. Lex Kershaw

      Can you make a video of dream being a fox

    27. Dkbrasher1986 !

      Dream: my brother Also dream: **Kisses him**

    28. Nikolina Krstic

      Can u play among us?

    29. Kribea

      23:52 Dream: im not a communist. *AMERICA INTENSIFIES*

    30. Ferret Nation

      Why your two shy dream love you so it’s your time to tell hime you love him

    31. Kribea

      I believe Dream and George stans arent even here for the content

    32. KeepItMerlin

      A quarter of this video is dream singing

    33. KeepItMerlin

      Gworge : feather falling 3 Dream : thats good cuz you can jump Me : jump?

    34. ROBLOXplayer2020

      dragon: GAME OVER DREAM George:"u killed my friend i kill u" REVENGEEEEEEEEEEEE

    35. stxrmy_Katie 101

      No one : Absolutely no one: Dream: HoRsEy MaN

    36. lol hi



      I can't stop laughing

    38. random maizer

      Are you now a dream face

    39. bb bb


    40. Jazmin baniela

      You hear george out of curiosity you can react to Heather gonan gray

    41. Rodica Oscepiuc

      Post more vids pls

    42. okboom er


    43. Fear Yt

      Let’s just not loot the pirate ship

    44. ITZ_TUTUS PR0

      Dream love u George

    45. ew_meg


    46. Faze Danzz

      1 year today he uploaded his first video on his channel

    47. Flame Bread

      This is perfect 30:46

    48. Zalán Varga

      Idea: Minecraft, but my friend is a cat.

    49. Be _Quite

      Dream: *so I’m gonna ride you.* Every dirty minded viewer: 👀

    50. Ocoe

      I have a cool idea for the next video in the, “Minecraft, but my friend is a......” series! Turn Dream into a fox! He can’t place blocks or break blocks but he can hold only one item in his mouth. When he holds a sword, like a fox, he can use it to inflict more damage. If he get’s hurt you need to heal him with sweet berries. That’s my idea! I hope it’s considered, because I would really like to see it happen! 😁

    51. Julen Taylor

      George can you post another video??😩

    52. BlackSheep

      Jesus I feel bad for his throat at the end

    53. BlackSheep

      The beginning got me dead, he sounded like he was wheezing and having a hiccups at same time

    54. ixclaiire

      “Dream...dreaaaaaam...” 3 seconds later.. *intense horse wheezing*

    55. ibrahim Abdulrahman

      dream is singing dora in spanish

    56. Galactic Donuts

      Dream singing is such a mood lmao

    57. Boboy Blesoch

      Dream is juan

    58. Awalludin Subarkat

      George maybe u should make dream to a cat for a video also it can scare creepers to so maybe thats a great idea? also its okay if u dont pick me for a video so yeah.

    59. Noxious Noxy

      if anybody looks closer george's glasses are legit willy wonka's, so george is secretly willy wonka (GIVE ME THE CHOCOLATE)

    60. Boboy Blesoch

      The beginning is an earrape

    61. sophia lee


    62. zostazgia


    63. elliott foster

      3:31 that's cousin sean he's adopted we don't talk about it

    64. Jibedon Dibejon


    65. Bolo Yeung Derosier

      George: I just flipped the switch and turned my friend into a horse

    66. Infinite Nico

      This is how many times george said OMG and DREAMMMMM :edit:i feel like any speedrun is like a movie

    67. Mine Master

      Next, Dream as a cat

    68. Raj Ydre B. Rima

      Make dream a cat

    69. Maglonzo Cian Kimo

      hey george how abput ypu do a vid with sapnap and dream as a pet

    70. Anica Mya Cabreros

      Hey Goerge, I want to submit my fanart.. 🤠✌️✨