Mojo Rawley solves his problems: Raw Exclusive, July 15, 2019



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    In this moment you did not see on Monday Night Raw, Mojo Rawley criticizes the WWE Universe for complaining about their problems.
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    1. Laasman Guillaume

      this whole thing has no sense

    2. Thomas Nevling

      Boring...they keep trying to push this guy, not sure why.

    3. DemonBlync

      Why is he still here

    4. Soxxielou x

      ..... Ok then.

    5. Metallic Twister


    6. Aldrin Fabon

      It's about damn time he came back

    7. Doubt G

      He got fat

    8. Handsome Arabian Prince

      His gear looks ridiculous.

    9. Dj Teranova

      solve your jobber problems, BROH!!!

    10. snowman c

      I feel bad for the mirrors that mojo keeps arguing with.

    11. Josiah Foutch

      Should just let bray Wyatt bring mojo to the firefly funhouse and use that to reboot his character

    12. Lil Daw Finn


    13. tinguban

      You got many problems. Name, gimmick, shape, entrance music, persona, etc.

    14. David Jones

      Mojo must be drinking the same Kool-Aid as Baron Corbin. They both say the same exact things to the fans at live events.

    15. rad xavier

      why my mans wearing a zip-up wifebeater

    16. Hamzah Iftikhar

      this is good

    17. Venux The Raging Namekian

      They ruined Mojo Rawley

    18. Migi Big

      Just fire this guy already

    19. elLokussWTF

      W H O ? ? ?


      The fake Roman Reigns attire that Mojo Rawly is wearing

    21. Amol Soni

      This guy is back in exclusive vids wearing unused Roman Regins gear design

    22. RAPID SAM

      Stupidest gimmick ever some wrestlers look more better when they don't talk.

    23. username 917451

      Um ok

    24. Yung Digiorno

      What was the point of the nom nail if we did not see the clip

    25. Kristoforus Ranandia Sulisetyo

      Are you still hoping for 24/7 mojo?

    26. Mayorofpeepsville

      I had Tyson Tomko solve my problems

    27. Mansex Seekerofass

      This got has a better win percent than brock lesnar

    28. alishehzadpaul

      Wasted talent #474

    29. Rhino Needs a hug blaze

      I guess getting a title isn’t a problem

    30. George goshington

      Man I think mojo's problem is his career and wrestling skills lol

    31. AtlantaHawksFan8

      This guy is just awful...

    32. The Glorious JVB

      Jobber Detected

    33. Yung Manong

      dude is talented, stud athlete, good public speaker..The HypeBeast Mojo

    34. Judy Chen

      That face paint should be on his head

    35. RCGNetwork

      *WWE2K19 Promo*

    36. Razzrazz90

      Crazy Mojo is just cookie cutter Aleister Black

    37. Bobby Brown

      Boring character

    38. Raymond Robinson

      Whatever the hell they are doing with him isn’t working at all. The paint looks like a 3 year old did it and this gimmick doesn’t even make sense

    39. wyatt hankins

      Wonder what it'd look like if he did the sharpie thing to the back of his head instead of the face

    40. Troy Moussette Troyboss22

      He still wrestled?......lmao😂

    41. Jess Mark

      How about the mirror thing??

    42. Dr Krueger

      This guys a joke only kept because of kronk

    43. Daron Malakian's Fedora

      Another theme change in like 9 monthes

    44. Imran 133


    45. Kyle Benson

      WWE: "Hey Bray, heres this awesome mask for your new character!" WWE: "Oh hey Mojo, here's some blue gloop.."

    46. Jack and Jeff Hardy


    47. TheRV1HD

      "I like what I see?" The same guy that you were before only with blue ink on his face?

    48. M_nxy YT

      tbh mojo was way better when he had a tag team n was a face

    49. Scott Yeoman

      What was the point in him wearing ring gear just for that 😅

    50. Raul Valencia

      His only problem is he accidentally went on stage looking for catering.

    51. Miguel sixONEseven

      Who's had more gimmick tweaks, reinventions, restarts and/or reboots? Mojo Rawley or Curtis Axel? Geez.

    52. Jipsu mies

      He should team up with sami zayn


      Coming from a guy Fletcher Reed (Jim Carrey's character from Liar Liar) drew blue pen all over, Mojo sounds mighty full of himself.

    54. Joseph Lee

      Nobody cares about this jobber.

    55. Rikardo Kbrera

      Mojo trying to be one of the Viking Raiders!? *Mojo bee lookin fat*

    56. corey walker

      Mojo, I didn't even know you had problems.

    57. Scott Fillingham

      Just leave man

    58. Gage Taylor

      I used to have high hopes for this guy back during that united states title tournament. He should have won that in my opinion.

    59. Oğuzhan Yürümez

      Just send him back to NXT pls.

    60. ICEGOD2

      A covert way for stars to get facetime without being one TV.....

    61. bone bone

      Furure 24 7 champ🤣

    62. r iki

      Creative Team: what should we do with this Dean Ambrose ring gear? Vince: *_i have an idea_*

    63. MegaManBn

      To be honest, Mojo Rawley er... I think he wasted 7 years of his lifespan in WWE for nothing. 0 championship title under his name.

      1. MegaManBn

        @Venux The Raging Namekian he lost in semifinals at inaugural smackdown tag champion tournament.

      2. Venux The Raging Namekian

        Wait I thought he won a tag team championship with Zack Ryder

    64. BC Glock

      Youve been doing nothing for a long time now

    65. Dean Coyle

      That made no sense

    66. Blaque Cocaine

      Mojo should leave wrestling as a whole

    67. TheTrophySamlern


    68. Muhanad Zarzari

      Who's this guy

    69. Chris G

      He went from some nfl quarterback wannabe to an attempt of a crazy gimmick 💀 both suck lol

    70. jordan mccluskey

      A couple of months ago i was playing WWE2k19 and i was doing Universe Mode and i booked Mojo Rawley in a Match against Brock Lesnar at a Pay Per View and i was playing Brock Lesnar and i was releasing my Anger out on Mojo because i do not like Mojo Mojo Rawley sucks he's a jerk