Mounting the V8 LS Engine and Manual Transmission In the Huracan!!

B is for Build

B is for Build

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    In today's episode the LS gets mounted into the Huracan!
    Thanks to our sponsor Metal Supermarkets. Head to: for all your metal supplies!
    Details: In today's episode we pair our mockup 5.3 LS engine to our Graziano transaxle and then we build custom engine and trans mounts to mount them into the huracan engine bay.
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    1. reaper15gaming

      make a lamborghini aventador with the motor in the front

    2. Internal Combustion

      What's the dimensions of the V10 vs the LSX?

    3. TunerEnthusiast

      would it be easier to use a monte carlo transmission..

    4. Julius Roberts

      Try changing the harmonic balance on that once its in lol

    5. Billy Wang

      What happens when a civic rear ends you 🙃

    6. Xatxitor

      What about the steel and alluminium contacts? They must be insulated from one another

    7. funstation rupesh

      Sir i am exited to work with you Sir can you give me opprtuniti for working with you

    8. funstation rupesh

      Sir when you help me sir

    9. Kaleb Cole

      Lol using a spool gun to build Lamborghini parts. #scumbagaf

    10. James M

      Probably a noob question but the 2" difference of the Axels, couldn't you flip the arms? Obviously keep top on top. But front to back it would push the knuckles back 2 possibly 4 inches. Or does it mess with your shock mount alignment too much?

    11. Jess Price

      Well... looks like i'm going to SEMA.

    12. mike18metro lolz

      wth man that isn't done you gotta weld a piece on the top to bring back some of the integrity again and then on the bottom side some angle iron so it doesn't warp the rear trans axle and bend and twist the frame think about it your taking a v10 transmission race transmission and putting a truck motor attached to it lol I wanna watch that rear end just rip apart from the body because you didn't reinforce the frame

    13. domantfly

      you crazy

    14. Ben Coolbear

      Slamborghini Lamborchevy Flamborghini

    15. Mono Slate

      for your fibre-related molding, i found this channel:

    16. Petr Lebedev

      Кто знает английский,скажите зачем они это делают?

    17. Josh Lewis


    18. Chief Denis

      in a long enough timeline, everything gets ls swapped

    19. Peter Yianilos

      I bet that adapter plate is expensive.

    20. theown32

      If you havent already, You need to have custom equal length headers made. If you are doing a single turbo you need equal length 8 into 1 headers. It will sound so nasty and unique.

    21. BoostAddict

      custom oil pans are a thing and you can probably find one that works for your application without having to custom order it

    22. ReeceSimpson

      This is the new c8 Corvette

    23. Princess Solace

      Forget the shitty oil pan and go dry sump!😘

    24. Larry Fry

      A nice shop like that and you DON'T HAVE A DRILL PRESS???!!!

    25. John_ Titor

      Wild things...!

    26. Judge_Jon

      @25:23 I know Lamborghini is a VAG car and I see the Audi logo on that trans and it looks a lot like an AWD/Quattro transmission with the back chopped off and plated makes me wonder if that's what this actually is.

    27. 2152808483

      Finally a reliable super car and if it breaks it’s not a ton of money to repair

    28. Clyde Lipp

      you rally need to buy a plasma table ASAP.

    29. Jason Brown

      Anyone else feel like this build is overwhelming complicated ? I love to watch it progress but damn its getting way to busy!

    30. Will Trautman

      I would've done like a 093 audi trans

    31. Jarod Kelly

      now it will finally be fast

    32. jamesdeanvegas

      For the rear axle. Why don’t u just flip the right side control arms to the opposite left side. And vice versa u prob would only have to do the brake calipers relocation back to the backside if that makes sense

    33. Sadman Chowdhury

      Why go from a V10 to a V8?

    34. 798488

      Would’ve been better off building your own you’re just going to have a Lamborghini with an American engine in it why not be all American and be better than those guys this is just a waste

    35. LimBun Hang

      When it's finished bring it to 2020 Goodwood Festival

    36. George Fales

      Vette front drive is Not the shortest, Holden or USA gto/caprice is the shortest. The gto drive would be dam close to fitting your engine placement

    37. George Fales

      Also Porsche g50 type trans axle is shorter than lambo and Mendola makes strong aftermarket g50 types. Or even ford gt Ricardo is shorter I think

    38. Cole

      Original song at 21:00 someone PLEASE

    39. LSX_ moe

      I would seriously consider a daily or aviaid drysump setup. With the intended purposes of the car, a baffled wet sump will not suffice. Do not use a ls7 or ls9 setup, they are not a true drysump. I'm sure that one of those companies I mentioned will kill to sponsor you.

    40. MrDavidelliottjr

      Bad ass build right here

    41. Heavy hauling Idaho

      Texas speed sent me!!! What a cool ass build!! Love it and I’m excited to follow the build. Just subscribed

    42. Avboden

      Those trans mounts are going to snap right the hell off with the power you're planning on. That lil tube from the shock welded to flat plate is a serious fracture point.

    43. RecklessRegal

      As a fellow DE-newsr who is also swapping a late model GM V8 into a car that pisses off a bunch of purists. I'm in love with this project. Subscribed.

    44. WheelsandHorizons

      Bonneville salt flats after Sema?

    45. narender modi randi khana service

      Man what the fuck atleast swap a 1 gz ge toyota v12

    46. Music/paranormal kid


    47. Gerhard Petersen

      So after cutting the two cross members out of the rear, the whole frame is now totally weakened. The two sides will spread apart and the engine/trans will drop out. While this is happening the toe in of the rear wheels will make driving interesting.

    48. TheOriginalGayman

      Yeah.....just use the metric system damn it!!!!!!!!

    49. bob bob

      Please gusset the transaxle mounts

    50. Travis Finlayson

      Man I’ve been addictive to your post for years now. So I decided to go the copart route and build a bike project. But I can’t make it work. What am I doing wrong. Can you help or do an in’s and out of coport

    51. Alberta Bound

      May I suggest flipping the intake manifold backwards? Definitely would help with clearance next to the firewall

    52. Brenton K

      I think with not alot of extra effort you could back half the car with chrome moly tube steel frame, cage for added safety, strength & it would also look a lot better than the ugly factory structure.

    53. Adeeb Rahman

      20:07 Thank me later

      1. Mexzcan Ninja

        @Adeeb Rahman More like the musician Flume. Its the background music at your time stamp.

      2. Adeeb Rahman

        flume noun an artificial channel conveying water, typically used for transporting logs or timber. .... For anyone else wondering what that meant

      3. Mexzcan Ninja


    54. Lazerus2008

      Whats that low rumbling sound ? Oh yeah, that would be Ferruccio Lamborghini rolling in his grave.

    55. John Callahan

      Impala SS 5.3 has a shorter crankshaft and balancer for confined space in a fwd configuration

    56. JoshHefnerX

      The Pontiac G8 has the compressor mounted low on the passenger side and alt mounted low on driver side. Need to watch the pulley alignment though.

    57. Chris Miles

      The Impala SS (transverse mounted LS) is apparently tighter to the block than the Corvette/CTSV.

    58. Heinz Kot

      This Gearbox is NOT a Transaxle !!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise almost every Frontwheeldrive car would be a transaxle because the differential is in the same housing as the gearbox/transmission .. A transaxle is a car with the engine in the gearbox in the back with a long shaft going solid out of the crankshaft into the clutch witch is mounted to the gearbox in the back ;)

    59. Ronny Marchini

      Im not American so i can never use them but this is actually the first sponsor ive not skipped thru. Super cool to have an actual useful sponsor(beside wheels n small stuff)

    60. jose solano

      it's like building the new 2020 Corvette with Italian design

    61. Erik Bob

      Oscar is for build

    62. Bo007 Duke

      Had a Huracan Evo ad right before the video, awesome

    63. Kenny Pacheco

      Chevroghini or Lambrolet?

    64. mr.18436572

      Dudes, I was so hoping y'all were going to do twins on the LS Huracan. Yeeeaahh boys!!!!!!!!👍👍👊👊👏👏

    65. OkiStash

      This is really weird lol

    66. 1 a

      Please put subtitles thank you

    67. James Sexton

      why didn't they just get the whole fwd LS power plant and use it transacted and all

    68. AkimboDice1

      Bout time they sponsored you man I can't imagine how much money you spent there

    69. Jay Scott

      A car wrap would look cool too.

    70. C Lee Shannon