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    No trip to the movies is complete without these guys.
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    1. Red Angel

      Sure bro just disarm those empty handed dudes right there SUPERFAN

    2. Futureozcaptain

      ESpelyamice haha that’s funny

    3. NightStalker


    4. Bubby Allen

      I am the SUPER BUTTER MAN

    5. Tich Boyz

      That’s why I NEVER go to a Movie Theater EVER!! This ^^^^ 💯

    6. Samuel Rodgers

      Ty how much money did you spend on he rage monster series

    7. Bananamation Animations

      The loud eater is what i am

    8. Olivia Holyfield

      DUDE PREFECT FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9. tresrules16543

      I was expecting the Rage Monster in this one to be a result of someone spoiling the movie for you as you were walking into the theater and they were walking out.

    10. Deidre Robinson

      I'm the buttery popcorn guy

    11. Arcade Rockstar

      awesome video

    12. Homo Sapien

      Wheres rage monster???

    13. Hannah Clarke


    14. David Bennett

      I'm the loud eater

    15. KillerAnime

      4:10 that me

    16. KillerAnime

      I love Ty laugh

    17. Fexie

      popcorn muncher

    18. Sir Hipe

      I'm Mr. Jumpy

    19. J's Channel

      Haha panda in the audience

    20. Chris Dionne

      The snoozer

    21. jasperrbat

      They should place this as one of those ads about turning off your phones that play before the movie lol then it’ll say something cheesy like “dont be like these people, please turn off your phone” lol

    22. EndoRealm

      4:09 Its like ASMR 😂

    23. Skate Rat

      The best part for me is when Coby breaks up the box of raisinets because that's totally me with candy. Lol 😂

    24. jyotika dewan

      Cool channel

    25. Conner Robertson

      I love how panda is there 4:56

    26. Davis Hansen

      The guy that was scared is under the panda

    27. PsizzlE Boi

      Who’s watching today

    28. TSmithjr

      I was wondering how they were gonna put the rags monster in

    29. Juan Morua

      This video is 😂 also this how many people like DuDe Perfect 👇🏻

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    31. Bryan Gant

      Who where’s a panda suit to the movies

    32. Jopro Subscribe

      My parents say this is inappropriate. What the ****? This is the 6th most famous channel on DE-news! It is hilarious and does no damage to your health!

    33. Ajakh7 Henry

      No offense but I prefer B&B theaters

    34. Enas Khalil


    35. Isabel Kirk, MA, LPC

      There will be a day Coby wins a battle

    36. Iforgotmynamehi

      Here is a restart of the video 0:00

    37. Jose Najera

      Soccer steriotypes

    38. SpArKleR GaMinG

      Love from india

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      Who are the dudes in mr. jumpy?

      1. quesocryer

        I second this question. Probably guys from the 116 Clique?

    40. Klarence Mojado

      What is the name of girl asking for her Jacket ? 😍😱😍😍😍😍😍😍

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      I’m the Buttery popcorn guy always when I go to the movies

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      im the smuggler

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      Give me a like please👍

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      I'm definitely the loud eater Like if you are the same 👍👍

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        Arat Hill no.... hehehe

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      the last on is me everytime i get out of a theater! XD

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      1:36 When I see a spider on my bed

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      At 1:32 i wonder if that's the panda mascot

    54. Varsha Gurnani


    55. Lauren Richardson

      i think i can smell the popcorn through the screen

    56. queens b

      It's so funny when Cody saves seats, and I liked when Tyler is the rage monster, but why Tyler is always the rage monster in every stereotypes, but it's so much fun

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      Trains i

    58. Ngan Huynh

      The rage monster

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      Do you think that Ty actually lie used I think Garretts grandma?Like kf u think no comment if you think yes

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      I’m the obnoxious laugher, which explains why I’m a Capricorn ♑️

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      This show is the best

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      3:23 I feel bad for the kid's broken birthday present. Kid's childhood life ruined.

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      0:12 thats me

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      0:47 The blonde haired lady is Cody’s wife!

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    72. Natalie Rutland

      I liked Mr jumpy the kid kicking the chair the rage monster the pregnant women with the food in her stomach the old guy the girl who goes to the toilet cause she drinks to much the cold girl the guy who text during the movie the saving the seats and finely the guy who sleeps through the whole movie and says it was great ...

    73. Joshua Gacha

      Garrett is a pranker😄😄😄

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      You should've put in the spoiler alert Club.the group that goes around in theatres and spoiles every single movie.

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