[MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)



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    [MV] 화사 (Hwa Sa) - 마리아 (Maria)
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    1. Bluewater Veei

      She's crazyyy 🔥

    2. Bluewater Veei

      the whole Maria album is AMAZING

    3. Bluewater Veei

      I volunteer as tribute ♥

    4. Bluewater Veei


    5. Bluewater Veei

      Queen hwasa!!!!

    6. LIMI ;

      She's a queen

    7. just becoz


    8. Aditi Jerai

      I WILL simp for her for the rest of my life

    9. wolfsheeran

      3:45 I LOVE THEM SO MUCH 💙💙💙💙

    10. wolfsheeran

      2:45 latin moomoos scream

    11. wolfsheeran

      this is ART

    12. James Frias


    13. Army Bts


    14. Rajani Yadav


    15. O gereltuya

      Hwasa unnieeeee🔥🦋

    16. Maria Rossa


    17. kim lia

      انت كائن عظظمه

    18. atikah noor

      This song just makes me want to dance to it. Who wants to join me?

    19. kim ghadeer

      مو مو عربي اثبات وجود 🌚 LOVE MAMAMOO

      1. هيسو


    20. moons nani

      Moomoos vote for hwasa in Mubeat app (MBC music core win). We need to give her atleast one win.💚 spread the msg.

    21. Exo Eri

      She is just so perfect

    22. 塗翰哥

      哇~~~~真的太棒了啊!!!超級開心呢??? 今天看到破千萬的消息啊!!!!大家都知道了,超開心的啊~~~~~~不斷地刷maria~~~~~~~~~~~

    23. satria WAR

      The mv can to download?

    24. S A M A R


    25. K-Covers

      RBW please consider your international fans, were countless.

    26. Аяна Ерболатовна


    27. Maryam Mothana

      واووو هذا اسمي ماريا احبج هواسا 💕💕💕💕

    28. Kimberly Torello

      Please vote for her on Mubeat App and don't stop stre@ming. Let's give her a win moos

    29. Kaisooisreal Bitch


    30. THE PSYCHO

      Everytime I watch Hwasa, she always keep on making me forget that I'm still a boy, and making me think that I am a girl who's going to be a lesbian for her.

    31. MIA Mary


    32. MIA Mary


    33. 최연우


    34. Sena Metin


    35. Sena Metin

      efsanesinnn kadınnn

    36. MOON SUN

      Before See Sub: Maria Maria~~🤩 After See Sub: Crying🤧 *Maria you are the best queen🤧👑*

      1. Gabriella Jung

        there's sub?

    37. Franie Castillejos

      I really really love hwasa Whos with me to see loco's reaction to this hwasa's mv? 👇

      1. Gabriella Jung

        i thought the ship sank alr?

    38. Ritambra Abbi

      I guess kpop queens slay First it was hylt from blackpink making me amused Then, here comes hwa sa that slayed all other songs in my playlist Lastly it was irene and sleugi with monster and left me in shock Truly these girls give me goosebumps....... Love kpop♡♡♡

    39. Park Chimchim

      MY NAME IS MARIA!!😭😭😭💞💗💘💘💗💞💗💞

      1. Gabriella Jung

        lucky u

    40. Piya Khanduri

      i feel honored to have this in my downloads.

    41. That's amore

      It's so sad that you are minding your own business being stunning making amazing songs and music videos and a bunch of idiots call you fat ugly untalented. I'm really sorry about all the famous people because they have a huge pressure on them. Even if you don't like or stan please never forget everybody has feelings and their own struggles in life so don't be rude.

      1. Gabriella Jung

        yeah. some ppl really need to stfu

    42. 喂你妈叫你回家吃饭了

      omg!!!hwasa baby!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    43. That's amore

      2:50 her dance and dress is so perfect ugh she is a Queen I love her

    44. budi marwanto

      Moomoos str3@m 15M, MoomoosBuddy support Gfriend Crossroads mv

    45. Zikra Nafsa

      Aahh i'm so touched in the ending when member mamamoo comin'

      1. Gabriella Jung

        especially when u know the lyrics, it hits hard

    46. sương sâm lông


    47. Karina Mamonova

      I love you Hwa Sa‼

    48. Karina Mamonova

      Люблю Хвасу, ОЧЕНЬ КРАСИВО 〰️〰️〰️〰️

    49. Karina Mamonova

      Украинские и русские вы тут есть?

    50. Karina Mamonova

    51. K LY

      PLS SUPPORT ME •LYRICS Yogeul hado meogeo chehaesseo hado Seoreowodo eojjeogesseo I do Modudeul miwohaneura aesseonne Nal muneotteurimyeon Babi doena Oerowoseo eotteokae Miummajeo samkyeosseo Hwanael himdo eopseo Yeoyudo eopgo Mwo geuri anikkowa Gadeon gil geunyang ga Waedeul geurae seoreopge Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol goeropijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mwo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) areumdawo maria No frame no fake Jikkeun jikkeungeoryeo Haneureun haneulsaek saneun ge da ppeonhae Naega gal gireun naega bakkuji mwo Wigineun gihoero da bakkuji mwo Guji uneun kkori bogo sipdamyeon Yetda nunmul Oerowoseo eotteokae Miummajeo samkyeosseo Hwanael himdo eopseo Iyudo eopgo Maeumeul deoreopijima Tarakagien ajik illeo Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol goeropijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mwo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) areumdawo maria Maria maria Neol wihan mariya Binnaneun bamiya Neol goeropijima O maria neol wihan mariya Mwo hareo adeungbadeunghae Imi areumdaunde (Yeah) Oh na ah ah (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) neol wihan mariya (Yeah) areumdawo maria

    52. sofyy saffou

      That beautiful dress reminds me of rihanna 😍 perfect

      1. Gabriella Jung

        she's a big fan of Rihanna

    53. BTS ARMY

      My bias is a queeenn

    54. 彡

      I’m gonna fly to Korea and apply to work at RBW. RBW do a better job at promoting the girls please. Where are the subs? If you’re not gonna do it yourselves open it for fans to do it. They don’t even get paid or profit anything by doing this and you are making things so hard >:( so disappointed RBW

      1. Gabriella Jung

        they had one job. i s2g, they dont even promote her properly

    55. 彡

      Watch this everyday

    56. sar sar

      I didn't know you the first time when I saw you, but I'm only saying that I'm obsessed with your song now.

      1. Gabriella Jung

        her voice and charisma is no joke

    57. ღMangle Fnaf ღ


    58. Kasandra yo

      i love her sm

    59. Cindy Claudia

      love you queen

    60. 황시연

      화사언니 20대 화려하게 보내세요😙

    61. ジャム

      Ppl that have true beauty can see beauty in others as well so to all the haters... you can just see for yourself what a queen Hwasa is

    62. asma asma

      هواسا 😘😘😘😘😘😘

    63. Kayra Deniz İkramiye

      Very , Very Goooooood😁😁😁😁

    64. Nastja Oros

      Its that me or i think she looks Russian

    65. Coco Nuts

      great song (b^^)b

    66. Esmee B


    67. diane

      Porfavor agan todo lo posible para que la cancion tenga mas vistas

    68. YellowMinkii

      Hwasa:OH MARIA ME:YES?

    69. Moonlight _456

      She's so beautiful ❤❤❤❤❤

    70. First name Last name

      0:56 I don't know but I keep hearing 'little Hwasa eottokhae'

      1. Shuma Atiqunnassa

        Same lol