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    1. Master Mario

      5:30 He’s making thos mincraft Bangers :* fortnight remix plays

    2. Chubbychubs gaming

      Stupid kids : lazarbeam u have anxiety u stupid bot Me: F off u little biches

    3. Ghost Python

      People from endigo’s video thank me later 5:36

    4. jsklfklhfwkh

      amazons australian???

    5. N00by Boi


    6. Mayank Kar Ray

      The fact that he took a one week break and is mad about it when ceeday literally didn’t upload for a year XD F for respect

    7. Cakeface

      Lazarbeam the best booooyyyy.

    8. IAmFortnite

      Lazarbeam should make a water tattoo for us that says “yeet”.

    9. Just a bean Tryna get some sleep

      👏👏month review👏👏

    10. Carrot God

      Who saw endigos vid and spent 7 hours looking for the vid he shout outed endigo

    11. Koobster

      The dislikes are from Susan on 4.8 accounts

    12. Infinite Games

      Id really think that endigo and Sam dubs would coent but no

    13. Flexility Playz

      When you thought you were dieing..... is it because of joel -fortnite? don’t listen to that bull

    14. Alexplayz

      I searched up free guy to see lannan in there but when i went to where it shows all the actors it didn't show him. I saw jacksepticeye tho

    15. Help Me Get 1000 Subscribers

      Who else found this video from endigo?

    16. JT Studios


    17. Mohammed Anees Abdul Hakkim

      0:55 😂😂

    18. 17roccoplayz

      Hey who ever is seeing this in 2030, quick little recap of the decade, iPhone 11 is a thing and it's pretty cool, everyones hyped about the ps5 engine, and GTA 6 is said to come out soon, also pewdiepie is at around 105M subs or so and fortnite is dying

    19. Genevieve Wakeham

      I'm sorry for you

    20. Mohamed Alraeesi

      Is Month review a better version on LIWAY?

    21. Kung-fu Thumbs!!!

      Anyone who disliked this vid, they will get demonetized for talking

    22. Cringe Boy

      Yeet going on guys

    23. Cringe Boy

      Yeet was going on guys

    24. Shadow Akumu

      Lazarbeam: i have to be Disney channel Other people: Welcome back to Disney channel **Draws a pp**

    25. Jake Lochlen James Miller Yeeter

      Can you make your merch for 8-45 cause I 11 ad I want u merch cause you da best

    26. Molten Doesthings

      Lazar lazar

    27. Coopbubba Vlogs

      I have anxiety too

    28. King Shreyash Singh

      1:52 cause, that's what heroes do

    29. Ben Acuna


    30. Frances De Villa

      2020 I came back

    31. jasper is me

      Neem dus voor

    32. Alex Susca


    33. young stalin is hot and zayn malik

      yo i really wanna watch this video but im having a literal panic attack not knowing what the sound of the like clapping or something in the background is

    34. Ant Williams


    35. Ant Williams

      I used code fresh and now I will use code lazar

    36. Shawndabeast

      Bro win the war

    37. BucketzGaming _

      his movie comes out in july bruh

    38. Milo Elliott

      Where is the cameo link!!!!

    39. faultiestpigeon Apex Legends

      I have anxiety and it's harder than it seems

    40. Ch4serPlays

      5:15 does he know that sam dubs made him sing happier

    41. Noah Hile

      Best DE-newsr Ever

    42. KenTinel

      I'm in 2020 and I'm still waiting for the queen to come back 😂

    43. Morgan Kirk

      Who is watching these old vids while Joey fortnite said that lazerbeam was dead

    44. The Awesome Guy

      Lazarbeam : He's been making all those minecraft bangers Also lazarbeam : shows a clip from a fortnite song

    45. FaTe_christ1bhoy

      Hi this is lazarbeam and your watching Disney channel

    46. Iliketodrumm Ted Cooper

      I understand the same thing happened to me

    47. ItzTrsu2


    48. Alex Bower

      I never I got this vid in my inbox........ Well I’m late

    49. Keith McPherson

      You should play the long dark

    50. casey crosbie

      Endigo did make that song

    51. ceo OF garbage

      It's been 7 months and no month review :(

    52. Hi! I like to comment On videos ;D

      Wait so lazarbeam was in the free guy movie?!!?!

    53. Doge Gaming

      Who came here from enigos song YEET!


      Imagine if disney secretly owns DE-news and that's why we need to be PG and they're just waiting to find a way to announce it

    55. assassin h4ckz

      Can you play with me please

    56. The Playlists - Home of random YT videos!

      Who came from Endigo's remix?

    57. FaZe Spirets 187

      I have anxiety I now how it feals

    58. Xssey

      2:54 Controllah Playah

      1. TopCreepypastas

        That's messed up

    59. Kelder Grorud

      I love you bro

    60. dave smith


    61. Vent Fire

      Laser beam. Endigo made a son and put this video in it.

    62. SuperMickeyMatt Jr.


    63. John YT

      30k comets

    64. xavier day

      I love in Australia to dude

      1. xavier day

        Live sos

    65. Joshua Robson


    66. African Monkey

      I just farted

    67. Gaboy2277 FN

      This was posted on the date the flash season 6 came out

    68. Ashley Ellis

      Look in the background ginggys disappointed

    69. Slade Collier

      One of the best DE-newsrs

    70. Dice Mace

      2020 rewatch Lannan review