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    1. monkey spark

      Fuck youtube

    2. Joseph Bassem

      Lazarbeam your a bloody legend

    3. Maxwell Mumford

      I thought this guy died

    4. Shaarsp

      Lazer bean what do I do I’m being bullied by a kid bigger than me but he’s stupid. What do I do

    5. Cks 5

      Lazarbeam “ got to get that thumbnail picture” literally the thumbnail

    6. Sean Oisin


    7. Chad Bailey

      I’m using ur code :D

    8. Adam Currie

      4:56 The Australian Dream

    9. CreeperPlayz YT00

      Support LazarBeam

    10. Evan

      Month Review 👏👏

    11. o z

      This is the police we will sue you if you dont stop making demonitized videos and we dont want you to make fun of different countries just a warning Edit: haha just kidding

    12. tim tim


    13. Bub365911 Gaming and Vlogs

      Sry to hear about the anxiety and I hope you start to feel better

    14. Yeet Boy

      Poor Lanan

    15. That Chaos

      Me too my yeeter me too

    16. Brody Jenkins


    17. UwU

      Lmao I can go see the movie lazarbeam is in cuz I got a odeon limitless card *BOW DOWN TO ME PEASANTS*

    18. DragonKilix

      2:09 u haters

    19. juan rodriguez

      I think you can pay someone now I seen youtubers with less subs pay a staff of 5. I think you you're the coolest. Don't have to stress when you can have some take some of the burden and create more great content or just relax more

    20. Eddie Lomboy

      Do a house tour please

    21. Eddie Lomboy

      Has to be Disney channel moments before middle finger😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    22. Malthe Ruddi

      Pewdiepie brought Minecraft back, and that's a fact

    23. Galaxy Panther 56

      Yo laserbeam from Australia I didn’t know that I just found out I’m from Australia to

    24. Animal Addiction

      I put my d**k in a bG of doritos cuz I got depression

    25. Bloody Gryphyn

      I can relate with you, I do suffer with anxiety and OCD and it’s very difficult to deal with, so yeah, I can relate with your struggles, we got you back

    26. stupid gaming

      Lazarbeam: buying a house is the most stressful thing Parents: -_-

    27. Kykythery Hayhurst

      Also in laserbeam are getting married

    28. Calvin Brown

      I hate this channel so much

    29. Ryan Catney

      What happened to the queen

    30. Kpop funny moments

      Me :like new set up Then I see a pumpkin dancing.(-_-)

    31. My animations

      When he toured the house like if you saw the spooky scary skeleton person on the monitor

    32. No3l

      Thank god i am not the only one with anxiety


      I struggle to with it to

    34. madiwash

      Is anyone else watching this in 2019

    35. Edwin Aleman


    36. Bagchassin Jose

      Lannan should make yeet stickers

    37. Cian McmahonYT

      I was today years old when i realised he was going through anxiety and he was not challenged to a boxing match against muselk

    38. Pax Zhang

      You help me get through life

    39. Richard Hammonds


    40. Omg brian

      I thought u had cancer

    41. Ismael Dubon

      You probably don't have anxiety

    42. Kieran Kanters

      I use code LAZAR all the time

    43. Gaming Central


    44. Kyle Riettie


    45. Tanysha Webb

      It happen to me in 2018 i went to the hospital because I was that scared my mom had to rub my back and made sure I fell to sleep so don't feel bad I'm 10 and I swear I felt 1

    46. PizzaPlant69

      how do i send fanmail to you lazarbeam?

    47. Thomas Fieschi-Rose

      Really, did you have to use Moonlight sonata?

    48. Imnotcrazy

      Is it just me or does lannan seem more self centered than he used to be

    49. Greyson Miles

      Yo to the 4.7people who disliked the video Fuck you!

    50. Aimee Fador

      Don't worry lazerbeam I have angsiaty too

    51. WeirD_ Clutch

      Come on we got to get him to 12 mil subs

    52. Kyle Gamez

      4.2 million views..... You can turn it into 4.20 and it's the same thing 😂😂

    53. Kyle Gamez

      I like turtles And weed

    54. Duckify

      Lannan the only reason I watch your videos is because of you

    55. Alejandro Napoletano

      Fake diseases

    56. BLUE BEAST

      What's that song at 0.27

    57. Human [65473219]

      I have anxiety

    58. Pang marvin

      Whats going on guys×1000000000000o0000000000000000

    59. nikki gatt

      Hey do you have any of that I have anxiety as well

    60. Royal Skyline

      Lazar Beam Official Underwear Get one for 1.99 0:43

    61. TheSong

      Welcome to youtube You wont benefit if you swear

    62. doge lover

      "you've seen me in every video looking good". Damn. I wish i could say that

    63. KeepEclipse

      Is papa pewds watching this

    64. doge lover

      does he have anything in his wardrobe other than hoodies?

    65. Zach Laboy

      I think most of the people that watch lazarbeam have anxiety or dealing with depression and just want to laugh and listen to someone the can relste to you can take all the time you need love you no homo

      1. Zach Laboy

        Shit this was long

    66. the meta2u

      Guys have you noticed that muselk kind of looks like elon musk

    67. Yeet Master

      You want a hate comment you suck at destroying things bro Americans can do it better Sorry

    68. Kiara DiGregorio

      I watched Jacksepticeye's stream when they shouted you out and I was so happy that two of my favorite content creators knew of each other. You guys should make a Minecraft collab, I think that would be awesome