My Dog Has a Puppy Play Date

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

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    My Dog Has a Puppy Play Date
    Tucker meets a baby puppy for the first time. We had Flutter over for the weekend so that both she and Tucker could learn to socialize with each other. They had a blast!
    Flutter was born with a broken tail and almost didn't make it. Her owner watched over her each day and thankfully she made it through and is now the happiest little puppy ever!
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    1. Tucker Budzyn

      Flutter belongs to a friend of ours who needed a pup sitter while she had emergency hip replacement. Flutter is the runt of her litter and had a rough start. She was born with a broken tail that had to be removed. But she’s strong as ever now!

      1. Philippe Zihlmann

        Tucker Budzyn Is soo cute

      2. Lightning Derp

        Henlo fren

      3. Rajvir Udani

        She da strongest

      4. TeveG

        But she is so cute tho

      5. Luis Y Perez

        Ok i fill bad abaut flutter😭

    2. Philippe Zihlmann

      It’s like a lion fihgt

      1. Philippe Zihlmann

        But funny

    3. Philippe Zihlmann


    4. Veda Alwayshappy

      Flutter is the most non bitting pup I have ever seen

    5. Elise H

      this is my favorite account on youtube oh my gosh

    6. Repping The Cats

      How adorable! 🐱🐱

    7. bread car

      Why is there so much cute pups!

    8. LibiWolf354

      Watching tucker deal with flutter made me think 💭 Image what it would b like with a whole litter pore female doggos

    9. Chris Osburn

      Flutter has no tail she has a nubbin

    10. Daivyan E

      The dog is so cute

    11. Ashley McFarland

      Who counted how many times flutter said rawr

    12. Who's Isak

      2:58 another snort Linda?😂

    13. Jaileen Campos

      No one: not a person: not a soul: not a heart: Flutter: 👁👅👁

    14. Geoff Adams

      Mum.dooosse tucker habs any flubby wubbies. Puppy like playing wibs flubby wubbies.

    15. Michele J

      Tucker makes me smile!!

    16. Kerry Purcell

      cute video,,,,,

    17. Chris Tuley

      2:46 XD

    18. Alexis Pey

      How do you know what their trying to say

    19. XXZTroubalXXZ

      Who else remembers when Tuck was as small as Flutter? 👇🏻

    20. Aja Jusufovic

      Tucker: am tired Flutter: whimp Tucker: Hekk you Flutter: RAWR

    21. ablaqp123

      Linda, you’re ready to be a mom! You’d be a very soft and sweet mommy!

    22. Its_Monica Gacha

      I was like “time to sleep!” Then they just play 😂

    23. NīghtcøreLøver [ØFF LĪMĪTS]

      Hard to believe she was born with a broken tail... I'm glad she made it! ❤️

    24. Jo Swanell

      Tucker's met his match! What an adorable little girl!

    25. Planespotter Patrick

      That peanutbutterthing is a great idea! Thanks!

    26. еди Enchev

      Your new dog is cute and Riley and tucker and his family is cute

    27. Anthony Mancuso

      These videos are so cute

    28. varuninnz

      That little pup is adorable. I need my own dog.

    29. SnakeMaster09 Puppets

      lol your videos are so funny XD

    30. Bella Playz

      Awww they look so cute when they play❤️❤️❤️❤️

    31. Lahna Fetch

      I'm getting a puppy today I'm so excited!

    32. Sie Miao

      5:09 that’s so cute

    33. Olivia Morua

      So cute hello

    34. Olivia Morua


    35. Alexis Stansberry

      I say get a little sister for tucker! It’ll be cute to see him play the pup like in this video.

    36. Ethan A

      Tug Of War?...

      1. Ethan A

        U w U

    37. Oliver Langford

      Well I’m happy Flutter is okay now!🤗🤗

    38. Laci Greystone

      "Doin me a test" 😆😆😆

    39. Deni Kurniawan

      Remember me about "Air Bud" film ...

    40. Dylan Palmer

      I watch this to de stress. Not that I have a stressful life or anything

    41. Ana Júlia

      Thought only my dog used to pee in other dogs/cats

    42. Brian Cunningham

      Who would dislike this :D

    43. Christopher McGuire

      Aw you tuck you peed on poor wee pupper and stole peanut booter you rascal

    44. Miguel Caban

      You really love that dog!!! But you are so beautiful.❤

    45. Hay Hay

      I show horses

    46. Adler Dues

      Flutter is sooo cute , and she show tuck who’s boss lol 😂 👇🏼

    47. Patricija Loreta

      TuCkEr, DiD yOu PeE oN hEr HeAd??? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂Got me dead😂

    48. Yupster M

      Wonderful dogs

    49. This Buddy Life

      That trick with the peanut butter is genius!

    50. Caitlin Mathie

      Gives me a smile evry time

    51. Danita Harden

      Linda: she’s gonna kick ya butt

    52. Mr Humble

      12 y/o girl trap inside of a 40’s body

    53. Windy Scriven

      "Am Flutter" so cute xD I love the texts you use.

    54. jhanavi sabharwal

      5:15. Me and my brother on the TV remote 😂

    55. riya esha

      Flutter face resembles baby tucker. So cute..

    56. Sofia Aloy

      Her paws don't even look real that makes her even cuter!!!!!!😍😍😍😍

    57. Kusum Mudgal

      They both look like lions 🦁 ❤️

    58. Kathryn Huston

      tucker peeing on flutters head be like

    59. Megan SEAH

      Tucker meets Pupper 💕

    60. semir veskovic

      i love flutter

    61. Linda Kuang

      Hi Flutter!!!!!

    62. Lucky Unicorn charms

      Tucker: watch did *booty slam* Flutter: oof The rest off us: 😂 lol

      1. Lucky Unicorn charms


    63. Sayma Putul

      Flutter is the cutes puppy ever!!! She's so fluffy I am gunna die....

    64. Tore Wisdom

      What a lovely friends,,i want a Golden Retrievers

    65. just ikeiedo

      Tucker is like "my pumpy now" *pees on him* xd

    66. Tyson Ha

      It’s all fun and games until one dog makes the other dog bleed

    67. Bidisha Bhattacharya

      Flutter is adorable...

    68. ShadyDoggoいぇえ

      Awe. Your puppy is so cute!

    69. Teddy Da doggy

      Petition for Flutter to get a DE-news channel.

    70. Teddy Da doggy

      “Who’s tucker?” “I dunno fwen” 😂