My Dog Has a Puppy Play Date

Tucker Budzyn

Tucker Budzyn

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    My Dog Has a Puppy Play Date
    Tucker meets a baby puppy for the first time. We had Flutter over for the weekend so that both she and Tucker could learn to socialize with each other. They had a blast!
    Flutter was born with a broken tail and almost didn't make it. Her owner watched over her each day and thankfully she made it through and is now the happiest little puppy ever!
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    1. Tucker Budzyn

      Flutter belongs to a friend of ours who needed a pup sitter while she had emergency hip replacement. Flutter is the runt of her litter and had a rough start. She was born with a broken tail that had to be removed. But she’s strong as ever now!

      1. Kendrick Villamor

        @Foxz’ Adventure why did u say day to me lol

      2. Foxz’ Adventure

        @Kayla De La Peña X means kissing

      3. Jeny Hesketh


      4. Kendrick Villamor

        Fluffer is the cutest thing everrr😭😜😍😜

      5. Hasina Bassal

        Tucker Budzyn I love your videos

    2. Aarushi In Style

      I love u guys

    3. SunFlower2Videoeditor99 / S2P SGA10 OMGTE

      Punch flutter in the face

    4. Tanisha S

      Why the tail of Flutter is so small?

    5. Jewiscoolyo Jeww

      Omg so cute i wish i live there. The dogs are pretty cute too

    6. AAAizawesome .

      When I see puppies play with big dogs or cuddle with big dogs ❤️ 😭❤️

    7. Sunil Malanayakar

      I like tuker soooooooooooooooooooooo much

    8. Paula Green

      It always puzzled me why its ok to give dogs peanut butter, as it often contains palm oil. Which is highly poisonous to dogs. We've had two dogs in our area recently die because they licked palm oil washed into our rivers from the ocean. And on a more positive note, I love watching your videos, thank you the dogs are adorable.

    9. Plush Flush TV

      2:15 😂😂😂😂😂

    10. tia gallagher


    11. Diamond Doggy

      This is what my dog does to my bffs dog when he visits or we visit wrestling and playing that’s it

    12. Bithu BB


    13. Rohan mhel Abejuro

      The dog is so adorable than cats

    14. Jennifer Breezewalker

      I really love how they call it " poonut butter"

    15. Adrina Rosario

      Baby tucker: love you Linda

    16. kc4lee


    17. Morpho Plays

      flutter is so cute

    18. OceanXwaves_. XWves

      Linda they sniff their BUTTWHOLES as another way to say HELLO

    19. MrWillyLeigh

      1:20 Flutter and tucker they sound the same... Flutter must be tuckers new brother

      1. ÜÖ

        MrWillyLeigh I think flutters a girl

    20. Damp ••__

      Is that tucker

    21. Anadd Walia

      Tucker peed on flutter LOL

    22. Conner Moran

      “Tucker did you pee on flutters head, twice” 😂

    23. kpop fan

      Wait so flutter has a tail i see it i think the vet doctors put it back

    24. Sabre_Sass

      *Everybody* : Flutter is so cute *Me* : NO TUCKER IS MY DREAM DOG. BIG FEROCIOUS FLUFFY AND GOLDEN ☆♡

    25. Aracely Estrada

      am i seeing past tucker and tucker from 2020

    26. Sea Wolf

      Just love watching your vids


      i have a golden puppy he is so cute

    28. Foxy the pirate fox girl

      I this is so cute

    29. Ari Carroll


    30. Cecilia Cracchiolo

      Linda tucker is not cute he's adorable same with flutter

    31. RyderThorRemmy

      Aw there the sweetest

    32. aaron stromberg


    33. Mohammad Khan

      I have a golden retriver and a labrador

    34. Bedroom Productions

      Me: *sees flutter* My heart: I will initiate self-destruct

    35. Kanushi Goil

      flutter is a savage.

    36. Kaitlyn Cassella

      This is the cutest video in existence 🥺🥺

    37. hunter fromroblox

      is verr cute

    38. Ester Epe


    39. SHADOW

      You should give him an egg and see if he's gin tel with it

    40. Carmelo Rodriguez

      Tat is so cuit

      1. Carmelo Rodriguez

        Tat is so cute

    41. Luana Costa

      How can i get a puppy play date??? 🥰🥰🥰

    42. its_your_gacha_life_girl

      The pupper is so cute :O

    43. Jakub Mackow

      Henlo fren

    44. Amrutha V

      I would be lying if I said I wasn't smiling 🙊

    45. Sirika Abshire

      I saw wet spots everywhere and I thought It’s piss

    46. Sirika Abshire

      The baby is cute

    47. Trixia Jane Ballon

      Jeez tucker is so cranky

    48. Kennedy Mckinney

      Near the end when Flutter and Tucker where fighting Flutters faces where priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    49. Brady Portell

      Sad thing is when tucker dies everyone will miss him

      1. Ryan Lachance

        Well It will be a long time bc he is only like 2 years old

    50. Modern Princess


    51. Brianna Ilagan

      Aww there so cute together playing 😝😝😍😍😗😘🤩😚😁😁😁😁

    52. The Fun Fun Fox

      flutter is so so so so cute

    53. Peyton Irving


    54. Gilles Guillaumin

      I am french. You do not know if you prefer to kiss Linda, who is a real beauty, or the dog who is cute and beautyful too. Well kisses to both of them from France. I am sure they will be happy. Congratulations.🥰

    55. Logan True

      0:08 Looks like the Fairy Tail guild emblem.

    56. Isabella Tomlin

      When Tucker did the booty slam I laughed so hard XD (Love your vids watched since 4 years old now I'm 8 :3 )

    57. renee jurina

      I really enjoyed watching tucker and flutter

    58. BTS LOVER

      Tucker loves to smell buts

    59. leah

      anyone want to be my ibf?: 1. I’m a 12 year old 2. I live in the US 3. I like watching Shane Dawson/ tea spill 4. U need to be goofy or funny 5. My snap is leeyah_nguyen

    60. •stupid cherry•

      sign this petition for tucker to get a sister :3 like to agree

    61. Simona Ivancic

      ''doin a realx '' i cannot.. they are so funny and cute

    62. Leyla Connolly

      Flutter is the cutest who can agree

    63. The anonomis AVATA

      Tucker and fluffer are so adorable together

    64. Elsiemay Mann

      I just found out that if a dog pees on another dog it’s reminding them that they are the boss and the land belongs to them.

    65. Deborah Ghebremeskel

      Tucker: “Air is tasty” I legit laughed so hard. It’s so hilarious i

    66. Alora Aldridge

      Flutter your sooo cute!!!❤️❤️❤️

    67. Priscilla Scott

      I love when flutter said " no clue fren''

    68. Michael Nguyên

      Is Flutter a boy or girl?

    69. Tina B

      CUTE 😍😂

    70. Dragon Pup

      I dont like that you put the words like who dat let me go i just wanna see the pup