My electric rat is driving me insane!

Rich Rebuilds

Rich Rebuilds

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    the trials and tribulations of putting together a rat rod out of an electric motorcycle, you should measure twice and cut once, I tend to cut 3 times without measuring
    hydrodip by
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    1. Ryan Eglitis

      The committment to that bit was legendary

    2. alex

      Clearly gotta get my eyes checked: goes to eye store

    3. eugene Carkoski

      you going to need a cd with exhaust noise 😊

    4. Alexa C

      Update video?

    5. Donald Barrett

      Why not convert your brakes to discs? Either go with discs up front and drums in the rear or discs all around. Make sure to get a proportioning valve to get your braking balanced no matter what you do. You may want to go slightly more modern with maybe a Chevette system.

    6. woodbox665

      i really like your narration/writing, great editing too.

    7. Travis Brown

      I'm guessing the upholstery company wasn't that interested in some "free" advertising.

    8. Pablo

      Nice project but the dash should be right in front of the driver, not in the middle.

    9. immrnoidall

      needs roll bar and headrests. head rest aren't really for resting your head. they are for keeping your neck from snapping like a twig when read ended at 25 MPH. We want to see you making cool videos for a long time.


      how many kw is this motor?

    11. MrMikewr

      Why don't you install electric brakes?! LOL

    12. Bryan Worthington

      Whew at the end... Epic

    13. John Nero

      1 for 1 pray

    14. david c smith

      Does Skill share have a course on First-aid? Take it!

    15. DrewT

      I love watching new car guys work on old cars. Gives me a warm feeling inside to watch them realize it's sooo much more than swapping plastic parts like they're used to doing.

    16. Casanova Frankenstein

      anyone else who walks round their build garage with slippers earns my respect

    17. TheAdventure bros

      Would you sell this?

    18. Bas van beers

      If needed; you can use the electric steering shaft out of an Opel Corsa (GM euro hatchback). The unit is located on the steering shaft. It's quite small. uses no hydrolics. Not expensive these days.

    19. Green Eyed Bali Bule

      Printed Metal...epic RatRod name

    20. jos Touw

      Whats a head arrest? is that a Merican thing?

    21. Brian Ingram

      How many pages is the title to this car?

    22. djb0110

      Not a Corvair master brake cylinder. They only had single reservoir ones.

    23. Dallas Aya

      What? Corvairs Last forever Man. They don't need parts. That thing won't run , you don't need brakes , yeah... Call Elon Man and was that a Jehu LENS??.. - WO MAN u NO Jehu-.. Awesome DUDE...Fat Man don't luv him know More.... SAD.. ,,.. Knot so fast ... Yeah for Rich Retards private channel........ "Rich Retards and the Organ Donners" PS. Ur Car looks like Bread Mold Man!

    24. OMG HOSTEL

      Brake booster system is a must in all vehicle. Brake caliper with rotors are better braking power & easier to repair. Parts are plenty & cheap from donor vehicles.

    25. Paul Di

      You should.just put aw W elwood brake system on it

    26. nun

      Rich why don't you approach discovery channel for an Electrified Garage series, you got as much energy as Rich Rowlings you'll give gas monkey a run for its money.

    27. JJBpilot

      If the front end is Corvair, and probably the brakes, Clarks Corvair will have everything that you will need....

    28. Zuhir True

      Being rewarded in life is one of the best feeling seeing everything coming together.

    29. David Matousek

      Tesla used a 1931 perice arrow with a 25hp electric motor and a 8 foot antenna,it was said the antenna was to use static electricity to to never have to stop and charge the batterys

    30. TWiST

      This video get the award for worst sounding microphones. I swear all of his other vids sounded a million times better.

    31. codemiesterbeats

      when I go to the optometrist they first check me with my glasses on, I can see fine no surprise there... then they are like "now take your glasses off" I usually say "there is no use, I cant see the biggest letter on the chart" and they are like OK well then.

    32. Serge B

      That's not vinyl, that's vegan leather.

    33. Mr. S308

      waiting for the next video to drop... cmon Rich!!!

    34. DeanRendar84

      wow, everything is manufacturable with a company of 1, modern 3d printers, and machine part printing software, scrapyards really are just for nostalgia at this point, and probably making scrap sculptures on art grants.

    35. Bino 9903

      What camera do you use?

    36. Zak Wharton


    37. Patrick Orduna

      Rich? it's been six days no updare on the rat rod ev?

    38. Leslie Eveson

      If Tesla were more open to 3rd party repairs, they could have a whole new business providing conversion kits for ICE vehicles.

    39. Captain Zoll

      who needs hydraulic brakes when you have regen?

    40. Roadstercycle

      Rich, I'm in California and heard you scream. Hahahaha

    41. Roadstercycle

      Rich, I'm in California and heard you scream. Hahahaha

    42. electrohacker

      The company I work for is auctioning off a model 3 body with the drivetrain removed. The auction ends 9/25. If you're interested in such a thing let me know and I'll buy it for you to buy it off me. If not, no sweat just thought of you when I saw it.

    43. Troy Pickens

      Have you seen this Video about Carl the Tesla Roadster Whisperer?

    44. Tucker McElhone

      Thats awesome. What kind of car was that?

    45. Adam Domonski

      Damn stop sneeking ads on me

    46. Sean Holladay

      Congrats on the brand deal!!

    47. pollodormido2

      Your eyes are ok you just needed a beer!

    48. Straw Man

      An electric rat rod... thats a sin.

    49. Anthony Barthel

      Hey Rich, love these videos. There's a company called Clark's Corvair ( that sells all sorts of Corvair parts and the prices are fair and quality is good.

    50. bobsdavenport

      It's all too heavy for the motors power output. 60mph might come in 3 days though

    51. Kaufman Entertainment

      You can get new wheel cylinders. S-10s, Impala/Caprice, or maybe even Silverado parts might work. If it's the same size, it'll work.

    52. adam ganjaman

      Hi Rich figure out how to enable regen or is your controller compatible ?

    53. centopus

      Why not move the back brakes to front? Are those different?

    54. pipbuster

      Stumbling over the curb and everything else going to the eye exam was hilarious... I literally LOL'd several times including the actual eye exam... LMAO

    55. sean bragg

      Call scarebird convert to disk

    56. Membrane556

      The coupler between motor and transmission input shaft is hard enough to get right many people use a jaw coupling to deal with any misalignment.

    57. Jared G

      Your videos scare the hell out of me and I love it.

    58. James Hall

      Okay, I "literally" screamed out loud over the eye exam!! Too funny!!

    59. Dave Mitchell

      Jesus Christ - EBAY!!

    60. Adam Blaknovski

      Bmw rack and pinion systems are ace, if you can't find an E30 manual rack, you can run a power rack and pinion system from a later BMW without fluid and a little grease and vented I/0 or with fluid and a loop plate to recirculate the fluid. I imagine the latter would last forever.

    61. Chas Riggs

      I'm pretty sure, You just achieved the "BIGGEST AUTOMOTIVE HACK" on, "DE-news" Award! Congrats!!!! I guess.....

    62. Seez Santos

      Bruh they for eyes exam got me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Lawrence Ross

      Go go Clark's Corvair!!! I own a '66 Corvair.

    64. Olexiy Mamchy

      I have no interest in cars and tesla. But I saw video about this channel on vice and subscribed instantly because what you do really inspires! This is just great! People like you actually keeps this world from falling apart! Thanks!

    65. Charlie

      I highly suggest you add a Guibo to your coupler some how. They are typically used on german vehicles on the output shaft of transmissions to drive lines.

    66. Cameron Collins

      Absolutely fucking lost it 13:30

    67. Lobby DaLobster

      I am no expert - but wouldn't it be easier to get disc brakes for the front off something more readily available?

    68. egigster troll

      People who snitch drove those? Sammy the bull owned one?

    69. egigster troll

      If half his subs buy one..

    70. egigster troll

      1 t shirt for over $18 hehe