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    South Korea was one hell of an experience..

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    1. Unknown Reaper

      Wow you finally uploaded

    2. Løvely Måy

      2:13 paradise

    3. gamerkid 033

      I watch DE-news video for 23 hours no lie

    4. Dayana Avalos


    5. Unclear Goals

      Nice, she took a picture of the bus stop on Jumunjin! That’s really cool!

    6. KanitoKawaii

      "Drink every day and never get hungover" you never get hungover if you're never sober

    7. Emma Williams

      Congratulations on trending

    8. AquaKasai

      Is tabbs luffy?

    9. Sean Johnson

      #2 on trending! Awesome!

    10. Yeff

      old people probs put cocaine in their coffee

    11. Aussie Haze

      I have a feeling her grandmas just the nicest granny ever

    12. Løvely Måy

      0:25 kpop? Heheheee

    13. Harmino

      You should see Tacoma sweets. :)

    14. malachi butts

      3:25 when my dad gets me a alien from area 51

    15. Love Rule

      Another trending video with massive amounts of curse words. Philip DeFranco just needs to animate and all shall be forgiven

    16. Toby Leng

      #1 TRENDING

    17. SandStorm XII

      I got a thug granny 2

    18. Tally120

      3:33 Me: *laughs* please say psych

    19. Daniela Bibiano

      Damn finally another video ive watched the other ones so many times😂

    20. 성실한Sincere

      'oh Word, I got limbs now.' LMFAO Funniest stuff I heard all day.

    21. I tried channel


    22. chief 1 redwolf

      Train up a child in the way they should go 📖✝️and when they are old they will not depart from it Jesus Said and that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God 👟❤️📖📖📖

    23. Blury Taco

      Yada yada face ahh

    24. Richard Robertson

      6:31 obviously she’s never met me

    25. Mauren A.

      I promise you that I got deja vu the first part of this video and I don't know why!!

    26. Taylor brother -_-

      #2 on trending

    27. whatcon

      You people are so weird Jesus Christ even the creator is weird get some friends emos.

    28. flame the fox

      Bro you think that is long for someone to watch DE-news, well, you're wrong, I have watched DE-news for 24 hours straight

    29. Isa uwu


    30. Seasify Plays

      Check out my DE-news

    31. EverythingTechPro

      damn your Instagram picture of yourself and your voice does not match Are you related to awkwafina

    32. Mochi Milk

      2:13 So which side are you on tabbes??? Paradise or hell, bc there is no in between

    33. brokenwheel200 7

      Im in korea right now

    34. Supreme_Sama


    35. KateDraws Kawaii

      Woooo 2nd on trending

    36. Abc Kouba

      Omg I did an escape room and they asked all 8 of us to do the chicken dance and sing at the top of our lungs in a small compact space (the walls were semi thin and you could hear people losing it from the other side) they kept asking us to sing louder and they were putting messages on the screen like louder, Louder, LOUDER, LoUdER. It was hilarious seeing my grandpa try and do the chicken dance. We all escaped though :)

    37. jose diaz

      What only 13 hours NOOB i watch DE-news for 24 hours no PROBLEM (I think I have a problem)

    38. ED ED

      *thats pretty gangsta*

    39. Hehe

      6:36 ha beet you’ve never met me before I watched DE-news all night no stopping even DE-news kept giving me notifications that I should slow down or take a break lmao

    40. Blueberry sans official


    41. IAm NoOne

      Your family is so AWESOME

    42. Gacha Rose


    43. ment7

      Me at 3am using the bathroom: *flushes toilet* My toilet: 0:02

    44. AwesomeGamer528

      2:14 lmao lgbts

    45. xXLily_PadsXx

      #2 on trending... congrats

    46. Jessica Mercury

      Omfg the Logan Paul reference

    47. Ink Gacha gals

      Tell your aunt that thare at spell me watching yt for a whole day plus night(basicly me but even longer like I week I think)

    48. Gomby Playz

      Yo my family is in Korea, and yes BTS is everywhere’s

    49. Onion Neko

      I really like when you talk Spanish so... can you talk more Spanish :3? Why? Because I talk Spanish and I really like your... tone? (I think that that is :v) and I always laugh when you talk Spanish xd Auto like para no desaparecer :,u

    50. Hatsune Miku


    51. Veen O

      7:24 tho lmfao

    52. RKO - Gaming

      i watch yt 20 hours a day i win Give me that heart or pin

    53. 変態Oreo


    54. JNetwork32

      This is just so funny lol

    55. Tristan Orellana

      I've watched DE-news for 24 hours before!

    56. Star Light

      BTS fan here 🖖🏼💜🤗

    57. saltychips7 gacha

      I can watch yt 24/7

    58. blazes 34

      Tabbes always come out of nowhere with A BANGGGGGGEERRRRR

    59. Eeveeon _

      6:40 nah it's normal for me. where i am, it's 3am now, funnily enough.

    60. Zayna Dai

      I love all the one piece references

    61. JPepper 1990


    62. Aurora Soto

      'I kinda feel like a hospital patient." 😂😂

    63. Obey Jesus

      My DE-news profile has a playlist called "Do what Jesus says". Watch any video from this playlist.

    64. Marina Rambazis

      7:23 Logan paul

    65. Snips 0o0

      0:02 That’s the face when you stub your toe😂

    66. Fire Star

      My worst nightmares

    67. Shriya M

      i just bought an s10+ after having an s7 for like 4 years...

    68. Error sans

      I watch DE-news all day and all night I'm addicted to DE-news hell ya! I'm with u

    69. AXxx TRAP_Wonder XxxA

      This is the ceeday of storytimes 1: she’s funny 2:she makes 10 min videos 3:she takes a long ass time to upload a video

    70. amelia h

      *I feel targeted by your grandma for having a Samsung galaxy s7*