My Name Is (YouTube/Eminem Parody)



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    A song about DE-news, and why it needs to get itself together... The insulting comments regarding the popular DE-newsrs in this video are just jokes meant to be taken lightly and are used with no intention of hurting anybody. To Jenna, Justine, and Ray, I'd like to put it on record that I'm subscribed to every one of your channels.
    "Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Hi kids, do you like my vids?
    Wanna see me kill my self cause nobody's subscribin?
    Wanna watch 'em all but just do not sign in
    So I get no views, and it looks to me like nobody freaking likes them?
    I've got DE-newsr's block, so I pound my head knock knock,
    but I still can't figure out which kind of plot would make people watch.
    And the trolls said, "Quit DE-news f-ggot,"
    "Nu Uh!"
    "Yeah and well you're at it, stupid kid, quit rappin'"
    Well, since age 8, I've played with a video tape, and 7 years later people still hate still hate James.
    Got pissed off, took half of my freaking vids off, and I started rapping over instrumentals and said let's try Hip Hop.
    I sip a big can of soda, some Coca Cola, to give me reason to not quit my life, die and roll ova,
    Can't stand Ray, wait a minute, didn't he play, one of your vids on his channel, yeah but he called it fake and gay.
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    All my teacher's tryna flunk me at Chester High,
    I just sit in class and scream, "DE-news until I die!"
    Actually I wouldn't do that, I'm not some sort of cool cat, who doesn't care about his grades I'm not some sort of hood rat.
    But back to DE-news, I just don't what to do, to get something more on this site then just like a few views,
    They wish they could rid me though, should I switch to Vimeo, where it takes me and hour to upload a 30 second video.
    99% of my videos I have about one like, and all of them are from my Mom, when she writes the word, "Nice."
    Told my Mom I'd grow up to be Internet Famous, so I spammed my vids to all my friends and they all wrote back, "I hate this."
    You know your vids suck when your Mom is your one fan, and DE-news hates your vids a lot so that's why you got banned.
    Some guy chillin at McDonalds that I didn't know sits down at my table and tells me, "Kid, your vids blow."
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Stop the tape, just want to say, I hate CLAYM8s,
    JennaMarbles, don't just swear there, make the face!
    I'm not ready to quit, really love makin' vids,
    but it really hurts every time a troll comes up and diss.
    Am I famous or hated, I can barely decide, actually it's obvious cause 30 kids just unsubscribed,
    All my life I have wanted to die, I aint had a good vid in years, I'm sittin here asking me why?
    Hair ripped out, I think I'm going crazy, for a minute there I thought that I was DE-news's Slim Shady,
    When I'm recording I would forget my lines and I would punch walls, edit it on Movie Maker, look at it and say this sucks, aw!
    I lay awake hopin I might blow up, but if I did, to Vidcon would I even show up?
    I quit this site,
    and by the way, when I drop the mic, ask iJustine how her iPhone got her so many likes.
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s
    Hi! My name is
    What? My name is
    Who? My name is
    Chicka Chicka I'm CLAYM8s."

    Am Vor 7 years


    1. Tyler Foskett

      Never stop being an entertainer, bro

      1. CLAYM8s

        Tyler Foskett I appreciate it man, thanks!

    2. Daniel MK

      Add me in your circles, just wanna talk to you heh.

      1. Daniel MK

    3. WeLikeToLoL

      so bad.... love the gayrobby!

      1. CLAYM8s

        @WeLikeToLoL Nothing's popping up.

      2. WeLikeToLoL

        search: my name is (gayrobby) also a parody of that song :D

      3. CLAYM8s

        Not really sure what a gayrobby is, but I'm sorry you didn't like it.

    4. SportsGamersUnite

      claym8s please give youtube another shot this is my fav vid ever

      1. SportsGamersUnite

        you are welcome i want to be a utuber but a gaming one so i need the equipment but its okay good luck

      2. CLAYM8s

        I'm sorry...

      3. CLAYM8s

        That's the nicest thing anybody has ever said to me. Hahahahaha. I'm glad you enjoyed it so much! I might come back sometime, but as of right now I don't have the actually equipment or money to make them, so I can't...

    5. Noe Saldana

      Dam it FUCKING awsome

    6. Leo Van Munching

      I cannot stop laughing! Great job!

      1. CLAYM8s

        Thank you so much, dude!

    7. Pro League Of Legends

      good job man :)

      1. CLAYM8s

        Thanks! Glad you enjoyed!

    8. Andy Garcia

      great. i love it

      1. Andy Garcia

        yeah,really cool. your welcome bro. anytime

      2. CLAYM8s

        Thanks Andy! Means a lot man.

    9. CLAYM8s

      Hahahahaha. If only... Thanks, man! God bless.

    10. Chaser Of Souls

      dude you need a record deal love this :)

    11. CLAYM8s

      James Rodrick!

    12. CLAYM8s

      Rodrick, man.

    13. CLAYM8s

      Thanks, Lynn, means a lot!

    14. Lynn Owens

      Hey bro i subscribed because u can spit some lyrics

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    16. flojoho

      dude, this was pretty impressive :O

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    18. CLAYM8s

      Thanks, man!

    19. CLAYM8s

      OH, totally slipped my mind. Thanks!

    20. CLAYM8s

      Hahahaha. What's wertcraft? Am I missing something totally obvious?

    21. CLAYM8s

      Thanks man!

    22. OnlyTheBest777

      Just subd cuz of this vid ur awesome

    23. wertcraft

      look, dude. if you want views, you need relevence toother vids that are popular among people. you are more shanedawson comedy than smosh, so you need to findout huw to get videos to be relevant so people will click. its probably cause you are harder to find on youtube than some. you need your vids showing up in the reccomended section for a popular video. google yourubes algorithm for that and focus on only that. i love your content and i think you should post more. its all about relevance.

    24. CLAYM8s

      Thanks man, it means a lot. I don't know, I just got some stuff I need to figure out, and then maybe I'll get back into it.

    25. Sultan Nazer

      no you should not quit u are very talented with your videos you just have to get a better mic and set and thats about it don't go into the mainstream of DE-news be original like do funny stuff Eminem parodies or my average life (comedy act funny in it and put it when u wake up until the end of your day doing funny stuff that u make up about your average life :P if u know what i am sayn) Keep it up man

    26. CLAYM8s

      He's right man... Never been big on gaming...

    27. AUSHTEEN

      The day he does gameplay is the day pigs fly.

    28. CLAYM8s

      I can't... I've posted the video everywhere, it's just not getting enough views. I mean, I know it shouldn't be about views, but... I've been doing this for four years.

    29. Marco Garcia

      do a commentary over black ops zombies or something you like

    30. Marco Garcia

      Nah, man you cant do that... just hang in thier

    31. Marco Garcia

      I like how even though people didn't really like you you just hung in there that's how to get my respect.

    32. CLAYM8s

      Alright guys, I think this is going to be my last video...

    33. CLAYM8s

      Hey, no problem! Hahaha. It's not like I'm getting a million views anyways, so.

    34. Marco Garcia

      Awsome!!... I will subscribe and watch this parody. Thank you, your are the first youtuber to reply, i like that.

    35. CLAYM8s

      Thanks man, I making a paordy of Thrift Shop soon.

    36. Marco Garcia

      dude i love that flow i want more... please

    37. CLAYM8s

      Thanks but, for the record, why? Do you think they'll actually take offense to this? (And I'm not trying to start a fight, I honestly want to know why you feel that way.)

    38. Rino Rien

      i subed bro..headsup..don't bash other youtubers, kidding or not.

    39. CLAYM8s

      No, I posted it on Destorm's wall. I was spamming. Not really working though...

    40. AUSHTEEN

      I just read one of the comments and some person mentioned destorm.

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      Did he?

    43. AUSHTEEN

      Destorm posted this?!

    44. CLAYM8s

      Yeah, I saw. Thanks!

    45. JamesRhymerFilms

      Haha you gotta do what you gotta do man! I shared it on my facebook, I added you last night when I saw it on a destorm post lol

    46. CLAYM8s

      Thanks, I'm glad you liked it! I'm just trying to get it out there because I feel like people will like it, but obviously spamming isn't doing too much... Hahahaha.

    47. JamesRhymerFilms

      That was really good! Keep it up man, subscribed!

    48. CLAYM8s

      What do you mean?

    49. Nikita Johansson

      I was a little set back by the intro, but when the verse came, goddamn man, you have some talent! Keep up the good work

    50. Aishah Marie

    51. CLAYM8s

      Hahahahaha. It's perfectly fine, thanks!

    52. Aishah Marie

      dOnt knOw hOw old you are... butt (( your voice)) so cute.!! pshhh.. i prob should have NEVER said that. whatever;D

    53. CLAYM8s

      Hahahahaha. Thanks!

    54. CLAYM8s

      First person... Keep it on the down low. Hahaha.

    55. AUSHTEEN

      Out of all the times I've watched this video, just now I noticed you took the Diet Coke out of a freezer.

    56. CLAYM8s

      I'm sorry you didn't like the beginning. Thanks for watching though.

    57. Barny64

      Wow, I hated the start and was put off but the extra time I spent clicking the thumbs down allowed time for the verse to start and this was actually really good. To everyone who thinks the start is shit - yes it is but wait for the verses!

    58. CLAYM8s

      Thanks man, I'm glad you think so.

    59. sexygrapepop

      wow that was surprisingly good.

    60. sexygrapepop

      ygs bait

    61. CLAYM8s

      Thanks man, glad you liked it.

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    64. CLAYM8s

      Sounds like a plan... I guess more parodies are coming, since so many people want them.

    65. CLAYM8s

      Thank you so much, means a lot.

    66. bencreeth

      more videos like this, and you'll get plenty more subscribers :)

    67. CLAYM8s

      Thank you, glad you liked it.

    68. Tom Stewart

      this is heaps good

    69. CLAYM8s

      Hahahaha. Thanks!

    70. kitty k

      HAHA omg this is good!