MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**



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    Hi! I’m Brandon Awadis and I like to make dope vlogs, pranks, reactions, challenges and basketball videos. Don’t forget to subscribe and come be a part of the BrawadSquad!

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    1. Tyler Khaleb Reyes

      What's cool is a closet and bathroom and is bigger then the area of the bed

    2. Tyler Khaleb Reyes

      If Brandon's house is big faze rugs house is probably bigger

    3. nathangamez

      ur welcome

    4. Anonymous

      He should put the TV on top of the fire place in the living room

    5. Christopher Yeo

      ell me why he camera quality is so goo

      1. Christopher Yeo


    6. DiannaraG 145

      Tell me why he camera quality is so good!

    7. RhizzFN

      Man I really did cry 😅😅😢

    8. Red_Eye

      I have no idea who this guy is and why I should care

    9. Ben Walc

      its so ulgy

    10. Mr.gamer

      I wonder how far the house is from his family

    11. Mr.gamer

      Congrats g

    12. JAMES PIKE

      i love the shower in you room i wish we had a shower in my bathroom

    13. JAMES PIKE

      i love it

    14. abbsnn cose

      the whole master bedroom with the bathroom, living room and everything is basically the size of my house

    15. NJFUChemical


    16. Gage Spargo

      No afence to Brian but your house is 30 times better

      1. abbsnn cose

        You still in san diego???

    17. Diego Hossain-Aguilar

      i just watched his first vlog then went to this

    18. CGL x COOKS

      U changed my mood

    19. Hig Hog

      A mini fridge in a bathroom wtf?? 13:09

    20. Hig Hog

      He really be saying the backyard has so much space but theirs like no space 8:24

    21. Hig Hog

      Does anyone else realise that this house looks very similar to his parents house

    22. Famous Celebrity Homes

      Rumor has it, the front door is still open till this day

    23. Erblin canaj

      make a full gaming setup 4 evrything

    24. 100K Subs For A Video

      There is one thing I don’t like about your house. NO BASKETBALL COURT!

    25. BIGX

      Here is a video idea do ping pong trick shots but shoot them in your chandelier

    26. Raj

      Yo. Your entire master bedroom is like my apartment lol.

    27. Raj

      Bruhh. This house has way better interior design than the other one. Congrats!

    28. Teazuz

      so ill. congrats

    29. Indiofromtha4c

      Anthony Jessica Steph and your friend u okay bball with

    30. Jaz

      Didn’t he lose to that other youtube in a 1 v 1 game ?

    31. Madox Shaw

      The living area in the master bedroom would %100 percent be my gaming room

    32. Tammy McCollum

      You still in san diego???

    33. Salem Jahman

      I think Jesse 🤔

    34. Tj S

      What no Jackie

    35. neejoy sola

      the whole master bedroom with the bathroom, living room and everything is basically the size of my house


      i watch the same videos over and over again so he could get lots of views and im always aware when he uploads


      who thinks the house is AMAZING uwu it looks like a castle and my mom would probably like the house because of the kitchen and the plants but i like everything in the house

      1. neejoy sola

        Bruh the master bedroom is a house itself

    38. Gigi Cucu

      No badketball court?

    39. thepuzzledworld

      He got enough room for a whole family !! Danggg it’s nice like a whole castle 🏰

    40. Poguemiles 123

      If Jackie and him are sharing a room they are 100% dating

      1. Sandra Robinson

        Jackie is taking a break from youtube

    41. luis or lois idc

      His bedroom is freaking insane

    42. nEwbieMV

      It's just too noisy on backyard

    43. Jimmie Parks

      There’s no way that house cost 5 million.

      1. Sandra Robinson

        Look how many times hes got a milly views

    44. Ali Lott


    45. Abhijeet Singh

      Congrats brother , waiting for the crazy stuff you'll be doing there.

    46. Amani Myles

      Next video *I got robbed.....*

    47. Arben T

      No basket

    48. Parth Duggal

      the house is nice don't get me wrong but it gives me a hotel vibe, like a hotel where old people would live. It just doesnt look like a house where you would live but its still nice.

    49. Sia Mak

      I am not happy with it :( lol I LOVE IT!!!!!!!

    50. Lana.vilovic '

      House is meh

    51. melanin phanuela

      2 showr heads. One for Brandon and one for Jackie😊😂😂

    52. GT PROX

      Bruh the master bedroom is a house itself

    53. GT PROX

      Hold up ADT (2:30) that's a South African security company

    54. Elijah Talata

      I think rug

    55. vinnyxo

      4:58 “none of this would be possible without the support of you guys” sorry but none of this would be possible without Jackie bringing in your views 💁🏽‍♀️

      1. Sandra Robinson


    56. D-Rey

      So your telling me... Brawadis doesn’t have his own BASKETBALL COURT?!

    57. bilias hour

      great vid babe

    58. Darianna Miller

      I LOVVVVEEEE IT!!!!!😍😍😍😍😍😁

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      1. bilias hour

        Brian's new house is gonna be bigger than this freakin castle???

    60. Sharon Benitez

      Or a collab with 'louie's life'

    61. JJ Guevara

      Yooo everyone jut like thisz comment

    62. Jaspreet Chahal

      to be honest its not worth it

    63. Just Some Dude

      This Now THIS is epic

    64. Truth Be Told

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    65. Yoloo

      That room with tha champagne is Anthony fav room of tha house

    66. BMXRIDER 6000

      First time I’ve seen Brandon not wearing basketball shorts

    67. annag cocl

      the whole master bedroom with the bathroom, living room and everything is basically the size of my house

    68. Mata Usii

      Im gonna come raid your house (jk lmao) LOVE THE HOUSE SFM. Thats where hard work gets you. Love ya Brawadis

    69. carlos juarez

      That house ugly so outdated. Needs to be remodeled forsure. Hmu I can do the work. 😂

      1. annag cocl

        Congrats👏 I'm so happy for you