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    It's that time again! Today we reveal my new project car! This time around I needed a break from the older stuff due to my insanely bad luck. It's time for something a little bit newer and something I can hop in and enjoy. With it's lightning fast gearbox, solid engine, and tons of potential I couldn't say no to this thing for the price. Thanks for watching!

    Am Vor 8 Monate


    1. ThatDudeinBlue

      I want to thank everybody for their insight, advice, and their ability to be open minded on this channel. Thank you guys for sticking around and I can’t wait to take this journey with you.

      1. Troy Hatfield

        ThatDudeinBlue 7:30 if you listen someone farted 😂🐼

      2. CompetitionSmoker

        Two mustangs now? smh

      3. Rishan Soogreem

        congrats bro. been watching your vids since you started

      4. RazorRC

        Id say good choice for now, the MK5 Supra is new and barely having aftermarket parts for it and body kits, maybe get one after SEMA. I did hear we might see the GRMN version next month.

      5. yucheng cui

        Hi, bro, is that worth to buy a 2009 Nissan GTR (17000km) with $45000

    2. Cristofer Gonzalez

      I just got my white mustang gt 2018 last week. It’s awesome.

    3. Troy Hatfield

      7:30 if you listen carefully someone farted , your welcome 😂🐼

    4. Tyler Kulchinsky

      I'm trying to decide between a S550 GT 6spd, 07-09 S197 GT500, or a C7 Corvette 7spd

    5. Joseph Bentley

      Too bad its thst Fusion like body style (s550)

    6. Han's Hobbies

      Brakes are from ADVICS. It's a small company that's kind of a subsidiary of Toyota x Aisin.

    7. david martin

      The name doesn’t fit it. Put a vmp on it and rename it, white whine😎

    8. David

      Late to the party but congrats on the new project. I rented a 19 GT Premium last weekend. I’m hooked.

    9. XandoDK

      how could you!§

    10. Flawless Fatality

      Soooo boring, tipping on the unsub button

    11. Ryan Matthew Reyes

      TIL new cars have new feautures

    12. RyanQuattroS1


    13. Chev Chellios

      Couple goal. I need a lady who is going to tag along in my car projects with me. Congrats on the new project bro! 👊🏾

    14. cr125rider2001

      Change the oil pump gears

    15. Ohio Skateboarder

      How could you

    16. Olafemi Akinola

      Nobody wants manual these days eh

    17. Jamiele Anderson

      Great choice David. The 10 speed autos are straight beast! 3.9 0-60 in drag mode and 11 1/4 second pass stock. People that hate just don't know 🤦🏾‍♂️😂.

    18. swizzy

      Wheels Tires Suspension @ FitmentIndustries.Com (I’ve watch so much that it’s drilled into my head)

    19. Kikox Colter

      i love how in eu there is a mustang gt in the sport vehicles and in us there is the gt350

    20. Christopher King

      Dem thighs tho

    21. SilverArrow1026

      So glad that you did not choose the MKV Supra. Would have lost a lots of interest with the MKV Supra. Cause no manual, nothing special. Great choice with the S550

    22. Oneil Phinn

      Man this is ur girlfriends car.......just admit it

    23. Walter Ritchey

      Auto? :(

    24. RedStickRobb

      10 speed boooo. I love my 2019 6 speed. I like to drive my car. I dont care how much "faster" the 10 speed is. It only matters at the track and how much time are you actually at the track if you didnt buy it just to be a track car. What Ii like is being able to bang through the gears and hear my Corsa Xtreme exhaust scream. Hearing a 10 speed hunt for gears and never rev out makes me sad. But thats ok, just my opinion, either way you're gunna love the car. Good job man, nice pick.

    25. Hipstercat

      What is up with the focus on your camera, it keeps going in and out of focus! What camera are you using?

    26. Young Rios

      Im going to be honest the supra with a tune seems to gap an e85 10 speed gt. Very jealous bc I like both . But the supra is really a BMW aaaand I have a 14 gt

    27. Rick Says

      I voted for you to get the Mustang and I’m glad you did. It’s a shame that you had a bad stroke of luck on the previous projects but I think this one is definitely going to be an exciting project. Enjoy you two🤗

    28. TobyDN1982

      I've test driven the new Mustang with the Ecoboost engine. It was quite comparable with my Focus ST, yet the Focus is a little lighter and has just 250hp and the Mustang was like 1800kg and 300hp. And I wouldn't have taken the Mustang over the Focus. The Focus was the much better ride. But I really think about getting me a Mustang v8 from 2015 up to 2019 ... just need to save some money on that.But the promotional car I've driven also had the 10 speed automatic ... in manual mode it really sucked 'cause the only damn thing I've been doing is SHIFTING ten gears up and down ... this is really annoying. But much more fun in automatic and sport mode! It's definitely a beautiful car reaching up to European cars concerning built quality!

    29. michael-jack Green

      You should put an RTR mustang grille

    30. HippieSkippy100

      You two are disgusting. Disgustingly cute. Dawwwwwww

    31. Tommy 910

      The older blue one is much nicer I think. But my all time fav body is a foxbody notch and SVT Terminators

    32. Mj

      Get new rims asap

    33. RICKY

      Man the poor girl probably wanted a nissan juke but you "influenced" her into getting a pony.

    34. Shawn Sanders

      I have owned my car for a year and and ashamed to say I haven't used the line lock feature yet. Congrats on the car. I really like White Mustangs. I have the same car but mine is a 400A vs your better 401A.

    35. javidgt8

      Man i hate the way S550 10 speeds sound at high speeds. The odd ass rolled in sounding shift, and how small the ratios are between the gear shifts. Man, im really sad. I love the coyote but I just cant get behind this 10 speed

    36. javidgt8

      David, ive been a fan for a long long long time. I got my 14 Mustang GT partly because of Smurf, and I loved her so much. But David, I still love you, but David, im sad, so so sad, that you got the 10 speed. At least Smurf is back, but im still sad. Either way, congrats.

    37. Piotr Bogucki

      "I'm adjusted correctly..." not really. I see plenty of women drive far too close to the steering wheel, its unsafe and really not that comfortable...

    38. Daniel Mustang

      How could you

    39. Bailey Brooks

      Its an auto :(

    40. Atticaz

      Scrap that alien-penis-looking auto-shifter for a White Madness Garage conversation, fast. Lol. 👽 🍆

    41. StyleSystems

      I would have a lot of fun with her...

    42. Jackson Barinowski

      Isn't the 10 speed kinda clunky though?

    43. Raymond Rios

      The name of the motor is Melissa 😂 that’s was cute

    44. Mr. Infiniti

      I don’t even like mustangs at all but I love your channel keep it up bro

    45. Benjamin Burkhardt

      The 10-speed will handle from the factory 1k ft lbs of torque

    46. InfamousMacias

      I feel her pain I’m currently learning how to drive stick in a 530HP 03 terminator with a stock clutch😩😂😂

      1. Boosted Beaners

        InfamousMacias lies

    47. Malik Spears

      No more coyote 5.0 only melissa 5.0

    48. nitrous07me

      She thic, & im not talking about the car

    49. Alain Salazar

      Does the car have the 2k rattle or the ticking noice yet?

    50. HouseLightweight

      10 speed has a better 1/4 mile time.

    51. Chris S

      Race her on the strip in your Integra!

    52. Brian Guevara

      Why not the GT350?

    53. Vlad Morea

      Melissa xDDDD

    54. Departed Gardens

      2019 no reason for anyone to get butt hurt about tech changing and cars getting faster.. i drive stick as a daily but i still understand newer sports cars in automatic are just better off.. and i honestly dont view that as a bad thing one bit. i love automatics just as much as i love driving stick.

    55. Eric Bassett

      Lol when she did that burnout i had a panic attack thinking the car was gonna end up in the neighbors yard. Also this car was an excellent choice, I'm excited to see you build an auto as i hope to uy and mod an auto s550 sometime in 2020! Also its really cool to see you found a good girl who wants to be apart of your car empire, thats badass she's a keeper!

    56. Christian Sjölander

      Not a big Mustang person, but I´m here for the information and the entertainment. Worth it.

    57. Phoenix Freeman


      1. Raymond Rios

        Phoenix Freeman no ac sucks ass I had a civic with no ac, it’s not nice at all and Texas weather is very disrespectful

    58. Rev'n Step

      Congrats. I got rid of my 2018 Auto s550 and went back to a manual......Bullitt :D

      1. javidgt8

        10 speed wasnt as great as you thought it would be?

    59. danI43541

      Thought you are gonna get one for yourself... would be cool to do a „mega“ S550 Mustang

    60. K.D. Mac

      But what happened to the s13 drift car???

    61. Ronald Z

      On road course it's a bunch of 3rd and 4th gear.

    62. SteelVenom

      I'm really glad you got another Mustang and excited to see what you do with this mustang...but white?! You have such awesome colors such as grabber blue and then you go to boring-white?

    63. NotAProfessional

      Should of got a c6 z06

    64. Jeremy Simon

      Another mustang tho? =/

    65. Broseph

      Best all around mustang(gets auto) Bruh this is the ultimate girlfriend car lol

      1. Broseph

        @SosaGamer they are the way to go if all you care about it numbers and being the fastest. Manuals offer the best driving experience hands down. people need to buy manuals before we dont have an option at all and we get stuck with 2 pedal cars.Nothing wrong with them, theyre fine for daily drivers and all, but manuals are much more fun. manuals keep the car fun when it starts to feel slow. a slow feeling auto car is the worst.

      2. SosaGamer

        Broseph have you owned any newer autos? Just curious because manual are fun no doubt but newer auto’s just the way to go. I would get manual but in this case it’s not a bad option and is desirable by alot

      3. Broseph

        SosaGamer an automatic is and automatic

      4. SosaGamer

        Broseph 10 speed bro

    66. Josh Elliott

      Imagine buying a mustang over a Supra

      1. Patthepwnisher

        Maybe because you get the same If not better performance for a fraction of the price 🤷‍♂️

    67. Bell Motorsports

      Nice! It’s good you got the auto. It’s a great trans and still fun. Plus this car is so much more practical than the other. Enjoy those heated and cooled seats and that AC!

    68. Corey Wharton

      No issues... Mexico Racing League just blew up 2 10-speeds in 3 days.

    69. FX

      Is this a performance pack?

    70. ItzYoungRay

      Took u long enough David damn 🤦🏿‍♂️🔥💯