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    1. Vassel

      Noi was lie on the I don't know because I trust is yellow

    2. oliver santos


    3. oliver santos


    4. oliver santos


    5. oliver santos

      This is

    6. oliver santos

      I'm a girl

    7. oliver santos

      I am your biggest fan

    8. 林鸿琴

      OMG I love this video!

    9. Juanito Jumamil

      Wow a minecraft among as

    10. Jesa7983

      Perce are you kidding me you are dum have you played among us BEFORE why did you not vent WHY tell me did you eat to much pizza? Hmmmmm ama vote for perce lol

    11. Jesa7983

      I loooovvvveee this vids and aph AND MA GIRlS ARE ThE BESt

    12. Jesa7983

      YAaAaAaaaY MAC YAAaAs

    13. Anika Johnson

      Is blue in Ein or Perice? If you you know comment

    14. BJ on GameDay

      GREAT GRAVY?! what the heck!

    15. Rebecca Maestas


    16. Keelie Hathorne


    17. Keelie Hathorne

      Hi Aphmau this is Katie what's your Among Us password aphmau and wanted to see what it was because I always wanted to play with you I'm your biggest fan by the way

    18. Waheed Akhtar

      You so me in among us the name was maha noor it was me i am so happy

    19. Jóhanna Ösp Einarsdóttir

      it good

    20. Danielle Smith

      Can you pls do a among us video with all people from all of your seasons

    21. Elohri leihr Aquino

      Is noi is a girl or a boy

    22. #!Toxix_playz¡#


    23. ꧁Little Kiesha꧂ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      (\__/) ( • - • ) \ >🍫

    24. Katie. Walker

      Noi saying iya is soo cute 🥰

    25. Amauriyanna Moore

      Are you going to play Among Us in Roblox because it's fun it can tell you when your Apostle or you will cremate there could be two Impostors only nine 1 or 3 because that's not the regular game

    26. Drew Dayton

      Remix no no no no no no no

    27. Yakob Shimels

      gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggttttttttgggggg xd

    28. Mostafa Itani

      Jessica how could you kill me in among us

    29. Andrew Stacey

      It's not her

    30. Faisal Budiman

      Mac:i promise i promise

    31. Faisal Budiman


    32. Faisal Budiman

      On regular among us can i join your server

      1. Faisal Budiman

        Pls Please

    33. Lydia Williams

      I like imposter a among us imposter panters friends to make PAINT +2,48B

    34. Seth Alijah Pacala

      I get to be the impostor like 4 times

    35. Wendy Dufford

      Who is watching this in 2021

    36. 143ywa

      If Mac was the imposter and Mac was in the room why would she not report body and especially she chased you right down

    37. Olivia He

      I am a fan of aphmau I click the bell and subscribe to aphmau and click the thumbs up

    38. Berenice Lopez


    39. Janet Heredia

      Random fact: You can’t breathe when you smile Just kidding, just wanted to make you smile. Have a good day :) -Credit goes to 50k

    40. annadashzel marcos

      Aphmau you are the best and pierce

    41. Justin Booth-Thomas

      im a fan

    42. Justin Booth-Thomas

      i love you

    43. aulya Zydha

      i looovee among us 💗

    44. Clove Cookie

      Mac: I wasn’t even in security Me:They never said where it was they never said it was insecurity open and shut case

      1. Vassel


    45. Clove Cookie

      Can I have a shoutout pls :3

    46. roswati enden

      i like it but aku beresal dari indonesia

    47. Mildred Rose Dulfo

      I love tge part when she a per

    48. Dragon Gamer

      P 3 P

    49. Dragon Gamer

      || || || || \/

    50. Tamara Rahman

      Pink yellow and blue are stupid they thought you was the imposter they are so dumb

    51. Anup Rana


    52. Minna Yang

      I like how they don’t know that there’s a 10% chance of being imp twice in a row

    53. herminigildo mario

      aphmau is really good imposter in minecraft among us or the real among us XD

    54. Alex Tobin


    55. elizabeth robles

      You get to be imposter in twice in among us what Ins wrote I mean Minecraft that is so weird and then everyone else is going to be the water in the next room🥺😡

    56. pat lee

      love ur vids aph keep it up :)

    57. Mikayla Miti


    58. Brandon Johnston

      Guys i ate pizza rite now and i told mt brother if he doeswnt eat his pizza al eat the pizza,s head off 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      1. Brandon Johnston

        i wanna be like aphmau but how did she tern into a pet like . . . Thats insane

      2. Brandon Johnston

        My brother whwnt to eat his pizza when i told him ahahhahahhaahahahahhahahahahahhahaha

    59. Jesus Flores (042JesFlor)

      Ccccçćčćffh :::::::::00

    60. Maleeha Asif


    61. mari Chan

      Noi: imposter son you make me so proud Me:😭 Beautiful

      1. Quentin Hoffius

        I like you noi

    62. Myla Devine


    63. Kami Girl

      Don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious~

    64. cisca cisca

      Pierce was looking sus

    65. kawaii slime kitty

      AWWWWW i love noi hes so cute~ (-W- not in that way i just think hes like a little kid XD)

    66. Donnamarie Williams

      Hi aphmau u are one of the coolsest youtuber

    67. cecilia sarll

      Me eating pizza while watching Aphmau be like :he ate to much pizza Me be like :hmm I wonder Me :tries to fit behind the couch but failed Well i guess I have to stop eating pizza

    68. weird specious

      aphmau is there a map download? also the resource pack pls i wanna play whith my friends

    69. Odessa cookie gacha laluces

      Noi : imposter son made me so proud