Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa

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    Directed By
    Damien Bray, @da_bray
    Restoration By
    Misha Munoz
    Music By
    Colter wall
    Album : imaginary Appalachia
    Songs : Sleeping on the Blacktop, Caroline

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    1. Jesus Pur

      🤙Yes, cooooool!! MUSTANG😍🤙

    2. Zaphods2ndhead

      That was cool. Way to go.

    3. Keifer

      People always talk about Jason. He is a great man yes. But his wife is such a great soul! She is a queen! And deserves the man she has. Them kids they had are beautiful with great names.

    4. Jessica Grover

      Shall I bow beneath your feat n scream chalice above my crowd,screams four the crown with no shallow bellow. Blew is the new true so I've fallen for you.

    5. vACEFFL33T

      am i the only one who read the title "MY WIFE'S FIRST MOUSTACHE" ?

    6. Jill Harleman

      Holy THAT mustang loooks COOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    7. Jill Harleman

      Damn that wolves movie was on fire it was soooooo cool

    8. The F4c3m4n

      This guy, WOW! He never ceases to amaze me with his kind heart, good will, and just an all around nice guy! Great wife, wonderful children, and all the Love in the World! What a Life when truly in Love!

    9. SCaR Point

      i always wish to be like Jason....... he's my ...... i have no words to describe...... respect and love for jason

    10. Cheese Wiz

      I've seen Jason here in PH back when he still doing a tour for aquaman. I was part of the security team. I'm so shock when I saw him he's so tall and his voice is so freakin HUGE! When he speak to the fans "HI GUYS" My God he is like the real conan the barbarian in real life. Wow. So manly voice.

    11. Neha Hela

      Jason is a dream husband 😍😍😍 lots of love to them 😘😘😘😘😘

    12. SPANCHEZ

      I love Lisa's self made Gordon Catrell jacket lol

    13. Jeffrey Murillo

      How did she manage to afford a car like that at 17, damn. That car isn't made for Jason's stature, you can see by his head and knees while he's driving. lol

    14. Aline Melo

      Sweet Family

    15. Happy Family

    16. Happy Family

      I agree 💯

    17. Lil Paycheck

      Everybody in the comments acting like they known Momoa since middle school 😂😂

    18. Suprativ Rava

      Dude looks too big for the car

    19. LaPangolina

      que belleza de auto y de hombre!! que afortunada la esposa de tenerlo..

    20. Koko

      Lisa is blessed.So happy for her, she to me ,always has sad eyes pretty girl

    21. suneel venne


    22. manvir soomal

      Such beautiful car dream to have one of these one day

    23. Evelyn Tarawa

      Masterpiece Classic Priceless and Very Classy Deep dark Black Powerful Colour 🖤 Powerful Aloha Ohana Momoa Family Prefect

    24. Evelyn Tarawa

      Prefect Masterpiece Prefect Family Prefect Children

    25. C Honda

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    26. kelly c

      cooles Car

    27. Yo Dark

      When you really love a woman/ wife you show her in the little gestures. Hoping for many more years with this beautiful couple.

    28. Liirachu Joe Joe

      Dayum this video is so relaxing and the music adds so much love to it .

    29. Joe Sheen

      Why isn't she driving. And dont tell me its explained why I did NOT watch the whole video before making a salty comment.

    30. Morgan Middleton

      I LOVE the background music!! Who is it?

    31. Jan

      Don't usually care about any celebrity marriages, so I was truly surprised of who your wife is. Beautiful story, gorgeous car and a wonderful couple & family!

    32. Christine Kiehl

      Truly heartfelt gift! Amazing people you both are! Hugs

    33. marie sanchez

      so so swwet!

    34. anoop reddy

      Clicked on this video wanting it to be about the Mustang. That changed so quickly. This is a beautiful thing to watch. I King who knows how to truly treat his Queen.

    35. RogerIsmi Vlogs

      The sexiest man is who truly loves his woman. Physical appearance is just a bonus.

    36. Suerte Abad

      It would’ve been nice to see her drive it but anywho... this was a nice gift 👍🏼

    37. Roxanne Randle


    38. Jonathan Guijarro

      Jason your awesome brother. I was actually working security on la for the vanity fair event and as soon as i heard someone wooing loudly in the backfiring i was like yup thats ma boy coming up. And there he was having fun in his pink tux. Appreciate the work you do bro fun stuff

    39. Zus xd Zx

      Jasom momoa soy un gran fan tuyo me encantaria conoserte tengo 11 años y bibo en costa rica

    40. Kyle Thomas

      Why do I get a strange feeling that Xzibit is missing from this video.

    41. Gerardo Cucariano

      men.. is beatiful, it´s a legend

    42. christopher johns

      Soooo, why didn't she drive??

      1. Evelyn Tarawa

        Because she is his Queen 😍

    43. shankarprasad c jadhav

      My heart gose for U gays. ❤️❤️❤️❤️🔥❤️❤️❤️👍

    44. Kishan Roy

      This is the one of the best work in the world, to convert old thing in new.

    45. Miss Shards

      And she still sounds like she did as a teen. All i could hear was Denise ❤ Jason and Lisa truly make you believe in true love ❤

    46. Victor Gerez

      Ojala tenga la suerte de tener una familia como la tuya jason

    47. Akash Dibragede

      One day for my love

    48. Nilesh Wasnik

      Nice...and beautiful


      I proud of you ,love from indonesia❤❤

    50. David Sala

      This is a beautiful video of true passion for the one you love. Awesome! Cheers! 😍

    51. Jennifer Herbison

      I love the way he looks at her.❤

    52. Avijit Tiwari

      The ring vibes

    53. Raijin

      is this some kind of music video? man the quality of this video is beyond any other vlogs

    54. taifur ahmed

      Jason's son opened the door for her mother... Such a gentleman

    55. RLD

      when you have money coming out of your ass

    56. My Simply Illustration

    57. Kris B

      He loves his wife and family so much. That is makes for a great man. ❤️❤️

    58. Aashish Eapen

      Smiling the whole way through!

    59. F R K

      Pewer pewereeeyy....

    60. Antonio W

      Lisa Bonet is still 😍😍😍 and this dude really loves her!

    61. Reannen Quintua

      Awww.. She was Stoked!!! God bless💜

    62. John Mash if u treat your wife right, u get lots of love back...

    63. Lin Vargas


    64. Snehith Laju

      Jason's family looks like a bunch of demigods

    65. NHMO OYTIS

      Gorgeous! The car is OK too. Lisa is one lucky lady!

    66. Jatoshi

      Myth debunked. Money can buy true everlasting happiness.

    67. Life of Enchantingstarzs

      Love it

    68. Corey Gray

      Cool AF. Love a stang build vid. That is one classy restore.

    69. BeccaCosmetics ChrissyTeigen

      Jason is so fucking sexy.

    70. Neon Mermaid

      She found herself a good one! That is SO sweet! Now he can teach my hubby to get my classic truck I have always dreamt of.