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    I had so much fun editing together some of these fun clips from my Among Us twitch streams! I am terrible at this game, please give me some tips.
    SMALLBEANS: @SmallishBeans
    Oli: @TheOrionSound
    Joey: @Joey Graceffa
    Quig: @Quig
    Scott: @Dangthatsalongname
    katherine: @Katherine Elizabeth Gaming
    shubble: @Shubble
    meghan: @Strawburry17Plays
    dantdm: @DanTDM
    fwhip: @fWhip
    Geminitay: @GeminiTay
    RIPMika: @RIPmika
    HBomb: @HBomb94
    lauren: @LaurenzSide
    jvckk: @jvckk

    Investigations by Kevin MacLeod
    The Builder by Kevin MacLeod
    Amazing Plan by Kevin MacLeod
    Sneaky Adventure by Kevin MacLeod
    Sneaky Snitch by Kevin MacLeod
    Scheming Weasel (faster version) Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
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    1. Gabriella Norton

      Lizzie: come on Quig double kill time ... Quig: hey look a body

      1. Llama :D

        Lol 😂

      2. Luca C's EDM


      3. XTREME LIAM

        15 k likes bigger than ur subs

      4. Elle Loughran

        @Gxrome okie

      5. Gxrome

        @Elle Loughran aww really 😢💖 ok i will comment on your vid 💖💗

    2. Mist Gaming

      I stopped watching you for a year or two I’m back and I missed your videos I had rewatched videos from like 2014 and stuff Hope your staying safe 💖

    3. XoPandaGameroX

      Lets Just Say This How Many Times Did She Say Do Do Do

    4. MyStErIoUs aLieN

      This made my day XD

    5. •Gliłchy Panda•


    6. petra bogdan

      I can't say that I disagree because I'm on jeremyism side and the covens side

    7. Musa

      Lizzie looked so proud of herself for voting Scott out

    8. Louis sewitt

      ooh katherine and i are the imposters

    9. Louis sewitt

      so dan, whats the thrill of killing my husband

    10. Kirsten Mall

      12:12 Is that my husband? Lol❤❤❤❤ that's so cute

    11. Sofia Tiseker

      please post more among us on youtube because my mom wont let me on twitch

    12. Kelsey Smith

      Everyone but Lizzie: *votes fwhip* Joey: so Katherine and Lizzie Me: when a game starts it says how much imposters there are and imposters can’t see so Joey was a bit sus!

    13. Chrismas Cheers

      Oh wow I didn’t even notice your orange hair it literally spoiled your Instagram post I am so dumb for not noticing that

    14. Tessivera Bad Heart Bull

      it says the game in the desc is minecraft, but it's among us...

    15. Sarah Da Kitty

      Lizzie:So how was the thrill of killing my husband?? Dan:uhhhhh........ idk why i found this funny XD

    16. Francesca kawia Queen G

      Can u live stream on DE-news because I do not have wtich

    17. Renee Kearney

      can I plzzzz play among us together also ldshadowlady Iove your vids I'm subbed

    18. Jayden finnegan

      I subscribed

    19. yeee hypeee

      i failed double kill is never your fault unless you do it in the worst place ever

    20. Samson Wigmore

      me:where? Him: Its blue the crap Samson Wigmore crap dude thing dude imposter. .    。    •   ゚  。   .    .      .     。   。 .   .   。      ඞ 。 .    •     •   ゚   Samson Wig was not An Impostor.  。 .   '    2 Impostors remain.    。   ゚   .   . ,    .  . Victory ඞ. ඞ Noob. Stop copying these comments, Its obvious your copying them. ____________________________________ | Noob | How do u have long name? | |Stop copying these, Its obvious your c|opying them. | Idk man, glitch. | |____________________________________|

    21. JLee T

      Lizzie:I trust Joey with all my heart Joel:Am I a joke to you?

    22. sumaya Wardere

      It’s Joey

    23. Talitha Kleine Deters

      Hey im just plant the black guy in among us whit the dum sticker i just want to say hi :)

    24. Xx_ Luna _xX

      make a new vid

    25. •himiko toga•

      Okay this is my final comment but who else kinda wonders if Lizzie is using her strawberry mouse she got Og’s will understand :)

    26. •himiko toga•


    27. •himiko toga•

      Lizzieeee pleaseee post more among us videos because I love your videos!! :) I have rewatched these so many times and I’m still obsessed🥺😂

    28. Bella Mantia

      This is gonna be a weird thing to say but.....lizzie has a GORGEOUS noes...I know odd thing to point out but YALL CANT DENY IT! Also Lizzies hair is very beautiful! Love all your videos Lizzie! 😁🥳

    29. Kylie Morrison

      Can you play among as like rihgt now

    30. Archie Hambessis

      14:39 the dvd symbol hit the corner...

    31. JOUDXS

      Lol Quig and Lizzie killed the same person

    32. Kawaii Cutie

      Oli doesn’t help the imposters or the crewmates XD

    33. Jommel Espiritu

      I really like it when she's calling Joel (Smallishbeans) "Husband" or "Babe" its so cute.

    34. Millyyy!

      You should do more among us videos! They're really fun to watch! 😁

    35. Ethan Playz

      Me and quig are gonna be the best imposters. NOT

    36. • Luna Eclipse •

      Half expecting this: Pewds: You’re done. You’re done. That speedun. It’s Lizzie.

    37. Luna The Cutie

      Fun fact did you know that the red dot on the camera it when someone is watching

    38. Isabella Teunissen

      wow lizzy's hair is soo pretty! :D its been a while sence i seen her because how busy i am ; - ;

    39. Linda Angel

      Hi Lizzie I’m your biggest fan I was playing Among Us The other day summer name Lizzie killed me and I was wondering if it was you I am the color yellow

    40. Itz_Velody

      "hauh! Is that my husband!?"

    41. Lina’s Life

      Hey Lizzie here a tip for imposter!!: Crew mate finding a body: YALL I JUST SAW SCOTT RUN PNING DOWN THE DROPSHIP AND THERE A DEAD BODY VS Imposter finding a body: So are we voting ---…? See the difference? By the way hope this helps!

    42. Everly KJ

      You should’ve vented

    43. Everly KJ

      Bad mistake

    44. Milok Litov


    45. :DMelissa :D

      Es el único comentario en español F(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ pero me encantan tus vídeos꒰⑅ᵕ༚ᵕ꒱˖♡

    46. chong Kim

      Yay she said the name correctly! I am so happy I get so frustrated when people say AMONGGgG us not Amon up ThE G is silent people


      Lizzie: Joel is walking very suspicious me: that’s how everyone walks in among us

    48. Gena Sun

      This is why I never play Among us everybody just vote me out even I'm not imposter...

    49. Faeyza 3Five4

      I may have been foloing you

    50. Autumn Wilkinson

      Can you please do more among us Lizzie

    51. Sophie Thompson


    52. Jenni Strömmer-Niemi

      noo si daid nooooo

    53. Emma Redgrave

      I love dis game I was inspired

    54. Gemi Bean

      Lizzie: me and quig are going to be the best imposters. doesn't complete double kill

    55. Lillian Corliss

      Love ur vids Lizzie keep staying safe and wearing masks keep making vids

      1. Lillian Corliss

        Omg just noticed she already pined someone lol

    56. Me Myself and I

      LIZZIE: quig lets do a double kill QUIG; REPORTS a body

    57. Radha J

      Who else thinks she sounds like yammy

    58. Berry the Fox

      Me every time I'm imposter lo l

    59. zem grif

      Not gonna lie but you kinda sound a bit like yammy no offence

    60. zem grif

      1:02 jisoo stan Blackpink found someone called Lisa and jisoo

    61. Y.C

      Lizzie: I trust Joey with all my hart! Me: Was that not espoused to be Joel??

    62. Laura Beatricci


    63. RooKidsTV

      Don’t worry, *im like that too.*

    64. Jacob Korolchuk


    65. Owentayy gaming

      might not see this but for skeld if 2 imposters then camp in security kill, then vent to med bay and repeat until you win but avoid creating a pattern, otherwise only kill in rooms with vents then vent imidietly after killing someone and be EXTRA CARFUL that no one else (unless fellow imposter) is in the room you are venting to. for crewmate i recemend having people watch you do a visaul task if you have one and avoid rooms with 1,2,3 people in it depending on how many imposters there are and always avoid rooms with 1 other person in it. these tips go for all people new to amoung us and looking for tips.

      1. Owentayy gaming

        oh and when your the imposter always vote for who who think evreyone else is voting based off of the confirsation

    66. williane oficial gabriella oficial

      Lizzie l am girl

    67. Melody Perez

      You are so good at playing

    68. Audrey Lewis

      oh gosh golly gosh golly gosh - LDShadowLady

    69. M B

      Anyone gonna talk about how she says among ers?

    70. Maite Alva Brotzman

      Liz: Quig and I are gonna be the best impostors ever!!! Quig: I saw lizzy donit