Napoli 2-0 Liverpool: Champions League Group E Recap with Goals and Best Moments

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B/R Football

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    All the action from Italy where Napoli began their Champions League campaign by defeating champions Liverpool 2-0.

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    1. Daniel Maluenda

      The miscommunication is the second goal tho

    2. Daniel Maluenda

      The guy in the picture looks like Ashton Kutcher

    3. HorseInTheBacc

      Is Adrian the new Loris Karius??? Edit: Man, Liverpool really has bad luck with goalkeepers

    4. Daniel Ferrarese

      Hahahaah Napoli turn to get some referee help!

    5. male11nov

      Man, what a Coach that guy Ancelotti is, this reminds of my days back in Highschool, when his AC MILAN played this kind of materclass tactical Football. What a Good Coach he is, no kidding.

    6. DanielAlexander YT

      Try to make the highlights 3 or 4 minutes long

    7. Jordi Hernandez

      Klopp got some work to do with their last line. Bitches look like a squiggly line when defending the final quarter of the field .

    8. Sheller Sle

      Let's all just remember how Liverpool got out of the group stage last year with one more goal scored than napoli. Not points, not even goal difference, just one more goal scored. The most bullshit technicality of group stages, and that was after some really unlucky games that napoli had (Di maria 96th minute goal, Van Dijk not getting a red card, countless posts). Just remember liverpool fans; you got extremely lucky last year just to get out of the group stage so don't be all cocky now because of the trophy.

    9. Oof god


    10. Thierno Ousmane DIALLO

      Now Van dijk thinks he is Messi or Ronaldo because of that trophy. Y’all let him know to focus on the dirty work🤦‍♂️🤣

    11. smcliffhanger492

      Liverpool defence is leakier than a sieve.

    12. MOH _official

      The referee is a cock sucka frfr

    13. VileTorture

      Lozano was subbed and the goals came. Surprised? I am not!

    14. Carlos Mendez

      no penalty 👎

    15. Alexander Galvez

      Doubtful penalty and a gift from Liverpool defenders, that's how napoli won the game, they just were lucky.

    16. Steven Campos 10

      Let's go el Chuky Lozano!

    17. Christian Ogden

      Where's all the fans at

    18. Tao Gusu

      It's expected for the team with better futbol to win. RMD and LFC are not real champions. They haven't seen league titles in decades.

    19. Justin Rubio

      wtf the defense though

    20. Igor G

      first goal was not a penalty even i that am a ManU fan can see that

    21. Ivan Ramirez

      Llorente dived all game lol

    22. 224移動

      300 dislikes from England. Salt.

    23. Leo Garcia-Cuesta

      As much as it sucks to see this result. I will not be cheering for other teams this season. Fuerza Atleti!!!

    24. CRS Firearm

      I want these guys to fuck my butthole while my whore girlfriend Erica cheers them on. Check out my other channel CRS FIREARMS


      Napoli is Liverpool's achilles heel.

    26. الزعيم الحصري

      I dont hear any EPL fan girls

    27. Deprecator

      only in Italy is that a penalty

    28. Marie J

      Best moment for me 3:27 wow, Jesus is coming back will you be ready to go?

    29. Amakan Ette

      Why don’t people sit on the lower levels at Napoli games?

    30. Calvin Vanhofwegen

      Not a pen

    31. Alloy_Agony

      Good. Kick Liverpool out, put them back in their place. Not a Napoli fan but I'm happy for them

    32. Joe Brumfield

      Shiiiiit. There was no penalty there.

    33. Alan Martinez

      I’ll say it again, Ancelotti is best coach in the world, and this Napoli team he’s constructed is gonna give the world hell, especially Juve

    34. Jeff Lebowski

      Garbage penalty. Congrats Napoli.

    35. 6000 Subscribers Without Videos Challenge

      Napoli really knows how to hurt Liverpool, just like last season

    36. sakana1977

      More than the result, I am concerned that Liverpool did not rest some of the players nor utilize all of the available subs. I am interested to see the lineup for the next game at Chelsea.

    37. The ortiz's

      You suk

    38. Showtime Omar

      I’m only in the contender league I have about 1040 points, anyone Tryina run trios ?

    39. Daniel Dao

      Roses are red Violets are blue Back at it again, the Reds and Blues

    40. SHÖGUN Gaming

      Follow me


      napoli wow go go

    42. Mp & Chi

      Napoli only getting better ✊🏼💙🙏🏼

    43. dany manchster

      the penalty was not deserved. poor liverpool.

    44. Riceboi 12345

      I just realized a lot of good teams actually lost

    45. Omg Is that god zlatan

      Cha cha real smooth

    46. Dirty Dan

      There is no one in the stands.....maybe lower the ticket price???

    47. Hitherto Undreamt Of

      Who else thinks Napoli’s kit is fire 🔥?

    48. carla white

      you to are good at danceing

    49. xxOmqDenis

      You can all hate me or say I don't make sense, I'll respect your opinion but ever since VVD got the UEFA Men's best Player award, I feel like that got him too cocky because his performances nowadays are average, I may be wrong but it's my opinion 🤷‍♂️

    50. allenfig18

      Van Dijk worst game in a liverpool Jersey

    51. Russ Myrick

      Not a pen.

    52. GLASZ MnX

      Noob liverpool haha

    53. do-not-neglect The Brain

      4:09 looks like Llorentes going to be out till December

    54. Grim Concept

    55. liam winsheimer

      Not diserverd

    56. liam winsheimer

      The refs suck ass they can fuck there dad

    57. wee wee bagget

      Van dijk makes one mistake and everyone thinks he’s garbage. Defenders really get the butt end of the stick when it comes to mistakes, attackers can make 10 mistakes a game and go unnoticed while defenders can cost a game with one small mishap.

    58. fortnitegophers

      Can you help me out by signing this petition?

    59. Tanisha Solomon

      check it out 💪🏾

    60. L irv pana

      The away group stage curse continues...... But if we can win it again ill take the curse all day

    61. Ahmed Lack

      Try not to put the results in the title, it ruins it a lil

    62. PandaCHEONG

      Tonight's winning Powerball numbers: 12 19 32 52 67 PB: 18

    63. EpicDoggiez

      For sure flop. Don't even

    64. Ezequiel Espinoza


    65. MessiTheGoat 12

      Proof any team can lose, take that liverpool.

    66. Repent, Ye Matthew 12:36-37 "But I say unto you, That every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment. For by thy words thou shalt be justified, and by thy words thou shalt be condemned."

    67. king Soccer

      Wow #4 on treading

    68. Ansel Tazeh

      Tell Jurgen to do that in prem

    69. Valeria Perez

      You dont now haw to do DE-news vids

    70. A Serr

      Napoli’s defense looking like mls