Natalya vs. Naomi vs. Carmella vs. Alexa Bliss: Raw, July 15, 2019



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    The Man’s Raw Women’s Title challenger at SummerSlam is determined with a Fatal 4-Way Elimination Match on Raw.
    #Raw #Fatal4Way
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    1. Khadija Ibrahim

      Love u sister Natalya may Allah protect u

    2. Daniel Sandoval

      The Rivalry has been renewed since 2016.

    3. Mia Aguilar

      I love Alexa bliss

    4. Shukri Omar

      It’s a surprise that Carmella’s on Raw

    5. Waleed Khalid

      Natayla segment was good

    6. Marvel Antonio

      Alexa is so boring to watch in ring. Bout time they need to stop pushing Barbie

    7. Tyson Gilbert

      Omgish this Asuka bullcut in front of the Salon next to the dispensary I'm at just shrivled my spine lol

      1. Tyson Gilbert

        Aww I am old . I think there's a Actress somewhere and I don't like Violence

    8. Tyson Gilbert

      And Aidrian. I'm a joke compared to ? My brain ? He's my brain dude that's me.

    9. Natali Ljikar

      1.Naomi 2.Nikki Bella ........

    10. ella nava

      I miss you ronda :(

    11. Metallic Twister

      meh, would rather have had naomi

    12. David Stephens

      Becky is overrated. Botch after botch and bad matches. And people wondered why Charlotte always got pushed. She made Becky look good.

    13. Jake Navatka

      Naomi deserves better. Best African American women's wrestler (along with Sasha Banks) that WWE's had in the last decade at least.

    14. Bangtan Events

      Goshh im so sick of becky. Who pretend to be a taugh fighter, then if you really want to fight becky go to UFC thats the real fight that you've looking for. Stop pretending that you are a real fighter, you're just a entertainer fighter who can't even kick and punch very well all you can do is flying around like a mosquito and talk to much. Stop pretending that you're a rral fighter,dont be silly. Natalya deserves that titles cuz she is there since decades and until now she still competing in wwerae and smackdown, as tgey said be careful what you wish for. You will never be a real fighter trust me hanny, me myself im a fighter who tried different kind of martial arts who work hard and get lots of gold medals in any competition here in my own city, i know who's the real fighter or just a wanna be fighter. How disgusting.

    15. DeathmatchIcon

      Man that match was boring. Just disrespectful to the fans.

    16. Iblaze 13

      Carmela's foot are in ta rope

    17. Psyched Out

      2:53 Yep, WWE has offically moved away from the PG promos.

    18. Psyched Out

      Is 2019 the PG Attitude Era or somethin? They're starting to move away from the PG promos a bit now.

    19. Lady Oshy

      Team Natty💕

    20. Chicken Noodles

      I liked that promo, it was good as hell.

    21. dyrrell gentry

      I was there they stopped wrestling twice for commercial breaks. Just standing there it was bad. WWE needs to change that no wrestling during comerical breaks rule

    22. Amadou Ndiaye

      I knew it, once Cena isn't as active anymore, people miss him now

    23. Shiki Granbell

      This RAW was boring TBH

    24. Aaron Peltier


    25. kenneth waterson

      Natalia oh great respect for you! but I still think Becky Lynch is going to come out on top one way or another so put up a great fight! is if you can put up a great fight I'll split the fight fifty-fifty that way you're both winners in my book! deal Natalia? love you girl

    26. Angelo Boss

      I dislike Becky gimmick it looks ridiculous

    27. Johnaibo Limpin

      I miss the old naomi but still loyal to her😍😘

    28. Monica Warrior

      Natalia by heart Alexa Bliss with a beat you but you know we all know Alexa Bliss she's goddess and you guys you better respect that you just came from the stupid Smackdown Smackdown stupid now you should get your rear up because Alexa Bliss has been there as long as can be and Alexa Bliss could have beat you and she beat it everybody she won the raw and the smack she won the raw and the smackdown title but did you win both of them are none of

    29. dead snipe

      Pause at 2:35 lmfao

    30. Miles Campbell

      Camellatoe to the chin 😉

    31. Stephanie Williamsjjej


    32. Elaine Mosqueda

      Hate becky lynch

    33. Kevin Doval

      Give Divas a chance my A$$! They had chances and they blew it 100 times out of 100! Having no Women in WWE (Stephanie excluded because she & Triple H runs the company of course) would give underutilized guys like EC3 more screen time! It also does not help that the WWE roster size is in the freaking triple digits and women make up about 1/5 or 1/4 the size of the whole roster! The Nitros Girls had better entertainment than a majority of the Women's roster! That women's fatal 4 way on RAW 7-15-2019 was one of if not the worst women's matches in WWE in 2019! The sooner AEW appears on TNT, the better! Final Rating: negative 5 stars out of 5 Dave Meltzer should have given it a negative star rating and WWE lacks stars compared to NJPW, even Sami Callahan vs Tessa Blanchard at Slamiversary 17 was a better match!

    34. Irfan Sanjana Official

      Natalya love u

    35. The Sedaiv

      I rather draped in ham & dipped in a tank of piranhas than see this again.

    36. Rose Lee

      It's time for Becky to lose the belt and Natalya win. Becky squeezed from the beginning, she doesn't deserve to hold the belt for so long. Natalya has been in this industry for years and needs to be given the chance.

    37. Preston Salomon


    38. Odd Apprentice

      Nataliya Neidhart, the continuation of the Hart Foundation, Baby Anvil gonna test everyone's metal. Teddy, Brian Jr. and Davey Jr. in MLW, New Hart Foundation, will never, won't ever, can'!

    39. Carmella Money


    40. Rahat Chowdhury

      Its a tragedy that Natalya is still getting championship opportunities,rather Naomi and Carmella has been on the sideline for long! WWE is making Natalya’s career a joke by putting her to the edge and then ripping her off it

    41. Joker Kimi

      Nattie still works in WWE?

    42. ReShantic Wheat

      Is it me or does all the work done to Natalya's face make her look not very cute?

    43. John Doe Jr

      Ronda better be back because these women are becoming so boring and definitely NOTHING once again.

    44. Frank Cordova

      Hey, if Heyman can give these two a great build-up, their match can possibly headline Summerslam as it does have potential.

    45. Suha Ww

      hat you natalya

    46. Luis lopez

      And that’s why Melina is coming back 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️💀😂

    47. Juan antonio Mazariegos

      Creo que soy la única que abla español y en el 2019😂

    48. Jay

      They’re shoving Becky down our throats and I HATE it .. she’s so overrated and I’m tired of her being champion .. WHERE IS SASHA

    49. Jay

      Naomi was so disappointed .. I feel u 😔 She has the MOST potential and deserves to be champion again .. and Becky is overrated and I’m sick of seeing her with a title

    50. joseph Velez

      That's Natalya woo she is super woman

    51. dark magic

      Natalya killed becky on the mic 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    52. Orange Hokage

      Alexa Bliss is the best! Give her a title WWE, we are sick of waiting.

      1. TheZKing#14

        Dude your acting as if she never won a title to begin with LOL

    53. Kevin Lee

      Natalya wants the Raw Women's Championship

    54. Lebohang Mofokeng

      I still love you naomi😢😢😢😢😢

    55. M.

      When is Ruby Riott coming back? No shade to Natalya but come on...... And also where is Alicia Fox? It would have been nice to see her finally get a chance

    56. art1ej

      carmella's feet literally were touching the ropes and the ref still counted to 3.

    57. Stephanie Buenconsejo

      Not to discredit Natalya but we all know she won't win against Becky Lynch🤔 Sasha Banks is the only person I can see in the RAW roster that can dethrone Becky Lynch. I'd love to see Dana Brooke given a chance though and have Becky make her long strong💪🏻

    58. Chosen_Hun

      Glad Mella avoided the go away heat bliss generated

    59. Monte Villa Valencia

      Turn heel carmella😑

    60. Anime Spriter

      The crowd in Toronto will boo Becky heavily and root for Nattie hard at SummerSlam. Becky vs Natalya will be awesome

      1. Anime Spriter

        @Frank Cordova That is a possibility. That's why I'm kinda looking forward to this match. This is gonna be a good one

      2. Frank Cordova

        Also, this match looks as if it has the potential to headline Summerslam, but that's if WWE plays their cards right

    61. Kimmy Garcia

      Alexa Shoul Be A Champ Again Because She Rest For About 4mos.

    62. james A

      I love it

    63. Nicky Styles


    64. Emmarina Lefao

      Yasss this is the war I’ve been waitin

    65. Anh Nguyen

      Brock Lesnar vs Seth Rollins vs Randy Orton vs Cesaro vs Bobby Lashley vs Roman Reigns Six Pack Challenge Summerslam 2019

    66. Lena Sarkar

      so nobody's talking about nattie's bruises on her hand😢😟

      1. JPA Gaming

        Lena Sarkar Yeah I know Wrestling makes you hurt it’s hard to believe I know

    67. antikpo2clb fndm

      Wtf what happened to nattie hands?

    68. Maryse Ouellet

      Hola amigos acabo de crear este canal, quería ver si se podrían pasar por el y checarlo de hecho acabo de subir mi primer video, el canal trata de la ex luchadora maryse! Gracias.

    69. CatPlayz_

      I like how in actual matches they take at least a few finisher moves to be pinned but in this... a random flip up pins them

    70. Luis Maldonado

      Go Nattie!!!