Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ



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    Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down even more combat scenes from movies, including 'Saving Private Ryan,' 'Apocalypse Now,' 'G.I. Jane' and 'Navy Seals.'

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    Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ

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    1. VJ Rei

      Jocko cellphone's 911 does not call the police, it calls Chuck Norris.

    2. sVEnZikO bOmBArdO

      When jocko says "freeze that frame" the world stops spinning and the moon and satelites go out for a walk 'cause they're not looking for trouble

    3. Rebellions

      There are two types of land Jocko's land... And land Jocko hasn't gotten around to repossessing yet.

    4. RaVe Eclipse

      Jocko probably sat his parents down and told them they’re adopted

    5. TsukoKorea

      When Jocko got married, he was his own best man

    6. Elijah B

      Jocko uses pepper spray as cologne

    7. dredhead117

      jocko was born in a log cabin he build alone with his bare hands

    8. Fishing Fool

      Jocko brings fear upon all, even those keyboard warriors!

    9. MasterRydus136

      actually the reason those soldiers were throwing up during the d-day, was because prior to the invasions, their NCO's had the brightest idea of giving all those soldiers bacon, ice cream and many other foods that will literally make you throw up if you go on a boat trip. they gave them all those foods because they wanted those soldiers to be well fed before the invasion but i don't think they did it on purpose otherwise if it was on purpose then the d-day would be such a fiasco invasion.

    10. blank face

      'Military is a harsh place to be' and all I could think about was Vanessa Guillen and Krysta Martinez. Rip girls

    11. Ma Po

      Please Black Hawk down 13 Hours Hurt Locker

    12. issiah rushing

      Yooooo have highly experienced military guys like this dude breakdown and react to the modern warfare campaign mission where they storm the house and clear the room, and the interrogation mission. Also have them react to some Call of duty black ops one campaign.

    13. D R

      The landing crafts should have landed at an angle to block the exit of the soldiers

    14. Shon Seibert

      This is inaccurate because it was the British navy who landed most of the American forces onto the beaches........

    15. Don Culf

      When jocko gets married the brides father has to ask jocko to give his daughter away

    16. Phillip Wood

      Jocko eats a bar of soap for his shower

    17. Tatay Digong

      During a shootout Jocko killed 15 enemies, then he pick up his gun.

    18. Marco R

      F presses Jocko to pay respects.

    19. FaqUrNwoBS

      you look at this guy and then the average american youth and you wonder if there isn't 2 Americas. there is no way GEN Y and Z can produce a male like this. these generations are so pussified, I wonder what China is waiting for.

    20. Rjay Galarpe

      Jocko is the type of a guy to prove google is wrong

    21. paolo gnt

      Jocko is the type of guy who throws a BOEING 747 with his arms, jumps and catch the plane in midair and travels around using just his 10% of his power

    22. Timothy Thomas

      When Jocko was small he used to teach his Teachers

    23. Joshua Park

      Jocko: “everyone has a breaking point”. Everyone except jocko

    24. Susie A

      Jocko for President and I don't even live in the U.S. I'm in Australia and hang on his every word. You'd always want him on your team.

    25. Davydov

      Jocko is an actual jojo character

    26. Lucas E

      is that morse at the top at 14:50 or just a glitch?

    27. MrKajithecat

      1:27 They were also more prone to vomiting because they has a hardy meal before as being a planned unsaid "last meal" for a lot of these soldiers.

    28. a guy with anime adiction

      Jocko is the type of guy to drop the soap in prison and pick it back up

    29. Jason Pinney

      They found cure for cancer! Unfortunately it’s Jocko’s tears and he’s never cried in his life. Not even as a baby

    30. Aidan McElligott

      Jocko sleeps with a pillow under his gun...

    31. David Chez

      Jocko has beat the sun in a staring contest. Twice.

    32. Eli D.

      When Chuck Norris Goes To Bed, He Checks For Jocko Willink in the closet

    33. Matthew Leone

      Jocko turned the Navy into Seals

    34. minecraft parodies v2

      Nobody: 100% of the comments: JocKo'S aN EPiC GuY

    35. Veer Shah

      His biceps have biceps

    36. michivone V

      17:23 when my crush sits down on my lap

    37. Reuben Arwade

      Legend says Jocko had three kids - 1) John Wick 2) John Rambo 3) Dutch

    38. Tommy Jedi

      After reading the comments I expect jocko to talk in third person during the video for some reason

    39. Krezmick

      Legend states that Jocko trained John Wick.

    40. Ranvir Dhadwal

      A king cobra bit Jocko but after days of terrible and awful pain the cobra died

    41. BCC Skits

      Jocko didn’t have a due date. He just chose when he was ready to come out of the womb

    42. Syed Raza -USA

      GOD BLESS USA😘🇺🇸❤

    43. liam

      Jocko writes his teachers letters of recommendation.

    44. Eli Bryant

      Jocko is the guy in class to teach the teacher

    45. Abel Toscano

      Jocko looks like the type of guy to mark the teacher *absent*

    46. Average Joe

      Jocko trivia: they call his daily bike ride the tour de france he orders grenades thrown at him to go back bigfoot claims to have spotted him PT tests prepare for him his weights are so scared they lift themselves he is john wick's role model Sun Tzu listens to his podcast when the bus broke down on the way to school, he carried it the rest of the way Jocko invented freedom

    47. Um Piet's Willen!

      Jocko doesnt apply for a job, the job applies for Jocko.

    48. the beast

      The only man in this world right now that can defeat jocko is his twin named jocko that appeared on the other video

    49. RhythmTV

      Jocko is the type of Boss in a videogame where u need to practice and research to win LMAO

    50. Yashrajsing Gohil

      Hitler once said that "if i had jocko in my army, i would have ruled the entire planet."

    51. JimmyTea

      It was British navy that delivered soldiers to the beach on d day.

    52. Xfhu Lurf

      1:58 you forgot the space force my guy...🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

    53. Keenan Kindle

      Jocko wakes his alarm clock up every morning

    54. Issam Hafeez

      Jocko's email is

    55. Lord Flick

      1:20 they were also fed like it was their last meal. Canadian forces on the other hand fasted before taking Juno Beach and were surprisingly successful probably because they had nothing to throw up and probably a bit because of being pissed off.

    56. فيفا كريزي بلاير FIFA crazy player

      تحليل ممتاز ودا بيدل علي خبرة سنين وكمان مجهود رائع من مخرجي هوليوود في اخراج افلام تقنع الجمهور

    57. MassRelayed2183

      I bet Jocko can unscramble an egg if he wanted to.

    58. Brian Lowe Visuals

      This comment section is savage, not unlike Jocko.

    59. Michael Lane

      G.I. Jane always pissed me off, especially this scene. She not only volunteered, she fought to be able to volunteer for this training. This training is specifically meant to make them endure what it would be like to have war crimes and crimes against humanity committed against them in a POW camp. This is maybe the one time where a woman literally asked for it. And the guy didn't do it, because he didn't want to, he didn't like it, he could have no problem. In a real situation like that she'd already have been by pretty much every guard there at least once. He wasn't a bad guy, he was pissed off, really pissed off to be put in that situation. He didn't want her there because he couldn't do what he should have done, what he was meant to do, put her through what she would go through in a POW camp akin to what the Vietcong ran.

    60. Scarlet Banana

      This guy breaks chuck Norris over his knee for fun.

    61. Rithik Sebastian

      Stop commenting these things. I can't like all of them

    62. EdGar Edwards

      Jocko has a diary. Its known as the Guiness Book of World Records.

    63. EdGar Edwards

      Jocko's gmail account:

    64. EdGar Edwards

      Jocko's tears can cure cancer. Jocko has never cried

    65. EdGar Edwards

      Jocko has been to Mars already... that's why there are no signs of life...

    66. EdGar Edwards

      Jocko looks like he built the hospital he was born in.

    67. Ruka

      Jocko’s that guy that would ask the police officer for his license and registration.

    68. Manvir Singh

      The reason they were throwing up was because they were fed a hearty meal before leaving as they may not be coming back. That coupled with seasickness=throw up

    69. Nahuel Martínez

      I just wanna have more videos with him to have more comments like these

    70. Taha Hadada

      Jocko does not get caner, cancer gets cocko and gets kia.