Neville and Souness have HEATED debate over Marcus Rashford and Man United’s striking options!

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    Gary Neville and Graeme Souness have a heated debate over Marcus Rashford and Manchester United's other striking-options.
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    1. chris strachan

      Souness has no clue what he’s talking about .

    2. donald trump

      Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to my Vice President 2020 Roy Keane. We’re gonna smash dem Democrats!

    3. Jack Davies

      I don't know why Sky give Souness the light of day. He's a grumpy dinosaur that can't understand any viewpoint other than his own.

    4. Anvesh Naik

      Souness being skeptical on greenwood's inclusion... 13 goals this season... in ya face

    5. mustafa alkhdhairy

      Souness is stupid

    6. Aazad Muhammad

      Jose was on point when he described about Rashford’s quality. Boy’s got tons of talent, he just gotta be unselfish.

    7. Adam Patel

      Greenwood the goalscorer now Graeme 8 months later

    8. David Dubeux

      Souness is delusional

    9. G4 Selectorth

      Anyone here when rashford and martial has 19 each

    10. Aniallator83

      He always criticises black United players

    11. Aaryan K

      Souness might be looking at this debate and regret each and every word he said about Rashford. Rashford has been one of the best young players this season.

    12. Brendan wells

      What you all staring at 😂

    13. Strider

      Souness is a prat

    14. Ste Marwood

      This has aged well in such a short space of time. The now Tottenham manager Mourinho sat there and Keane saying just get Kane, part of me wants to think Keane knew the future 😂

    15. Ste Marwood

      Neville with the most valid point in any argument when he referenced Firminho, Salah and Mané - wasn’t even touched upon!

    16. Strider

      Souness sucks ass

    17. The DarkKnight04

      Souness looks so stupid now. 🤣 Being proved wrong yet again

    18. benito tommassi

      09:38 united won less with RvN because they were a team in transition during his time. RvN would have enabled united to win far more had he been playing in the team Saha played in, with Ronaldo, Rooney , tevez, Carrick, etc all hitting form. United would certainly have one or two more champions Leagues. The guy was the best in his position on the planet, as he proved further when moving to a less than great madrid side and dragging them to a liga title, winning pichichi in his first season.

    19. Medicated Flowers

      I’m sure Owen was younger than 21 when he was at his best lol

    20. Cameron Cartwright

      It fun watching this now because his shown his skill season

    21. Dull Future

      It has to be said but Souness is the worst pundit going. Doesn’t bring anything to the conversation

    22. Dull Future

      Lads I’m getting a tan off all that HEAT 🔥

    23. finn caul

      This aged well...

    24. Bratato Chip

      And now he’s the main striker and easily top 5 forwards in the PL. he’s dynamic af

    25. Bratato Chip

      Rashfords world class

    26. Lts Chhaks

      Neville you are right along👍

    27. Emzavelli

      Everyone’s so scared of Roy Keane it’s brilliant 🤣🤣🤣

    28. Attack on titan is garbage, nothing genius about it

      Thumbs down for mourinho, chuckle, keano and sourness

    29. Ayrton Redmore

      This aged well didn’t it. Every single man united fan, trust Rashford with everything. And now he has the midfielders behind him to score 30-40 goals an entire season. Fred really stepping up. Bruno and Pogba give him diversity and different options. Mctominay, is fantastic solid in the middle. Him and martial work really Well together. Next season 25 goals in premier league.

    30. Issac M

      Roy “go on and get em” Keane

    31. Siddhant Patil

      Jose operates at a different level

    32. Phoenix

      This Season Rashford-20 goals Salah-20 goals Mane-18 goals Rashford was injured for 2 months, and was playing injured for a couple weeks

    33. Mohammad Master

      souness is so out of his place here. clueless man

    34. Macaulay Rose

      “It’s too much for any 21 year old” Mbappe: “hold my beer”

    35. Extra Offload

      That Souness guy does not know football at all he is dumb as hell. Rashford is a world class finisher, and you can never be too young to perform at a high level. Bearing in mine that he scored v Liverpool there. Rashford will become a Man Utd legend, as will Fernandes. Souness needs to wise up.

    36. BillyBigBalls

      This didn’t age well did it graeme

    37. Vireakyuth Oeurn

      Souness is just pissing Gary off

    38. Usman Chaudhary

      Oi souness ava day off

    39. Regan Allen

      He got shut up pretty quick

    40. jay richardson

      Liverpool didn't deserve a point this game united deserved the win

    41. Goodinggg

      Never doubt the Rashbeans

    42. max

      I don’t care what anyone says just because souness is wrinkly and got white hair people listen to him, he talk out of his backside and will never give anything to United. He doesn’t know what he’s going on about, I’d rather have carra and nev every week.

    43. Sir Auryn

      to be a United striker and to win titles you need two 20+ goal attackers, Martial or Rashford have never scored more than 15!

    44. Nathan Lord


    45. Joseph Hewlett

      Firmino is vital to Liverpool cause he’s providing two players who will score the goals for the team, they are the main goalscore4s and they do it every week. Rashford is expected to be the man to score goals, and even if he isn’t, the players around him aren’t capable of carrying the mantle of goalscorer either.

    46. one law

      Souness sounds like a asshole tbh

    47. one law

      How much goal is Greenwood on now?ole answering questions

    48. one law

      How is is halaand isnt he younger than 21?

    49. jayesh gordhania

      Souness: rashford will never be good enough because Paul Pogba

    50. Jaden Sanchez

      Gk is the hardest place to play not striker

    51. gmc

      Rashford done brilliant all season

    52. gmc

      How wrong does he feel now

    53. Mark Fox

      Souness goes on like only Liverpool have the best

    54. Hmm mkay

      Ahh Grandpa Souness back at it

    55. Gary Fletcher

      Souness was a fine midfield player. When trouble or a fight started, he was always involved.

      1. max

        Doesn’t mean he knows what he’s on about

    56. Mathew Chapman

      Souness is like Chris Sutton, hasn’t got a clue what he’s talking about. He’s trying to be bias because it’s United and it’s not what anybody wants to hear. Gary Neville is mr united and still talks good about Liverpool but souness can’t

    57. Zakki Bacha

      nah nah nah the biast is on different levels

    58. poli gamer

      he said that he didnt score that much of goals he was the top scorers of the league until he got injured

    59. Martin Thomas

      ‘Rashford can’t score goals and they need to buy’. Man United’s front 3 have scored more goals across all the competitions than Liverpool’s front 3. Souness is a clown.

      1. max

        Martin Thomas 😂😂 exactly

    60. Marrs Bar

      notice how the only two not laughing at Roy's position at the end are Mourinho and Keane, it really is that simple, if you need goals, go and buy a player with guaranteed goals e.g. kane.

    61. TheCelticTiger

      Souness is an ignorant dog, the way he keeps interrupting and talking over Gary is disgraceful and so unprofessional, its just so obvious he hates man united!

    62. Bhaskar Mishra

      Roy is always the coolest in the studio..such nonchalance 11:23

    63. itz. Shearer27

      Did souness seriously just say that striker is the most difficult position to play

    64. Stephen Patrick

      Actual coaches don't suggest other coaches don't know what they're doing. Pundits on the other hand, fear them.

    65. Jay Jay

      All failed managers telling us how it should me done 😂😂😂😂

    66. Jay Jay

      Jose Mourinho is irrelevant when it comes to talking about playing winning football. His tactics are so out dated I think is next job will be Norwich

    67. kevinkilbane2007

      Neville is a clown. Arguing for the sake of it. But actually agrees with the point sousness makes

    68. Fozzylozzy

      I love when Jose puts souness down when he starts talking bollocks about strikers need to just score goals

    69. Conall O Cuirrin

      Sounesse is so closed minded to the points Gary was making. Although he made a good few good points, he completely shut down garry’s opinions on the versatility of strikers even though it makes a lot of sense. Goals predominantly come from your strikers but if you’re still getting the goals, what difference does it make if your striker is scoring or not. If he’s contributing to the team, thats what matters most and I think that’s the point garry is making. God Sounesse is such a miserable bastard. I feel as though he has an understanding of the game through and through but at the same time he’s as closed minded as a brick wall.

    70. DinosaurDemon5 Mst

      Graeme Souness is an idiot