New BLADE *VAMPIRE HUNTER* Skin! (Fortnite Season 4)

Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer

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    New Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 4 Marvel's Blade bundle pack item shop gameplay live stream with Typical Gamer!
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    Am Vor Monat


    1. Pink Panther

      I'm Canadian to😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    2. Connor Flynn

      ebery time he strans he gets a victory Royale

    3. TahiRuaToru Whaa

      I HAVEN'T WASH BLADE AND MY NAMED IS Rupene And Put your name in I time shop 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁

    4. Marshmallow Walker


    5. Amari Haynes

      this dude suck

    6. Ethan Garcia

      I wish I Had blad

    7. TaureanJ. Baskerville

      BLADE is my favorite movie

    8. ondaw1482

      Did anybody notice he has palm trees in the background this is for typical gamer only why so you have them?

    9. K Sniper

      When you kill someone with the pickaxe it turns red

    10. Jacob Grimaldi

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      1. Jacob Grimaldi


      2. Jacob Grimaldi

        Nope 🙅🏻 not the one you were looking at but it would have to do something like this in a different direction with all my friends who have been involved with this issue before the past years that they were able and the other one is a little different in a way they were just as much of an effort when you are the one to give them to me or me in a hurry or not just go ahead to the end that is a great deal to get in and I hope that we will have the chance for us and our families 50th the world is not the online ways you are going through a tough situation with your business to help your family and friends with your business to help your family ❤ you ❤ the world of the internet and your family and friends and friends and friends are welcome and happy-go-lucky is the only way for us that we will not have a lot to worry is to be a little bit of an issue at all and we are going through the process and will continue with this process the process jumped to a new place and it is very easy for you and you are going through the process and it will help to keep your business in the world and make a great investment for you to make a great deal of money for you to get to the store to make your life better for your life as a family is not the 879867667665654u7666

    11. Cannon Floyd


    12. Charvez Young

      I can’t get nothing because I no vbucks

    13. Lacey Lobetta

      Vampire calige

    14. David Wonner


    15. Erin Kaake

      I watched every single blade they're really good

    16. Weston Penner

      I live in canada

    17. Anna Munaf


    18. Ian Markley

      Do you Gree with season four is the best TG

    19. Ian Markley

      You’re the best Fortnite player

    20. Kim Simpson

      How much do the blade skin cost

    21. Jennifer Bergeron

      your a noooooooooooooob

    22. Jose Torres

      Hi bro im you,r fav

    23. Hypekingdj STEVO

      TG can u give me some vbucks becues I am trying to get the blade skin and don’t have the right of vbucks to get them

    24. Hypekingdj STEVO


    25. TheWolfman112

      Your awesome bro

    26. Jade

      you are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    27. Addylynn Leffler

      I am in 2 Grade

    28. Caleb Johnson


    29. Tre'shawn Thurman

      Tg “ this guy has to be in the fence” then “ did you just assume my gender🤬

    30. primericaok

      I've watched blade. Great movies!

    31. Adam Rahoui

      tu est une merde a ce jeux mdrrr

    32. Dark Link

      This is my favorite skin in Fortnite Blade is my favorite Marvel character *𝙀𝙑𝙀𝙍*

    33. Fatasia Petties

      I got the wolverine skin aquaman skin and even Deadpool also all the battle passes all of them I also got blade

      1. Fatasia Petties

        Me to

    34. Fatasia Petties

      I think you should do the blade only challenge we’re if you want to do the emote you can only use the blade emote if you want to use guns only use stark guns and pumps if you want play duos my name is king kass 7 I’m a sweat.

    35. Wyatt thomason

      Really love watching ur fortnite videos reallys helps me with fortnite

    36. Wyatt thomason

      I just my first Solo win a minute ago

    37. Micah Memeus Legrand

      Don't stop blood to drink somebody's blood when he kills somebody

    38. Micah Memeus Legrand

      Open DE-news game everywhere 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

    39. Bertie Bell

      AefvaiwrfhWrhfjiawrluoawrhphiuefarwrpfhiuwrafhpqwfhlriulwfheaiufrhwauilawfrhiupqwrh Iuqrwfu Oh Uiqfwouggqerfguiqefilefarlhuqferhuiefrqhuiqefruilaferpuiefrpurfupihfertoiwergiuhwerghurwegiuwerguhiwergiuhrfuherfaerfuiafrehiuaerfhukerafeartfioefartuoiaefrtuioarfetufeauioroe Fsdgui usefgyogfsdhufgsdogfesegsfhgaefg Gerarwfo Aferiew Aowafrti Rfhiao Ian He Ito Eafrrafeerafh Iearf Ofihoearfio Earfretairfeafroarfihoaerf Hadthsfdiho Fdhfdv Ozvfdzdfvijozdfviovfdziojvzdfjizvdfjoi Svdfjdvsfjsdvfsvfdpvfdzvsdfsdvfsvdjvfzdifdzvfzdjvzfdivfzdidvzfjizfdvjpivfdzjpivfzdijpzdfvijp Zdvfjdzfvjkzdvfjkp Zvdfjkpjkdfvp Fdzfkp

    40. Maribel Espindola

      hes lame he screams to much and i dont like so im not subcribed

    41. Silver Gears

      Blade isn’t even marvel

    42. Jason woodward

      Omg I have not been here in 3 years and he is a god

    43. Bryson Taylor

      i need vbucks names bryson3260 on fortnite

    44. Billy Cadel

      I like the payment

    45. Arai jonathan

      Can you play more bfv

    46. Dilan_The_VILLAN _PLAYZ Delgado

      Hi im one of your favorite fans i love you vids and I watch every vids you make right away because i have notifications on and i try subscribing with every moblie or devices i hope you hit1 billoin subscribers To:TP From:DD

    47. LC CHOW

      me too

    48. Micah Graham

      Let me see you're vebuks

    49. Ancient__ __Gamer

      40:13 i regret my decision

    50. 김영자

      im no skin

    51. 김영자

      Especially l really want to go to pickaxe.

    52. 김영자

      i want blade skin im korean fortnite name:kchjh please give it to me as a gift

      1. 김영자


    53. Anonymous Ghost

      I have all their strengths none of their weaknesses they call me... THE DAYWALKER

    54. Kitty cat nandaz Lost Scott


    55. Yoxari López

      Follow my fiancé in twitch please, Modernsniper004

    56. Blade 2841

      That my fortnight name

    57. Micah Memeus Legrand

      The gamer I'm Samuel can you give me that skin that's so awesome

    58. Sancheezy

      Hear me out y’all, Blades pickaxe is giving me hope that they could make Lightsabers into pickaxes now.

    59. John Thomas

      great gob bro

    60. Isak Sehlin

      plz can you gift me 10000 vbucks and i whould cry of happiness typical gamer plz username isak the man07

    61. Busi Dlamini-Johnson

      Can you gift me the skin pack my epic is koyanzo

    62. Justin Ferrin

      I got the Midas flopper boyyysssss

    63. Stale_Bread 223

      1:48:49 ok but that was SLICK

    64. Sahajjot Singh

      Hey Typical gamer/Tg, I love your videos!! YOUR THE BEST GAMER IN THE WORLD!! Can you please stream GTA V Sumo mod? SEARCH Sahajjot Singh on DE-news and pls subscribe to my DE-news channel!!THX SEARCH Spacewithsahajjot on DE-news and pls subscribe to my DE-news channel!! THX SEARCH S.S.A.17 Cricket on DE-news and pls subscribe to my DE-news channel!! THX

    65. Gioxim 13

      He must of never played save the world those animations aren’t new😂

    66. Aiehsha Kifayeh


    67. Bridges!Gaming!

      nice video

    68. Brandon Trammel

      People need to respect blade literally started the marvel verse

    69. Abdiel A


      1. Abdiel A

        Sike me

      2. Abdiel A


    70. Natisha Brown