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    Fortnite Cars Update Gameplay - ALL cars and secret changes!
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    1. Tea & Clickbait


    2. Flavinho gameplay

      10 seasons later...

    3. Gavin Is Mogg

      Make a video how do you make an account

    4. dp and kp

      I use code Ali-A in the item shop

    5. Collin Patriss

      my favorite's gotta be the pickup truck

    6. Stephen Scarre

      pp king

    7. Elizabeth Rancourt-Smith


    8. Tea & Clickbait

      Congratulate me for giving $1,000,000 to a homeless person!

    9. wlf Beats 39

      Cars in Fortnite are not even realistic. Just look at how it turns. Really Fortnite?

    10. LITTLE FBI

      Squirting it on the car huh?

    11. StablefluX

      1:45 oh ohh 😲

    12. หมวย คําภู


    13. Jeremiah Jones

      It’s the best

    14. Matthew Malivanek

      You can’t drive the van or reboot car

    15. Doctor Charmander

      Alli a I did that and I didn't fall out of the car

    16. Jillisa Ragbir

      Finally cars came😀

    17. Vojin Rašić

      if somebody gift me skin in fortnite i will run on the street and tell very very lought that you is a legend few times Username: Toxic_Voja

    18. Toby Scheller

      Please play more pixel gun

    19. Digital Craft

      Vault cars

    20. Digital Craft


    21. Angelina Armstrong

      Gold gold gold gold gold gold gold gold silver silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold is 8 silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver gold silver silver gold silver gold gold silver gold silver silver gold silver gold

    22. Mohammad Isaac Hussain


    23. FortniteZombie429

      Ugh no one likes fortnite anymore. Ali please go back to cod ahhhhh

    24. Erick Hernandez

      You passed a llama

    25. Michaela Robinson

      theres a glich on fortnite battle royal its a infinate gas can glish so keep on geting out you gas can and your pikaxe at the same time then theres aparing gas cans

    26. Kotlon each Nerf or nothing

      That’s so cool Ali A you’re the boss You’re way better than ninja

    27. John Neal

      I used code AliA

    28. A Design

      What is your favorite car

    29. Street BOIS Gaming

      The car probably won because the choppa hit trees.

    30. justin wicks

      Can European youtubers quit yelling......especially when ur not even playing .......u r trash

    31. hedge_doge 14

      Everyone: Fall Guys is live Fortnite is out Fortnite and me: Hold my beer New Uptade has entered the chat

    32. Gamertime342

      W E K N O W

    33. Y A D U N

      do u guys see the Tipacal logo on the truck? like=yes coment= no

    34. Fortnite Frenzy

      Nice video

    35. Echo

      ♨⛵ 𝕘𝔦ℱⓣ丨ᑎg ά𝓃yвⓞ𝔻ʸ 𝔴𝔥𝓸 ℓᎥKⓔS α𝓷ᗪ s𝔲𝐁𝐬 𝓘𝐧 𝔱𝐡𝓔 ηẸxⓉ 2❹ ⒽØยRᔕ 卂𝐧𝐃 𝐬𝐭αⓨŜ Lo𝔂𝕒𝕝 𝓕Ⓞ𝓡єv𝐞ʳ! 🐻♡

    36. Jannick Hebert


    37. AZM

      I wish there was a rolls Royce type of car

    38. Jnhcc Hohi

      Scamer is ali a

    39. Tweezy TV

      i just realized all your titles are the same 😂

    40. Dak Prescott #4

      “U just begin squirting it on the car”. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😱

    41. Galaga

      Peyton Peyton

    42. stop simping

      cant drive ghehe

    43. Usman Chaudary

      Can you play pubg

    44. Rhymzz

      ali a predicted driving cars 2 years ago

    45. Aiden Pena

      How do people find him funny

    46. A 47

      you seen it here first How many times did ali a said that ?

    47. Jhoana Comendador

      His team bot be like: imma just break your window i dont even care anymore

    48. Jhoana Comendador

      The taxiiii

    49. BradCraven Headquarters

      Me notices the truck had 69 fuel Nice

    50. Andy Collins

      To refill u need to BOOM

      1. devlyn

        shut up

    51. Hannah Burnett

      alay why do you allays shouting

    52. Meena Thompson

      YO A TAXI

    53. Tyler Wargo

      You should of shown what music the cars have

    54. Noah’s Crazy gaming

      Use a car at cattyquarter

    55. Ricardo Mejia Salas

      I haven’t watched Ali-A since the second week of Chapter 2 season 1

    56. GH2020


    57. Ryan Ghantous

      how did you go in the map ?

    58. Aarone Bartholomew


    59. Aarone Bartholomew

      Stop recing

      1. 03clanofficiaL 1


    60. Space Hendricson

      I really miss the GTa videos🥺

    61. FishyChungus8712 Rayyan zaki

      Guys I might be dumb but how do you boost and drift with cars?Thanks😋

    62. Owen Duke

      Alia your so funny

    63. ab_thekeeper

      They copied it from a nother battle Royale game

    64. Rio zijn moer Yt


    65. Ed Holt

      that was best


      Last digit of the likes is who you get to play with. 0- Bugha 1- Mongraal 2- Ali-a 3- Stable Ronaldo 4- Unknown 5- Lazarbeam 6- Fresh 7- X2Twins 8- Addison rae 9- BH Motion

    67. EZ_Clapz08

      "chєєkч líttlє skíds αrσund thє cσrnєr!" ***drívєs íntσ α trєє***

    68. Eshaan Saini

      Ali is like ruby rube at the start so enegergetic

    69. Gaming with Thomas

      When it runs out of fuel if u push with another car than u can refuel

    70. Zain Azzam

      In the car 🚘 intro there was a RPG does that mean the RPG is back btw I dont mean the moradors RPG