New CARS UPDATE in Fortnite! (Season 3)

Typical Gamer

Typical Gamer

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    New update Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 3 winning in solo cars gameplay live stream!
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    1. Mark Sammon


    2. DinoFNツ

      3:48:52 thank me later

    3. Ivan Payen

      Are use your support a creator code

    4. Brady Mitchell

      Typical Gamer: Excuse me sir, that’s illegal, you can’t just throw your gas can at me. Me: But killing isn’t illegal?

    5. Lorie Hudelson

      There are no new fish

    6. lukkaz3

      Im in season 4 know And there is a iron Man boss

    7. Mlf𓆪io YT

      5 million veiws

    8. Jason The killer

      3:48:50 is were he gets in a car!!

    9. FaZe_ join478

      I’m trying to join FaZe

    10. Kitten & Dragon Gaming

      omg cars

    11. yara qahtani

      thats the best update in fortnite

    12. Pro Gamer

      This is the longest typical Gamer Stream

    13. Roblox Star


    14. Walking Dead Now

      Nice video ♥♥! As a fellow DE-newsr, I am contantly searching for creative ideas! Excellent Job!

    15. Bhaskar Samprathi

      I used your code in fortnight

    16. Gabby& Aaron

      in typical gamer’s stream i had a fever and stayed awake the hole night🤒

    17. Blaze_Ryan

      Your a fuking bot

    18. gamer rayne

      My dad went missing for 4 days but bucuas of your vids i can stil lauch

    19. Carol Feliciano

      10 hrs my man is a pro gamer i stayed up un till the tream was over but 1 hr later i fell a sleep for 3 hrs

    20. Charlotte Savage


    21. Annette Thompson

      tipcl truck

    22. Victory4Life826

      I just started playing Fortnite on my Gaming Laptop yesterday

    23. Juan Aponte

      The first time you had a car with your own vehicle was a l LOL

      1. Juan Aponte

        Ueyddhhdysdhsjeid7elju2 dubstep quotations lightly

    24. Eleanor Moore


    25. Eleanor Moore


    26. Chrisangel Rosas

      I subscribed

    27. Chrisangel Rosas

      You are the best Fortnite player

    28. nafisa gaming

      mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn i loved cars it is one of the best updates

    29. Typical Immortal


    30. Jely Kids


    31. Alfie Harrison

      He plays games to much

    32. Alfie Harrison

      You are the best

    33. Jaden Tucker

      He should have went for 1 more minute

    34. Elliott Roy-Munro

      I find your truck

    35. Josh Pickett

      Do you have that of course literally got me to lose

    36. Tracy Long

      So stupid

    37. aisha Shakil

      You my best DE-newsrcan I can have v bux

    38. drink gemig 468


    39. Caden Biggs

      Search up going to cars

    40. Caden Biggs

      Charge shot gun

    41. Mario Talker

      Pls gift me a skin

    42. ZzZ_Riot_zZz Eso

      Mythic charge shotgun

    43. ZzZ_Riot_zZz Eso


    44. Rio Cool

      And the hand canon is coming back in whiplash

    45. Damian Forbes

      Is find a golden Tack and then use the golden tack

    46. Crankalot 3

      You’re my favourite DE-newsr

    47. atomic_layer2 _

      I watched all the was awesome but i almost fell asleep😂😂😂😂 but it was worth it!

    48. nota_animegirl


    49. burger ninja

      9 hour stream it was nearly 10 your crazy

    50. Nina Blazevski

      He never does watch

    51. Nina Blazevski

      Sorry guys

    52. Nina Blazevski

      He can’t see this

    53. SuperFatamBros *


    54. COD Asphalt Gamer

      Your fortnight videos are the most amazing vedios of all🧒🏿👋🏿🙀🙀🙀👊👍👍👍👍👍👌👌👌👌✌️

    55. Tara Jensen

      Was this really 10 hours

    56. Cesar Bravo

      Show shotgun

    57. Randomgamer

      3:49:54 He's so hyped

    58. Nina Blazevski

      New Jersey

    59. Phanrix

      I know right that’s so much views

    60. BBB

      Guys to be fer last season was much better do you agre 😊😊😊😂😂🐶🐶

      1. BBB

        True ☺

    61. Eli

      Please play Friday the 13th

    62. Heather Gore

      free fortnite999

    63. Neeav Ranjan


    64. Neeav Ranjan

      I didn't sleep I was still watching

    65. Hilary Yilmaz

      The tack

    66. steve loney


    67. MxtrixFN

      I know what your thinking "another one of those hope you have an amazing day posts" but I mean it I hope you have an amazing day! And succeed in life! I Am Also Struggling to get to 100 subs and i am trying really hard so if you sub it would mean the world!

    68. Lofi

      Why is this 9 hours 😂