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    Am Vor 26 Tage


    1. Crystal Thomas

      When this stimulus bill comes out Noah I might buy a ps4 and mardorn warfare and play wondering if I could friend you when I get it

    2. Micah

      Yoooo that intro music, it reminds me of OG ALIA! Guys we all lost a good DE-news to fortnight but thanks to Noah, I can still enjoy watching cod!

    3. Alex R

      1:57:05 LMAO

    4. Trill Zae

      Noah stop playing multiplayer. You ass

    5. Matt Swank

      It literally was not a triple-collat..you can't count it as a collat if one person was down lmao haha.

    6. Trey B0z

      That skin from the undead pack is Nikolai because of the bullet hole on his armor

    7. Tony johnson

      The as val is broken. Honestly I think we will see a need in the next two weeks.

    8. Jovial Reed

      Hey you don’t open the comment reply

    9. Dirty_Max 351

      It’s the little girl from zombies bro

    10. Clownblaster

      1:57:03 is all im going to say

    11. James Young

      i subscribed

    12. Abram Clement

      How do u get tanks in war zone ...

    13. Abram Clement

      It low key looks and feels like a upgraded honey badger

    14. Shemika Pratt

      Need more war zone go in like u use to

    15. ElDraKo:v

      Deam bro the last pass i get 600 coins but in this pass gift only 300 coin ONLY 100 Coins more for buy the pass. Deam:(

    16. RoT FeeDz


    17. Adam Thompson

      Noah they have zombies bundle btw

      1. Adam Thompson

        It’s Syd as Nikolai with a hellhound execution

    18. Pot

      Honestly expected the first 2 hours to be the download

    19. Memphis Gumabon

      Noah new shotgun mid season

    20. Fatal-SmItEz

      Noah when can u do the new Easter egg

    21. R0pE [6427]

      1:46:30 lol 😆 😂 🤣

    22. Jovial Reed

      Alright this comet is for the boys you know for the OG boys so if we can get the likes in on Noah’s vids oh and ps to the boys can we get my comment a bunch of likes much appreciated

    23. casey brune

      Stop. Drop

    24. Devin Brown

      Was that Samantha?...

    25. Dr Skar

      Man u got to unlock them thats the whole point of playing it

    26. travis hedin

      I tried to use your creator code when I bought the pass but it I didn’t work

    27. Jackson Cornatzer

      Fire bow tutorial?

    28. Antonio Castaneda

      There is a bear on the dam in war zone

    29. Muffin Man

      You think Noah getting upset during this stream was bad? Wait until he plays cheescube v5😂😂😂😂

    30. Allen Miille

      Was i just plaulying with you frl?

    31. Champ Rtreads

      Searching for a pro player who will help me to get victory someone Share ur name

    32. Hugo Gutierrez

      You're trash noah 😂

    33. Deathwarrior

      Those duo games were terrible xD .... Just like ALL MY GAMES ffs -_-

    34. Courtland Johnson


    35. B3BL3SSD B3BL3SSD

      If you are reading this comment: 💕BE BLESSED!!! x1,000,000💕💞💫✨💫🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹🕹💞💫✨🕹🕹🕹

    36. Jake Hart

      Gg love your video

    37. Julio rodriguez

      How much in dollars does the whole season battle pass

      1. B_ Salvador

        It should be $10

    38. Eli TheOne

      New season has barely been out for a while 20 hours, and it’s already more sweaty than the last

    39. Tyrant Gaming

      It's pretty funny because the reason they get these good lobbies is because he dropped so many high kill wins every game so now they put him with other people who did the same

    40. Elite gostrider

      I can't even download the update on my ps4

    41. Queso Kid

      The only reason they make the new guns op at launch of season is so players will use them. Then they nerf them down to what they should be throughout the season. It’s called marketing. Don’t get too comfortable with these new guns.

    42. xxlancem123xx _

      It slaps

    43. xxlancem123xx _

      Whats the song at the end called

    44. busta20017

      Imagine..... VAL on shipment

    45. Slick Minimie J456 OG


    46. Chris Donn

      48:24 anyone knows how to inspect gun like that tho.

      1. B_ Salvador

        @Chris Donn idk lol

      2. Chris Donn

        B_ Salvador what about on the keyboard man. :)

      3. B_ Salvador

        Hold left on dpad

    47. That_One_Juan

      Question for you! I just got a blue yeti and I connected it to use it to chat with twitch people, and now I can't mute my game headset and it pics up my voice through the yeti to game! Chow can I set it up to use yeti for twitch chat and use headset for game chat

    48. The Punisher

      Bravo 6 going THICC!

    49. PR0BAB1L1TY


    50. The Pacifist Gamer

      Do you guys realize that the new tank factory map in modern warfare season 6 was supposedly leaked gameplay of cod 2020 back in June? Hope y’all remember.‬

    51. Joseph Rojas

      When Noah shoots someone from the sky😂it’s ok but someone else does it it’s not cool I’m dead😂😂this is why i watch one of my fav DE-newsrs

    52. STILL

      Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos 🔻

    53. Jovial Reed

      Zombie reveal todayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    54. Ashton Nutter

      There’s a whole debate on sweet tea and unsweetened tea, me over here.a Canadian with just “ice tea”

    55. tapinbrysx!

      ''Whoever Likes This Will One Day Be A Billionaire ''Good Luck'' 🍀

    56. Adventkev Freestone

      Uh oh...who else is here for some politics?

    57. Sam Silber

      1:57:00 Cronchy

    58. William Folwell Shryock Cooke

      Warzone season 6 awesome and yes😀.

    59. Jovial Reed

      And Noah says let the sacrafice commence ahhhhh the train is coming. It is finally done the multiverse was destroyed no Eddie look away

      1. Jovial Reed

        Ha made u look I commented on my own comment wait how does that work

    60. Jovial Reed

      I had the first comet on this vid

      1. Jovial Reed

        Dood I really need to stop

    61. Richard Rusinko

      Can't believe i missed a live early video of Noah

    62. kiss army

      Yea warzone sucks bro so many cheaters too

    63. E C

      Seems to me like COD has been playing with the snipers from dayZ

    64. Bruh 123

      New guns look super satisfying to use

    65. JustJugz

      justjugz on yt

    66. Apex Honor

      Noah is a crackhead

    67. elijahv


    68. Yes Yes

      The screwdriver is from campaign when Farrah killed the guard

    69. Vlexzyy Games

      My boy niggalai

    70. Ryan R

      Copyright is there to protect you as well! What if people were dubbing your videos and making extra $$$$$ off of them